Survivalists Thriving

And you guys call me a pessimistic alarmists. Here’s an article from the Arizona Republic on the growing survivalist culture here in Phoenix.

As the recession lingers, some Phoenix-area residents are shifting attention from their financial troubles, including falling home values and shrinking retirement savings, to stockpiling food and ammo.

They worry the economic turmoil could lead to skyrocketing inflation, food scarcity, even violence. To prepare, they are forming social-networking groups to discuss how to store grains, purify water, plant gardens and, if needed, shoot guns.

It’s not surprising that many of the people preparing for tough times are educated professionals, said Heidi Wayment, a social-psychology professor at Northern Arizona University who has researched disasters and anxiety.

“To understand the huge potential crisis that could come from economic collapse, you have to be educated,” Wayment said. “I wouldn’t say these people are crazy – far from it.”

The people who are newly interested in survival skills recognize their eccentricity.

“I’m cognizant that what I’m doing is not normal,” said Rodriguez, adding that his roommate thinks the food stockpile and garden are cool.

At least I have the guns and gardening stuff down.


  1. Shoot guns?

    Guns should not be used to kill other guns..

    DSW, please don’t use your weapons to “shoot guns.” You will probably need them to shoot food and hostiles.

  2. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Contrary to what the media or Hollywood stereotypes might have us believe, these people are not southern, gun-toting hicks. The people I know that are preparing themselves with food and ammunition are generally middle to upper middle class. They own businesses or are educated professionals who understand the implications of what is going on in our country.

    Additionally, I think one thing the author forgets to mention is that many of these people are Christian. Christians believe that many frightening things will occur in the last days. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

  3. Not all Christians believe that.

  4. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    Shivers, I don’t really care to debate theology right now, but let’s just say the majority of Christians believe in the end of times. My point is, this contributes to many Christians, including myself, feeling the need to be prepared. That preparedness includes food, water, and protection (see: guns). I’m also saying that these people aren’t the idiots that Hollywood or the media potrays them to be. Are you satisfied?

  5. I’m not trying to debate you, and being prepared is good, but I think the point is to be prepared spiritually.

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