Sydney Hay To Run for CD 1 Seat

Longtime conservative activist, Sydney Hay, has made it official, again. This won’t be the first time Hay has run for the CD 1 seat. In 2002, she was Rick Renzi’s strongest opponent in the Republican primary that ultimately netted Renzi.

Today, she made the announcement to seek the seat currently being vacated by Renzi. (Read the Hay Press Release.)

Sydney, who knows this district well is no stranger to national politics. Most recently, she has been involved in laying grassroots groundwork for Presidential candidate, Duncan Hunter. She has also assisted on numerous successful state and federal campaigns. Given what she knows about the district, she enters the race with a grassroots advantage.

Other Republican candidates considering jumping into the race include State Rep Bill Konopnicki, former Senate President, Ken Bennett and liberal Republicans, Arizona Corporation Commissioner Kris Mayes and State Senator, Tom O’Halleran.

Ultimately, this race will hinge on money. This may give Konopnicki some traction as the owner of several McDonalds, but Hay’s connections to national money makes her someone who can quickly fill a formidible campaign warchest.


  1. I am glad to hear it! Although I don’t live in CD-1, I think Sydney will be a great candidate!

  2. Fact Check says


    It doesn’t matter where you live, Sydney doesn’t live in CD1 either!

  3. And she didn’t give Renzi the toughest run since she took third. I think Tenney took second. That said, she’ll be a potent force in this one if she can raise the money.

  4. You’re right party guy, Lewis Tenney gave Renzi the strongest opposition in 2002 and would have been a great Congressman.

  5. National Money? What sort of National Money?

  6. Also- I thought she lived in the West Valley in Maricopa County. Her husband works in Congressman Franks office.

  7. DoubleDecafLatte says

    How about adding Barbara Blewster, the crazy lady from Dewey to the list of potention 1st District candidates

    BB made national headlines when she was in the legislature and would be sure to grab the support of the state’s homo-haters.

  8. Dan,

    You do not have to live in a congressional district to be employed in that congressional office. Dan Hay is an excellent administrator who loyally works behind the scene very effectively. In his case, you never have to question whether he is working for his boss and the constituents or to advance his own future political aspirations. That is refreshing.

    The Hays do have a home in the district and actually live there a large part of the time as opposed to the current congressman.

  9. Ben F:

    Your post seems to contradict itself. You say Sydney’s husband is a great hard working guy, I don’t know the man and have nothing against him, and I will take you at your word.

    BUT, a good hard working government employee probably only gets 2 weeks vacation a year or less, BUT you claim he lives in northern Arizona a “large part of the time” so I am wondering how often does he make the roundtrip drive of 236 miles from Munds Park to Glendale on a daily basis? I am guessing never.

    So how is your post truthful? Are you a neighbor of theirs in Munds Park or Scottsdale? How do you actually know? Or does “large part” mean ski weekends and to beat the valley heat? I have been to Munds Park, and frankly it appears to be a community of second homes for people who live in the valley, not a place where people spend “large” amounts of time.

  10. You would think that if someone is “invested” in their community, that that would count for something like being able to run for public office.

  11. Party Platform Guy says

    Fact Check

    Gee, did you personally drive from their home in Munds Park to the office on Bell Road (not downtown Glendale)? Are you sure you checked your facts? You may have lost your credibility for checking other people’s facts if you don’t check your own. Are you sure it is not 113 miles one way? or 119.8? or 114.3?

    Anyway, 75mph all freeway miles except for about three, a two hour trip, at most. Not much different than driving from Scottsdale many days. I have people working for me who drive to West Phoenix daily from Casa Grande.

    Frankly, everything being equal, if I have a choice of Munds Park to Bell Rd., or Casa Grande to West Phoenix with the traffic tieups on I-10, I would pick the former. And, I sure do not believe that Casa Grande is equal to Munds Park, especially May to October.

    Since Sidney is the candidate, not her husband, perhaps we can agree she’s qualified to run and has chosen to run. She is honest, a hard worker and has volunteered for the Republican Party for over twenty years. Not always for my issues, but out front with integrity.

    If you want to evaluate her credentials, do that. If you disagree with her position on issues, that is relevant. She is a credible candidate that will help the voters by forcing all the candidates to state their positions on critical issues facing that district.

    I wish all elected offices had candidates with her qualifications on the ballot. I think that this could be one of the most interesting primary races on any ballot next year with Bennett, O’Halleran, Konopnicki, Mayes, and a couple other possibles. The general will also be very interesting.

    We need to make sure we don’t kill each other in the primary or Kirkpatrick may make us wish different. The same goes for CDs 5 & 8. It would be a real shame if we ended up with five out of the eight CD’s in this Republican state represented by D’s.

  12. Party Platform Guy,

    I did mapquest for the roundtrip drive from Munds Park to his office on Bell Road and back again. You see if Munds Park is actually where he is living wouldn’t it make sense that he return home every night? That’s what I do, drive to work and drive home. So take your mileage number and double it, or go to and do it and you will get 236, either way I doubt he travels hundreds of miles each day to and from his Munds Park “home” down to Glendale and back again.

    Second, you never addressed if this is even true, which again I doubt.

    And third, why would somebody who lives in Scottsdale run for a rural seat when she could easily run against Harry Mitchell, avoid the obvious carpetbagger problem and have at it?

    As far as qualifications goes, since when is being a lobbyist a qualifier, in fact she will get hit double hard, “a carpetbagger who works for special interests,” sounds like a great campaign slogan for losing.

    Do agree with you we need to unite to take the three CD’s and get back our majority, just doubtful Sydney Hay should be seriously considered as part of that team.

  13. Party Platform Guy says

    Don’t extrapolate a statement to something it is not. No ever said he drives every day from Munds Park, but I know some people who live in the Verde Valley who drive way past Bell Rd every day because they like their rural lifestyle evenings and weekends.

    Also, you do not address the issue that many of the people who work in metro Phoenix drive two hours or more each way to work – most at much less than a congressional chief of staff salary and most with a reporting time requirement that forces them to fight the rush hour each way.

    Again, Casa Grande to West Phoenix to report at 8am or Munds Park to Bell Rd. I will choose the latter, yet I have people working for me who do the former. Do you doubt that and think that maybe they really stay under the 7th Street bridge because it is too long a commute -not as many miles but probably more time.

    You obviously have had little historical knowledge of Sidney Hay and her qualifications if you think that most people think of her as a lobbyist. She does lobby, but, unlike many of those in that profession who will lobby for anything if the price is right, she only lobbies for those issues consistent with the Party Platform and her personal values.

    Last, the voters of CD1 will determine whether she is their choice to represent their issues and I doubt that their main concern will be her husband’s commute time. I’m gone to the West Coast for business. Bye to all for now.

  14. Come on all. She lives in Scottsdale, has a vacation home in Munds Park. Look at the property records and the following facts. She claims to be a lobbyist which I would assume means she spends her fair share of time down at the Capitol. Her husband works for Franks, I am assuming full time. According the publicly available records, the so-called house in Munds Park is a Condo, the house in Scottsdale, according to property records, is probably pretty good size. According the publicly available records, she acquired the condo from a trust in pieces, most likely from a relative of hers. It takes all of about 5 minutes to find this and we should all assume the Democrats have it too. Use common sense here. Where do you think the Dems will say she lives?

  15. I will say only that if my realistic options are: Hay (Party platform Reagan Republican), Konopnicki (Mr. McD, I will vote against voter sanctions if I have it to do again), O’Halleran (I’m really a D in all ways, and caucus with the ninth floor) and Mayes (former press secretary to Nappy and ultra liberal) – it is not a tough call.

  16. Georgeof the desert says

    Just because I want to be a brat, I thought I’d chime in. I don’t have a dog in the hunt when it comes to CD 1. I just want the seat to remain GOP. That said, Sidney and Dan Hay may or may not live in Munds Park full-time, but legally it does not matter. The US Constitution states that a Member of Congress must reside in the STATE which he or she represents. There is no mention of living within the district boundaries. Bob Stump lived in central Phoenix, and former Rep. Tom Osborne made no effort to conceal the fact that he did not live in his Nebraska CD. CD 1 is too large anyway. I know it’s because of population, etc., but can you really expect someone from Casa Grande to understand Coconino County that well? Or can a candidate from Show Low really appreciate the unique needs of Prescott Valley. No wonder Renzi has to spend so much on mailings — it’s the only way he can reach his constituents.

  17. Some truths…

    Sidney does not live in the district but has a summer cabin there.

    Sidney came in 3rd to a real candidate, Lewis Tenney…

    And, in the second to last paragraph, what individual is ALSO a Liberal Republican?

  18. Bart Simpson says

    One does not have to live in a particular Congressional District to represent that district because Members spend 75% of their time in DC anyway. But please do not compare Hay to Stump or Osborne for God’s sake. Stump was worthy of representing any District he chose, and Osborne, well in Nebraska, Tom Osborne could do no wrong. I think the question is “is Hay held in suffiently high regard as to get a pass on where she truly resides?” Even her supporters would have to admit that she and her husband together do not total a Bob Stump or a Tom Osborne as of yet. Maybe in time, but right now, the Hay’s haven’t earned the yard pass that we gave Udall, Stump, Hayden or DeConcini. Sorry, that is how I see it.

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