Supreme Court: President Clinton another President Taft?

by Gayle Plato

Sometimes history can repeat itself in odd ways.  William Howard Taft was the 27th President of the United States, but many do not know that he was appointed and served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court– Warren Harding nominee.  President Harding made him Chief Justice, a position he held until just before his death in 1930. According to the website, Taft felt the appointment was his greatest honor; he wrote: “I don’t remember that I ever was President.”

My prediction for the nominee to  take Justice David Souter’s position  is- dare I say it– a maverick, former democratic leader, you may know by name: President William Jefferson Clinton.  I assert that the deal was struck during the campaign end, maybe last June?   From what I can see, being impeached as President does not prevent you from becoming a Justice.

Hillary, you get Secretary of State, and your husband can serve as a Justice.  You both must back Barack Obama, campaign for him, and help unite the party.  Mark my words!!!

Seems others are thinking this too, and have suspected it, but more when others thought Hillary Clintion would be the next President.  Nonetheless, deals are deals.  We’ll see if this opportunity or another opening will lead the way for Justice Bill.

“Pepperdine Law School’s Douglas Kmiec said, “The former president would be intrigued by court service and many would cheer him on.” (
Former President Bill Clinton, center, shakes hands with the crowd as he walks in the ceremonial procession during Middlebury College Commencement, Sunday, May 27, 2007, in Middlebury, Vt. , where he delivered the commencement speech and received an honorary degree.


  1. RW,

    The sad wicked irony in that is that the “Anita Hill’s” or “Monica Lewinsky’s” of the world won’t stand up and say a word during his judiciary committee hearings.

    What a cowardly new world we live in…

  2. JR Snyder Jr says

    Sadly, after a dog and pony show of a short list, he will be nominated, wooshed through hearings and sworn in.

    Everyone politely applauding and not saying a word…

  3. I’ve literally made myself slightly ill at the thought. I feel faint–I think I have ManBearPig Flu. I need to call Joe Biden and see if he’ll consider the gig instead. Wouldn’t that be just perfect? Except w/Biden you gotta remind him to wear his pants under the robe and tell him to quit pinching Ruthie Ginsberg. Wait, you’d have to do that with Bill too..Gads.

    I am sick–one way or the other.

  4. This is scary thought and I would be willing to be anything that it does not happen.

    Obama has so many Harvard people that he can nominate. For this nomination with it being his first one I think he plays it by the book and nominates someone from the federal circuit and probably someone from the 2nd 3rd or DC circuit.

    Clinton might be an option for his second or third (yes I said 2nd or third) with stevens turning 90 this year and Ginsburg with pancreatic cancer it is only a matter of time before they step aside because you know it will happen under a Dem president

  5. Iris Lynch says

    Still replacing a liberal with a liberal doesn’t get them any further toward their goals.

  6. James Davidson says

    Wasn’t he suspended from practice in Arkansas for five years? Didn’t the U.S. Supreme Court in 2001 initially order his disbarment, give him 40 days to respond, and then let him resign from the Supreme Court Bar in lieu of disbarment? Am I wrong about this?

  7. 0.01% chance of this happening.

  8. Davidson,
    you are 100 right. Another reason this is not happening and a stupid post by Rightwoman

    Clinton was suspended by the Supreme Court in October 2001, and, facing disbarment from that court, Clinton resigned from the Supreme Court bar in November of that year.

  9. Doesn’t mean he can’t be a justice…. so If my crazy idea ends up being true in one of the next few possibilities looming, you’ll have to bow to my greatness. Or, finance my new psychic hotline network. Hey, y’all thought I was wrong about Sarah Palin too..
    BTW I believe Clinton’s suspension is over and he can be reinstated. I stand by my crackpotness.

  10. Conservative does not mean Republican says

    I’ll go even further and say o.ooo1% chance of this happening. This nomination is too valuable for Obama to waste it on somebody like Slick Willy. 99% chance that he goes for the two-for-one on race and gender and nominates an hispanic woman or black woman to the court.

  11. William R. says

    Casting my “nay” vote on this idea. Bubba is much more interested in something with an international flavor.

  12. Well, at least the link editor/reviewer reads my blog–or some bot read it and woke up th editor to then read it. Maybe crackpot is now cool? All I know is, I got hits from there and I dunno why. Maybe the WSJ link dude is half asleep at home with Lost on and just added if for giggles. Either way, I didn’t ask for it and um I owe him one for all of the traffic driving:

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