Sydney Hay: Where’s Ann?

The following email was received from Republican Congressional Candidate, Sydney Hay:

National Rifle Association Gets Involved and “Where’s Ann?”

How exciting it was to look up while driving on Highway 69 the other day and see a huge billboard that reads, “Vote Freedom First! Vote Sydney Hay for Congress”. I have now heard of more billboards just like it dotting the First District landscape, all sponsored by the National Rifle Association. Later that same day, I passed a white truck with a bumper-sticker version of the billboard, affixed to the bumper! The sticker was part of a mailing to voters in Congressional District One, also from the NRA.

Ann Kirkpatrick? She has received a “D” rating from the NRA, because of her voting record against gun rights. So much for her ads that say otherwise!

Where’s Ann? Ann continues to be a NO SHOW. She has just cancelled out of tonight’s candidate debate in Superior, the second of two debates in Pinal County that she has ducked. What does Ann have against Pinal County? No worries, I will be happy to discuss the issues that are important to Pinal County — at events in both Superior and Florence tonight!

Click here for a comparison of Ann’s and Sydney’s records

Click here for Ann’s voting record

Click here for Sydney Hay’s website


  1. kralmajales says

    Interesting mailer. Looks like she is working really hard here to secure her BASE. To even have a hint at winning this, she needs to get independents, moderates, and leaners. I would love to see her send that first mailer out to independents.

    If this is where her campaign is at right now then it is alllllll readddddy over.

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