Arizona Right to Life PAC Did NOT Endorse Kate Brophy McGee

Last week, a mailer went out from an independent expenditure in support of Kate Brophy McGee. On the mailer, was a list of organizations that endorsed Brophy McGee in her race for Arizona State Senate. One of those endorsements was Arizona Right to Life.

This endorsement was incorrect. Arizona Right to Life did NOT endorse Kate Brophy McGee.

This was brought to my attention because I was once the Executive Director and Director for the Arizona Right to Life.

Given Brophy McGee’s voting record, she has never been endorsed by Arizona Right to Life.

In her Primary race, she is running unopposed as a Republican. She receive the Republican nomination on Tuesday, August 30th. She will run against a rabidly liberal, pro-abortion Democrat, Eric Meyer, in the General Election.

The mailer that was sent out was produced in error. Again, Kate Brophy-McGee was not endorsed by Arizona Right to Life.

The vendor who prepared the mailer, made an error. The vendor also released a letter and apology to Arizona Right to Life stating that mailer was done in error.

Here is that letter:

August 24, 2016

Arizona Right To Life
Attention Greg Hansen Jr.
4633 N 54th St, Phoenix, AZ 85018

Re: LD 28 Mail piece

Dear Greg:

We would like to offer our sincerest apologies for having listed Az. Right To Life on the LD 28 endorsement piece we did for a client recently.

By way of background, I am pro-life and had the privilege of working for your organization several years ago. I hold your organization in high esteem.

It is always an honor for a candidate to receive the endorsement from Az. Right To Life. However, due to an unfortunate error on my part, your organization was listed for someone who was not on your endorsed list. For that, we sincerely apologize to Arizona Right To Life and to you Greg, for this error.

We wish you the very best this election season. If you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to call me.


Judy Connell

(Read full letter)

AZRTL PAC Announces Endorsement of Mark Brnovich for Attorney General


AZ Right to LifeFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 10th, 2014

CONTACT:   602-359-2173

AZRTL PAC Announces Endorsement for Attorney General

(PHOENIX, AZ) After a careful analysis of his personal and public commitment to essential pro-life principles, the Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee announces the following endorsement for Attorney General:

Mark Brnovich

Mark Brnovich has demonstrated to Arizona Right to Life a continual commitment to protect the unborn. AZRTL commends Mark for his recent statement that “we have a moral obligation as a society to protect the vulnerable — whether they are unborn, children or adults.” Mark is facing a pro-choice Republican in the primary and a Planned Parenthood endorsed candidate in the general.

The AZRTL PAC board notes, “Mark upholds core pro-life values and priorities, and not
because they are politically advantageous, but because the life issue is foundational to every basic right and freedom we cherish. Mark understands well that protecting and supporting innocent human life is not a mere political issue, but one that transcends the spectrum of party affiliations, speaking to the very essence of what it means to be a concerned and compassionate citizen of this great state.”

Arizona Right to Life PAC is the oldest, largest and strongest pro-life organization in the State of Arizona.

For more information, please visit



Representative Paul Boyer Endorses Mark Brnovich for Attorney General


“He will lead by example and that is the type of leader we need as our next Attorney General.”

Recently, Republican candidate for Attorney General Mark Brnovich received the endorsement of Legislative District 20 Representative Paul Boyer.

“I am endorsing Mark Brnovich for Attorney General because he has the experience and the real conservative values our state desperately needs,” said Representative Boyer. “I’m supporting Mark because I believe he will lead the fight to protect our constitutional rights and the conservative ideals I cherish. He will lead by example and that is the type of leader we need as our next Attorney General.”

Boyer, who has previously been endorsed by Arizona Right to Life and The Arizona Free Enterprise Club, is the current Vice-Chair of the House Health Committee.

Mark Brnovich remarked: “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Representative Boyer and deeply respect the work he has done to protect school choice and advance the charter movement in Arizona.” Brnovich added that, “his commitment to the pro-life movement is unwavering.”

Representative Boyer joins Representative Debbie LeskoCounty Attorney Bill Montgomery, and U.S. Representative Trent Franks in endorsing Mark Brnovich for Arizona Attorney General.


Raised in Arizona, Mark Brnovich is a graduate of Arizona State University. After law school, Mark prosecuted felonies in the Gang/Repeat Offender Bureau of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office and worked as an Assistant Attorney General for Arizona and as Assistant US Attorney for the District of Arizona. Mark also served his country as the Command Staff Judge Advocate for the 153rd Field Artillery Brigade of the Arizona Army National Guard for eight years. Mark met his wife Susan while both were working as prosecutors. They live in Phoenix with their two daughters.

For more information, please visit or email



U.S. House passes H.R. 1797: Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

Arizona Right to Life

Yesterday, by a vote of 228/196, the U.S. House passed H.R. 1797. The bill bans abortions from after 20-weeks of pregnancy up to the day of birth. “We are proud that Arizona’s own Trent Franks (AZ 8th) sponsored this bill and that Representatives Gosar (AZ 4), Salmon (AZ 5) and Schweikert (AZ 6) voted in support of it,” noted Jason Walsh, Executive Director of AZRTL.

The House Republican conference summary of H.R. 1797 stated, “Medical advances in recent decades have provided a greater understanding of the development of unborn children and their capacity to feel pain at various stages of growth. The legislative findings in H.R. 1797 demonstrate that unborn children react to touch by eight weeks after fertilization and respond to painful stimuli after twenty weeks. Surgeons routinely administer anesthesia to unborn children before performing surgery to prevent them from rigorous movement in reaction to the surgery”

“We are dismayed that Representatives Kirkpatrick (AZ 1), Barber (AZ 2), Grijalva (AZ 3), Pastor (AZ 7) and Sinema (AZ 9) did not have either the courage or conviction to defend the most defenseless and weak humans among us, the unborn,” remarked Walsh. “Apparently, these representatives do not have the moral and intellectual integrity to vote to protect humans 20 weeks and older from the brutality of elective abortion. Their constituents need to know about their callous vote on H.R. 1797, and we intend to get the word out prior to the 2014 election.”

Funding Abortion Providers: Prop 204’s Unintended Consequences

Center for Arizona Policy and Arizona Right to Life announced opposition to Proposition 204 today due to vague and ill-defined language contained in the proposition that could allow up to $100 million of taxpayer dollars to be given to abortion providers annually.

While the proposition has been billed as an education measure, it creates a $100 million slush fund that a governor could allocate for “family stability” and “basic needs” that “lead to family stability”. These terms are not clearly defined in the proposition, leaving the door open for chief executives to use this section to funnel monies to abortion providers.

“Center for Arizona Policy typically does not get involved in tax policy. In 2010, we were neutral on the temporary one-cent sales tax. But after our legal analysis, we found that Prop 204’s vague language could be abused by future governors to subsidize an industry that ends the lives of preborn children and hurts thousands of women every day,” said Cathi Herrod, President of Center for Arizona Policy.

Herrod released an online advertisement explaining her opposition to Prop 204 today.

“Voters are getting more than they bargained for under Prop 204,” said Erik Twist, board chairman of Arizona Right to Life. “This is truly a Trojan horse. What’s being sold as an education proposal is actually a $1 billion permanent sales tax increase that could be used to finance abortion providers under the guise of funding “basic needs.”

Under section 41-113 in Prop 204, a “Family-stability and self-sufficiency fund” is created, which according to section 42-5029.02, is appropriated $100 million every year. Besides the fact that this section has nothing to do with putting more money into Arizona classrooms, the obscure language in 41-113 could be exploited by a pro-abortion Governor.

Read the ballot language here.

For more information, contact Aaron Baer, 602.424.2525, go to, or

Center for Arizona Policy promotes and defends the foundational values of life, marriage and family, and, religious liberty.

Arizona Right to Life is the state’s oldest, largest and strongest pro-life organization, committed to preserving, protecting and promoting the sanctity of life from conception to natural death.


Kelly Townsend Announces More Conservative Endorsements

Kelly Townsend receives Arizona Right To Life endorsement, as well as the Pachyderm Coalition’s endorsement for Arizona House District 16.

Both Arizona Right to Life contacted Kelly Townsend yesterday to advise her that she has been endorsed by the pro-life organization in recognition of her work in the pro-life community, and for her strong pro-life stance. An hour later, the Pachyderm Coalition, a group that promotes Republican candidates who support the principles enshrined in the Constitution, as framed by our Founding Fathers, and the Reagan Republican Platform also advised Ms. Townsend that they were supporting her candidacy with their endorsement.

“It is a humbling honor to receive these endorsements,” Townsend said, “and I intend to hold a true conservative voting record while at the Legislature, if elected.”

These endorsements follow several others, to include the National Rifle Association, as well as 12 conservative Legislators and former Gilbert Mayor Steve Berman.

Arizona Right to Life Endorses Rick Santorum for President

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: February 21, 2012
CONTACT: Michelle Clements

Arizona Right to Life Endorses Rick Santorum for President
We Pick Rick 

Phoenix, AZ – Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee (AZRTL PAC) today announced its endorsement of Rick Santorum in the Republican presidential primary. AZRTL PAC endorsed Rick Santorum based on his strong pro-life record and his leadership over the years.

Santorum authored the law banning partial-birth abortions, as well as the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, providing appropriate care for infants who survive an abortion. He was a member of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption, and also sponsored legislation related to end of life issues. He continues to be an outspoken opponent of federal funding of abortion. The AZRTL PAC considered Santorum’s support of these priority issues in deciding to endorse him.

“There are few who are as articulate and passionate on life issues as Senator Santorum,” said Michelle Clements, President of Arizona Right to Life. “He not only voted the right way, he talks about the dignity and value of every human life whenever he has the opportunity, and he lives out those values in his own personal life. We are grateful for his leadership and proud to endorse him.”

AZRTL PAC acknowledges that all the Republican presidential candidates have declared they are pro-life, and that other candidates have strong pro-life voting records. Arizona Right to Life commends them for their support and defense of life.

“The one person we know is unapologetically pro-choice, even supporting partial-birth abortion and federal funding of abortion, is President Barack Obama,” said Clements. “This is a critically important election, and we take comfort in knowing that the Republican nominee will take a strong position in contrast to President Obama who is the only pro-choice candidate.” 

“We encourage Arizonans to support Rick Santorum in the Republican presidential primary election Tuesday, February 28.”

For nearly 40 years Arizona Right to Life has been committed to articulating and protecting the right to life of all human beings, born and unborn. Our passion is reaching the next generation for LIFE. For more information visit us on or follow us at 

# # #


Teachers, Planned Parenthood, and Candidate Recruitment

Teachers, Planned Parenthood, and Candidate Recruitment
You may or may not be surprised to hear that the union representing Arizona teachers – Arizona Education Association – and Planned Parenthood once again are teaming up to recruit and train “progressive” candidates. Planned Parenthood’s opposition to our work to protect life and the health and safety of women is well documented. So is the Arizona Education Association’s opposition to letting parents choose the best school setting for their children. It’s outrageous, though, for a union representing teachers to be aligned with an organization that exhibits little regard for human life. I also doubt that many rank and file teachers support their union’s position.

True Tolerance in Schools 
Our friends at Focus on the Family and CitizenLink have published a new resource for parents and teachers facing “tolerance” issues in schools. Over the past few years, we’ve seen how the homosexual lobby has worked through the public schools to undermine a parent’s right to direct the upbringing and education of their children. They use words and phrases like “tolerance” and “anti-hate” to advance their agenda. Yet this isn’t an issue of tolerance or hate; it’s about parents’ rights, and what’s appropriate for a classroom setting.
The resources at will equip you to know your rights this school year. On the site, you’ll find:

  • Tips on how to respond to homosexual activism in schools.
  • Dos and don’ts for parents on approaching school officials with concerns.
  • Examples of homosexual-themed books and classroom materials parents should know about.
  • Model anti-bullying policy that provides strong protection for kids without unnecessarily sexualizing and politicizing the issue.
  • Legal memorandums on parental rights and religious freedoms that individuals can email directly to their school officials.
  • Latest statistics for parents to help communicate their viewpoint in a loving and fact-based way.

Also, be sure to consult the Arizona parents’ rights law or call CAP Legal Counsel Deborah Sheasby should you face public school issues.

A Fruitful Fall
Enjoy your Labor Day weekend then plan to join us at these fall evens to make a difference in our state. Be sure to mark these dates on your calendar!

  • Faith in Action Tour with Dr. Del Tackett: So you’ve gone through The Truth Project, but now what? How do you take what you learned and turn it into action that can transform our community? CAP, in collaboration with Truth in Action Ministries and Dr. Del Tackett, is hosting a special event on October 29 to equip you to transform our state through service. Even if you haven’t experienced The Truth Project small group, this is a great opportunity to hear from an inspiring teacher and connect with local community service organizations. Click here for more and to register.
  • Eleven11, Bringing Prayer to Public High Schools: Starting September 2nd, eleven11 will be traveling to eleven different public schools hosting 26 hours of prayer at each location. They are gathering to pray for the students and families of Arizona. Click here to sign up for an hour and to find a school near you.
  • 9-11 Remembrance Event: You are invited to a special 9-11 remembrance event at Peoria Sports Complex. The event will start at 2 p.m. on September 11 and ends at 9 p.m. Click here for details.
  • Arizona Right to Life Conference: On Friday and Saturday, September 23-24, join Arizona Right to Life for their education conference. You’ll connect with 300+ pro-life men and women all who support the dignity of life from conception to natural death. You will also get the latest updates on the battle for life at the legislature and in the courtroom, interact with pro-life elected officials, and learn more about the new 40 Days for Life prayer campaign in Phoenix. CAP Legal Counsel Deborah Sheasby and I both will be presenting workshops. Get more details and register online.
  • Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit: Consider joining me at FRC’s annual Value Voter Summit October 7-9 in Washington D.C.  This year, confirmed attendees include Michelle Bachman, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and John Boehner. You’ll find details online.

Arizona Right to Life PAC Announces Endorsements for Phoenix City Council


(PHOENIX, AZ) AZRTL PAC based the following determinations on the candidate’s answers to the AZRTL PAC questionnaire, their history of pro-life involvement, any history of voting on abortion related legislation, and their chances of defeating pro-abortion candidates.

The AZRTL PAC supports pro-life candidates at all levels of government, even if the pro-life issue may never come before them. We want to ensure that we elect solid pro-life candidates at all levels of government.

AZRTL PAC endorses the following candidates for Phoenix City Council:

District 1: Eric Fredrick

District 2: Jim Waring

District 3: Bill Gates

District 5: Charlie Ellis

District 7: Janet Contreras

The Arizona Right to Life Political Action Committee is Arizona’s oldest, largest, and strongest political pro-life organization. To learn more about Arizona Right to Life, please visit our website at


An Evening with Fr. Frank Pavone

Arizona Right to Life

Arizona Right to Life Presents
An Evening with

Fr. Frank Pavone
Father Frank Pavone
Director, Priests for Life

Friday, March 18, 2011

Please join Arizona Right to Life at the Scottsdale Chaparral Suites on Friday March 18, 2011 for an exciting uplifting and informative presentation on the current state of the pro-life movement throughout the nation. Find out the latest about federal efforts to de-fund Planned Parenthood, the undercover work of Live Action, the national outreach to the minority community and more.

General session begins at 7:00 pm and is only $10/person.

You are also invited to join us for a private reception beginning at 5:30 pm to meet and talk personally with Fr. Frank.

Tickets for the private reception are $65/person or $100/couple. Tickets include preferred seating at the General Session.

For Reservations, please contact Arizona Right to Life at (602) 285-0063 or make reservations online by clicking here.

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