Man Knows Not His Time

Man Knows Not His Time
Yesterday I received the sad news that a dear ministry friend, Pastor Leo Godzich, passed away following a car accident while in Uganda to preach. I first met Leo twenty-five years ago when he was ministering to individuals suffering from AIDS. Through the years, Leo and I worked together on Arizona’s laws to establish a covenant marriage license, funding for marriage skills instruction, divorce reform, and Arizona’s state constitutional marriage amendment. Leo and his wife Molly founded and led the National Association for Marriage Enhancement, a ministry dedicated to applying biblical principles to marriage. Leo dedicated his life to standing for God’s design for marriage between one man and one woman first as a pastor but also in the public policy arena. He was always available to testify on legislation or help lead the effort – whatever was needed, Leo was willing to serve and be used of God. Most recently, Leo provided valuable testimony on Arizona’s new CAP-supported lawto change our divorce laws. A longtime Sunday school leader at Phoenix First Assembly, only God knows how many married couples avoided divorce because of Leo’s teaching and ministry. Pray for his dear wife Molly and his three lovely daughters. As we work to strengthen marriage and reform divorce laws, I will miss the wisdom and leadership of this dear friend and co- laborer.
An Unknown Partnership
The American Civil Unions filed a preliminary injunction this week to block key elements of CAP-supported HB 2384from taking effect. The ACLU is trying to block the provision disallows donations to organizations that provide, promote, pay for, or provide referrals for abortion from being eligible for the working poor tax credit.The ACLU filed the case on behalf of the Arizona Domestic Violence Coalition. It may be surprising to many people that the Domestic Violence Coalition has close ties to the abortion industry. It’s outrageous that the coalition would fight so vehemently in order to be able to promote abortion to the vulnerable women that seek their care. Like every bill CAP supports, we are committed to seeing this law defended in court and upheld.
Be Aware: Porn Harms
Pornography is now more readily accessible than at any other time in history. In recent years, pornography has invaded the cell phone, tablet, and video game console market, using every leap in technology as a way to stretch its ugly tentacles into homes.A CAP ally, Arizona Family Council, has helped organize a national Internet campaign for next week’s White Ribbon Against Pornography Week. Live webinars and Internet events will be available daily for families and communities to learn more about the fight against illegal pornography. For more information, check out or visit their Facebook page.

ACLU at it Again; Files Lawsuit Challenging Center for Arizona Policy-Supported Bill

ACLU at it Again; Files Lawsuit Challenging
Center for Arizona Policy-Supported Bill

Lawsuit ignores longstanding precedent from the U.S. Supreme Court

PHOENIX – The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has filed a lawsuit challenging HB 2384, which was signed by Governor Brewer earlier this year. Center for Arizona Policy (CAP) drafted and supported this legislation that ensures that donations to organizations that provide, promote, or provide referrals for abortion do not qualify for the state’s Working Poor Tax Credit.

The misguided lawsuit claims that HB 2384 violates the First Amendment rights of some organizations in Arizona because the policy is favoring life over abortion.

Yet the ACLU’s claims are in stark contrast to consistent precedent from the U.S. Supreme Court that government entities are allowed to create programs that support one type of behavior over another.

“There is no legitimate free speech issue here. Our nation’s highest court has said time and time again that government entities can offer benefits supporting childbirth over abortion,” said Center for Arizona Policy Legal Counsel Deborah Sheasby. “The longstanding public policy of our state is to promote life, and that is what HB 2384 does.”

The Legislature created the tax credit program to promote its own policy of ensuring that citizens’ immediate basic needs are met. This is a narrowly-crafted program, with specific parameters, for which less than five hundred organizations qualify. There are thousands of non-profit organizations that do not qualify, and this does not create any constitutional problems.

“In passing this bill, the Legislature rightly said that abortion does not qualify as an ‘immediate basic need’ and is therefore not the type of service that the charitable tax credit is seeking to promote. This legislation will not block one woman from having an abortion if she chooses,” said Sheasby.

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