Surprise! Elections Have Consequences!

It is widely reported that no member of Congress had the opportunity to read the bill before voting on it yesterday.

It was rushed through under the guise that if it did not pass, the American economy would plummet into a catastrophe.

[View Nancy Pelosi’s press conference.]

This is what’s called a turning point in American political history. Not ONE Republican voted for the bill and for good reason aside from not being able to read what was thrust into it without any Republican input.

Democrats have insulted fair and equitable policy making and the American people have had a front row seat to observe their machinations although it was conducted behind a veil of secrecy.

Republican have washed their hands of the calamity which will shortly fall upon our way of life as we know it. Two election cycles have taught all but three of them a lesson. I hate to be a pessimist but we are in for some extremely hard time – dare I say, a political revolution and upheaval? The direction is up to us and by the looks of the last three weeks, anger against Washington is rising.

November 2010 is now 626 days away.


  1. If somebody doesn’t run with this and show how Pelosi was more concerned with her European vacation than actually doing her job during a time of national crisis then they are passing up a golden opportunity.

  2. For further evidence on the misguided libs, look at Vegas. Since the libs have decided how much CEOs can get paid and where companies may or may not have conventions, Vegas is screwed over now that companies and industries are afraid of the perception of scheduling a conference in Vegas. Nice job Dems. What city do you guys want to wreck next? More Democrat social engineering.

  3. You say the last two election cycles have taught all but three Republicans in Congress a lesson.

    Well, that may be because dozens of ex-Senators and Representatives got defeated in 2006 and 2008.

    And the three that didn’t learn the lesson?

    Arlen Spector was re-elected in 2004 while his wingut Pennsylvania colleague Rick Santorum was booted out of office in a landslide.

    Maine voters re-elected Susan Collins with nearly 62% of the vote last November as Republicans lost eight or nine Senate seats.
    And in 2006, when right-wing nuts like Rick Santorum and George (“Macaca”) Allen were losing thir seats and the GOP lost control of the Senate, Olympia Snowe won re-election in Maine with 74% of the vote.

    I wonder why these three didn’t learn the lesson you speak about.


  4. Article reads: “It is widely reported that no member of Congress had the opportunity to read the bill before voting on it yesterday.”

    Here’s the problem. BOTH sides are to blame. It is a well-known fact that the majority of Senators and House Reps. DO NOT read most bills. Can you imagine that! They rely on aides to fill them in! Fact: Most congressmen didn’t know what they were agreeing to re the Patriot Act.

    Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, and Brad Sherman, to name a pathetic few, READ everything — and are considered naysayers. We should hold all our representatives accountable and insist they read and be fully informed on what they are voting on. That’s why they were sent to Congress and what they get paid to do.

  5. Do you think people will wait 626 days?

  6. David Smith says

    Let the clown games begin.

    Q: Did the Arizona Democrats have any meaningful input into the FY 2009 budget that was passed in special session?

    A: No.

    Q: Did anyone have time to read the entire FY 2009 bill *after* it came out of joint committee?

    A: No.

    Q: Do elected officials regularly read each and every line of bills that come out of joint committee?

    A: Shhhh…..they rarely read them at all, but rely on staff and leadership summaries. Much less joint committee.

    Q: What were the arbitrary deadlines?

    A: The Arizona Republicans promised a bill on Governor Brewer’s desk by February 1st, and delivered.

    The Democrats promised a bill on President Obama’s desk by the Presidential Day recess, and delivered.

    Q: Where did the majority leadership go immediately after passing the bills?

    A: Brewer to the Super Bowl. Pelosi to a European trip that she had repeatedly stated would be canceled if business was not concluded by the Presidential Day break.

    Q: Well what’s the difference then, between the majority in Phoenix and the majority in Washington?

    A: Pass the popcorn. With butter, please.

  7. AMEN, David. One is no better than the other. It’s all a game and we’re not in it. Can I have some popcorn.

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