Sylvia Allen Admits to Signing Petitions She Didn’t Circulate

By the Ghost of William K.

Recently obtained video from a Superior Court hearing shows State Senator Sylvia Allen admitting to signing the circulator side of petitions that she did not personally circulate.

According to Arizona law, the backside of every petition must be signed by the person circulating the petition. In election challenges, judges have been known to remove candidates from qualifying for the ballot for failing to properly circulate petitions, including falsifying a circulator signature.


  1. So Sylvia Allen lied about her signatures, then Allen lied to her constituents acting like she had won the court case because she did not loose enough signatures to be kicked off the ballet. She only lost a few dozen due to her fraud. When the truth is she had to admit in open court to falsely swearing that she had collected those signatures when she turned them in.

    This is just like having Her accusation against Col. Rogers that she did not live in the district, rejected by the Secretary of State’s office “With Prejudice” on the 28th of May, 2020 but still telling the lie on the air, in person and in paid advertising over and over and over again. Sylvia Allen has a broken moral compass. It only points to her and her self interests. Sylvia Allen even has Slimy Steve Smith who lost to Col Rogers in 2018 in a race for CD1, paying for ads as the American Federation for Children. Steve Smith has spent more then $68,000 dollars attacking Rogers with proven untrue allegations and supporting Allen. That is more then the 1/2 total that Sylvia Allen has raised for her campaign spent by one man. More then 1/2 her total fundraising. So what is Sylvia Allen selling to Steve Smith’s PAC? She already sold her soul. So it must be something to do with her Senatorial office. So I guess we are learning how much an Arizona State Senator is going for this year. Anyone who would associate with Sylvia Allen or Steve Smith are self identifying as part of the institutionally corrupt class of political users.

  2. Burke Files says

    So she lied. There will be no penalty, no charge of perjury – nothing. If one is going to stop corruption you have to stop behavior just like this. So if the courts will do nothing there is the very real incentive to keep lying. Because with lying you can get what you want and if you get caught it does not matter. I have worked on corruption cases around the world and if you do not stop the lying at every level, it just grows. I do not care what party or gender or office, public or private, there has to be skin in the game for perjury and that skin is the perjure’s hide.

  3. So here we have a seated Senator, Sylvia Allen from LD6 who fraudulently and knowingly signed petitions she did not collect and turned them in as if she had collected them herself. After 30+ years of petition signature collecting for public office she knew that she was committing fraud. But the news has successfully mislead the voters of LD6 so that she has been allowed to only tell the voters that she survived her signature challenge and is still in the race. Anyone but Allen 2020

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