Gabriela Saucedo Mercer will fight for real immigration reform, endorses Krentz Plan

(TUCSON) – Congressman Raul Grijalva’s Republican challenger, Gabby Saucedo Mercer is calling for real immigration reform. The conservative activist, Saucedo Mercer, endorses the Krentz plan for border security and supports real immigration reform, including a documented worker program along the lines of the old “Bracero” guest worker program.

Grijalva continues his exploitation of difficult social issues for his political purposes. He does not seek solutions, only seeks to create more confusion and acrimony. Last week, Raul Grijalva, with his fellow progressives in Congress, filed a challenge to Arizona’s SB 1070. While many states across the country have similar laws, in April 2010, the Congressman called for a boycott of his own constituents in protest of the Arizona law.

In the press conference called to address his amicus brief, Grijalva and other progressives, including Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, exploited the recent killing of Trayvon Martin, the teenager killed in an altercation with a neighborhood-watch volunteer.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, said a law like SB 1070 will give police “the right to be judge and jury,” which could have disastrous results “in a nation where we all are different. In one case, a hoodie equals suspicion,” she said. “In another case, it is a tanness of your skin, or the coloration of your skin, or maybe the configuration of your face,” according to an AP article.

“To sensationalize and exploit a young man’s death, to argue against national security and the state of Arizona’s attempt to protect itself when the Federal government has failed to do so, is at best dangerous; it is shameful,” said Saucedo Mercer.

Just this month Emilia Palomino-Robles, 42 of Sonora, Mexico, was sentenced to prison, for her role in an attempt to purchase military-grade weaponry that was ultimately destined for export and transfer to a Mexican drug trafficking organization in the Republic of Mexico. The cartel attempted to buy:

  • A Dragon Fire anti-tank weapon;
  • Two AT-4s (an 84-mm unguided, portable, single-shot recoilless smoothbore weapon);
  • A Law Rocket (a Light Anti-Tank Weapon);
  • A Stinger Missile (a portable infrared homing anti-aircraft surface-to-air missile);
  • Two Def Tech grenade launchers and a dozen 40 mm grenades;
  • One M-60 machine gun;
  • One .30 caliber machine gun; and
  • Three cases of hand grenades

“Every day the people of Arizona and our country are at risk from the federal government’s failure to protect our national security and the security of our neighborhoods. Grijalva would rather play politics with our lives than get down to the business of supporting real immigration reform and border security.”

The Krentz plan was developed by Arizona cattleman in response to the shooting death of Southern Arizona rancher Rob Krentz.



Southern Arizona Machinations & Prognostications

Interesting predictions coming from our kindred-blogger in Southern Arizona, James Kelly at The Cholla Jumps. Here’s Jim’s latest post:

The weekend has heated up with rumors flying all over the place…. 

Political alliances are being formed and many being broken, The Tea Party and The Occupy Wall Street folks are actually agreeing on certain points.. 

The largest previous benefactor of the Pima GOP has taken back the reins of the party telling a moneyed audience ” I’ll take care of the party, you take care of the candidates..” 

The Pima Democratic Party begins to move away from the Progressive Socicalists, will Raul Grijalva and his machine survive the political purge? Will that political survivalist Chuck Huckleberry swing right? 

Ruth McClung comes roaring back, Clear Channel Communications will help redefine her as a centrist as she mulls support of Gabby Giffords/ Mark Kelly campaign. 

Is Sharon Bronson done, will Gabby Saucedo Mercer get a come to Jesus moment to run against her? 

Redistricting for the Congressional Districts are going to go to court, a federal judge will draw the lines for the 2012 races. But what about the Legislative Districts? Those will most likely stand. Who is in, who is out? Look for old LD 26 and 28 to be battlegrounds. 27 and 29 will continue to be safe for the Democrats. The old 30 will look similar to its present state with a few more Eastside Republicans packed in. 

The Dems and the GOPers are identifying their sacrificial races as I write. 

Jonathan Rothschild is out, Rick Grinell is in. Shirley Scott is looking to see what she wins from the machine after she loses her race. SunTran anyone? RTA Commissioner? The verdict is still out on Cunningham/Rawson match-up, as of today Rawson has the edge but Cunningham still has the family connections to give him something after his loss. Commissioner of Soccer/Sports Authority job? 

Rio Nuevo news is interesting. As the State takes back control of the TIF, look for a business consortium to buy the lease ( at a discount) from the City of Tucson for the Giffords Family Trust property at 22nd and I-10. Do’t want that thorny issue of taxpayer money funding a Gabby Giffords/ Mark Kelly campaign again.

Arizona Americans for Prosperity to Grijalva: “Eat YOUR Peas!”

The Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity recently visited Congressman Grijalva’s office on July 14 , 2011. Here is the video of that visit.

While President Obama is scolding the American people demanding that they “eat their peas,” Arizonans are responding through their own congressmen demanding that they support the “Cut, Cap & Balance” solution to the debt ceiling crisis and that they pass a Balanced Budget Amendment.

Be sure to get the latest updates from the Arizona Chapter of Americans for Prosperity.

Gabriela Saucedo Mercer releases two videos in race for CD-7

Here are the latest videos released by the Gabriela Saucedo Mercer campaign for CD-7