Supervisors want deputy county attorneys to swear a loyalty oath to unelected DAVID SMITH?

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Supervisors want deputy county attorneys to swear a loyalty oath to unelected DAVID SMITH?

submitted by a reader

This is unbelievable. The County Supervisors continue to spiral out of control, trying to take over the offices of other county officials in power grabs, and are overspending their budgets by millions of dollars while forcing 15% cuts to law enforcement and other county agencies. Now, they are telling deputy county attorneys – who work for and report to the County Attorney, not the Supervisors – to take a loyalty oath to their unelected county manager, David Smith. Smith is currently under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office. The loyalty oaths would require the deputy attorneys to consult with Smith instead of their bosses in the County Attorney’s Office regarding legal issues! Even our SOLDIERS serving the country aren’t required to take a loyalty oath to the president. This is bizarre because the Supervisors and their manager Smith are not the bosses of these employees, they are in a separate county agency, the County Attorney’s Office.

County Attorney Andrew Thomas filed an objection in court, saying, “It was an obvious attempt to continue carving up the civil division and to amass power at the expense of the taxpayers,” Thomas said. “And so far, they have gotten away with it.”

In another recent power grab, the Supervisors set up their own “shadow county attorney’s office,” slashing the budget of the County Attorney’s civil division by 1/3 and hiring away some of their employees. They hired a 35-year old green attorney to run their shadow county attorney office and are paying him around $175,000/yr – a lot more than even the County Attorney makes. It is obvious that the Supervisors are trying to dismantle the County Attorney’s Office and put that office underneath them. But that’s not the type of government we have. If the voters want a County Attorney that is appointed by the Supervisors, they can change the system of government. But so far they haven’t, and they would prefer to elect the County Attorney, Sheriff, etc.

The question is, who do you want advising the county on civil issues? The County Supervisors (most of them are Republicans but they always side with the Democrats when it comes to spending and social issues like promoting diversity) and their manager David Smith, who have proven time and time again that they are spending out of control, or the County Attorney, who was elected to the position by the people and has a proven record of fiscal responsibility?


  1. Alicia Gegner says

    my dad used to tell me how the Nazis got started, and how there was this cult of people worship. it is very dangerous and has to be stamped out. we Americans owe our allegiance to the Consitution, and the flag and the Republic for which it stands, not to Bomama or Smith or Stapely or Mary Rose… not to any of the unamusing clowns who want to rule us just because we got together and hired them to run our governments.

    It is time for the people to reclaim the power at all levels. We can start with Mr. David Smith, and work our way through the supervisors – Congress and Bomama are next.

  2. Unbelievable!!! Who the heck do these people think they are? Smith must go before he starts mandatory Cool-aide parties and makes everyone chant “we love the leader.” These stupidvisors have NO CHANCE of reelection. Wilson wants his daughter to take over after he leaves. That would be more of the same and can’t happen.

  3. All I hear from my friends who read the newspapers is how the are fed up with two things – Obama’s federalization of healthcare, and our out of control supervisors. Fortunately, some of them are going to do something about it and run against the big spenders. Will keep everyone informed so you can join their campaigns. You’ll recognize a couple of their names – solid conservatives.

  4. Gentlemen and Alicia:

    At least they haven’t gotten to the “Genuflect and Kiss the Ring” stage!

    Or hired a headsman to deal with the recalcitrant.

    We should be grateful for small favors!

  5. I understand the New York State Bar Association is investigating this guy. Sound like more fun coming heir Smith’s way. He must really have something on some of the BOS members. Smith is a huge political liability yet they keep him around and testified the don’t really know what he is doing. Think there he might have pictures of someone with farm animals.

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