Surprise Council Hands $50,000 to Local Chamber

From the chapter on taxpayer-funded handouts, here’s a story on more of your local tax dollars being used to “help out” another private entity. In this case, the Surprise Chamber of Commerce.

Surprise to help Chamber finance new location” – Arizona Republic, June 13, 2009

According to the vote, the Chamber is to use $35,000 to help them relocate their office out of a strip mall to a new location and $15,000 is to be used to find and hire a new CEO.

I have to wonder how the council would vote if another organization like NFIB came asking for $50,000. Of course, the Surprise Chamber is now beholden to the Council to the tune of $50K.


  1. Fantastic…cannot wait to hear their argument for the funds.

  2. The Chamber of Commerce used to be an advocate for business in America.

    Today it is an advocate for government subsidy of business with an emphasis on advocating not enforcing laws with regards to illegal aliens.

    I am not a fan of Obama, but when I heard the other day that the Chamber was going to war with him I think I know how Churchill felt when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941.

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