Survivor: America…are we being voted off the island?

Before I get to the point of my rambling, it is difficult to find a level of importance in the issues before us when the deep sorrow felt by the Martin family overshadows most of my thoughts. There is rarely a couple that is so symbiotically connected and functional as Dean and Kerry. Our human condition limits our ability to physically affect much in such times. The enormity of the losses suffered this week requires our prayers; that is in fact the best we can give and is sufficient to cover all hurts.
I, like many conservatives, find myself totally perplexed at the current state of the State. There is no denying “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” is no longer recognizable in the Statism controlled America. Such an out of date vision has been replaced by something foreign to the wise men that penned our founding documents and struggled to overthrow tyranny.

Traditional cultural attitudes and standards are changing rapidly. The paradigm left-shift has moved us from a capitalist economy to a pseudo-socialist with a touch of commune-ism thrown in for good measure. Did the founders envision a national movement to define marriage when they were debating the Bill of Rights? Is that why we have the 10th Amendment? They gave us all they had, or congruent with their vision, and figured everything else was covered by #10?

So, what is a true-believer to do? I am not alone in my belief that the reason our Republic has survived and thrived through a rebellious origin, repeated attempts at military overthrow of the new government from foreign invasions, a civil war that would have destroyed a weaker society, and survived World Wars and a Great Depressions to be the world standard of liberty…is because of the words of those “old school” fellows such as Jefferson and Franklin. I can’t help feeling that as we erode the foundation of our foundation we are charting our own course for a speedy demise of America. Name and geography not withstanding; America is not defined by our borders and our flag but by our liberty which is defined by our Constitution.

In this wilderness the need for leaders is evident. Lots of folks are auditioning and lots are happy to be a part of the chorus. Loud and often is not the definition of leader. Conservatives must stop defining success by which fellow conservative they took out last and embrace the idea that cooperative thought based on the 80-90% agreement is how this country was founded. Our angst is being played out daily in the bitter bickering within while the left rolls on and rolls over the Constitution. Is it possible to lay down our knives, put away the sarcasm, leave the guns at the door and offer our country a chance to survive? That does not mean suppress our will or surrender our values but to channel it toward absolutely attainable success in reaffirming our inalienable right for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


  1. Molly, upon reading the last paragraph several times, I think the heading should read, “Is the GOP voting itself off the island?”

    BTW, I agree with your analysis.

  2. JR Snyder Jr says

    Very clear analogy and analysis. I’m wondering if the GOP sees they’re voting each other off the island, diminishing their own ideas and numbers, limiting themselves.

    Does the party even realize there are now millions of Americans who do not identify with either party, are very concerned about what Democrats are doing and when looking at the GOP as the alternative, they see no home, no comfort, no strength there?

  3. Oberserve says

    No, Molly, because just because someone SAYS they are a conservative does not make them one. Just because they wrap themselves in the flag or claim to support the principles of the constitution doesn’t mean they do.

    So, while, yes, we do need to be working together, liars need to be exposed. Further, people who claim to be conservatives must be clear about how they dispise lying and love the truth.

    People who hate the revealer of truth are not conservatives, they are liberals by definition.

  4. Hey, Oberserve (is that a mistype of observe?) All that exposing and despising and revealing sounds kind of well, creepy. And I looked up the definition of liberal and there wasn’t anything there on “hating the revealer (sic) of truth”…?

    In fact, your comment could almost be the illustration of her point. This line could be right out of some cult handbook:

    “Further, people who claim to be conservatives (enter followers of Jim Jones or David Koresh…) must be clear about how they dispise (sic) lying and love the truth.”

    It will take much nore than a common flavor of Kool-Aid brother (or sister).

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