Sydney Hay – new video

Candidate for CD-1 Sydney Hay has a new video on YouTube. She mentions the legacy of Goldwater and Reagan and her endorsement from former congressman Barry Goldwater Jr. It’s a well-done piece and continues here position as the leading conservative candidate in the district.

If you would like to listen to Reagan’s A Time for Choosing speech click on the links below.

Time for Choosing Part 1
Time for Choosing Part 2
Time for Choosing Part 3


  1. Antifederalist says

    I really lke Sydney Hay. A while back, I even appeared on her radio show. That she ran Alan Keyes’ campaign a couple elections back tells me she’s running with the right crowd. I hope she gets the R nod and I hope she wins the general election. That being said, while money alone does not win elections (a la McLame’s cracked logic), it scares me that, according to, Hay has only raised about $170K whereas Kirkpatrick has raised $403K. /shudder. Come on, Sydney! Raise some cash! I might have to make a donation myself to put my money where my mouth is.

  2. Keen Observer says

    Great video Sydney. You got my vote. Just stay away from Flake, Shadegg, McCain & Kyle when you get back there. What they have has got to be very contagious. Keep Franks between you and that group of hypocrites.

  3. FreeAdvice says

    Kill the first four minutes.
    It’s sometimes ok to look at your notes at a speech, but don’t put that in your commercial.
    Have some intimacy with the camera, just like you would do with the mike when you’re on radio.
    If your husband is wearing a jacket, you should probably wear a skirt.
    Don’t have a future peer say “I need your help” when he should say “we.”

  4. I am not sure what I just watched. I do know that is six minutes I will never have back. If Sydney wins the R nomination, we will call Ann Kirkpatrick Congresswoman. Sydney has no chance in a general election.

  5. kralmajales says

    Jason has a point…I would add that she is a lobbyist by trade…she’d be facing a true blue public servant. That is a pretty easy call…especially these days when a lobbyist…especially for mining…is not all that popular a thing.

  6. Senator No says

    What were Ms. Kirkpatrick’s accomplishments in the state house? about the same as an obama’s ZIP. Sydney has gotten more done in the legislature than Kirk has w/o being a member. I have never known Sydney to lobby for anything that I could not support.

    Senator No

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