Supervisor Wilcox indicted on 42 new criminal counts

This Just in from the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office……

January 25, 2010

A Maricopa County grand jury has handed up a 42 count indictment against County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox alleging:

Perjury, a class 4 felony (8 counts)
Forgery, a class 4 felony (8 counts)
False Swearing, a class 6 felony (8 counts)
Conflict of Interest, a class 6 felony (18 counts)

This new indictment, obtained by a new grand jury, supervenes a previous indictment which listed 36 counts. Six additional charges of Conflict of Interest were filed in the indictment handed up on January 25, 2010.

Wilcox obtained three known loans from Chicanos Por La Causa, an organization that assists the disadvantaged, through its lending arm, Prestamos. She allegedly voted on numerous contracts or grants involving that agency as a member of the Board of Supervisors. However she never filed any type of conflict notice with the Clerk of the Board as required by law. Between 2000 and 2008 she obtained more than $177,500 in loans from Chicanos Por La Causa and its lending arm Prestamos. Information gained from the search warrant on Chicanos Por La Causa and other documents recently received resulted in additional evidence supporting the new indictment.

If you have any questions please contact Mike Anthony Scerbo at
602-506-3170 (office)
602-489-6913 (cell)


  1. Hasn’t she already been removed from office by now? Usually if you’re under criminal investigation, you go on administrative leave at least. Power hungry, greedy corrupt officials. No one pays close attention to county politics unfortunately except the left wing spin you get in the mainstream media so these demagogues get away with funneling OUR MONEY to radical organizations like Chicanos por la causa.

  2. When you clear away all the rhetoric and finger pointing, you have a situation where an elected official voted to give hundreds of thousands in taxpayer funds to a group that had loaned her hundreds of thousands.

    If that’s not a crime it should be. Arpaio and Thomas have the courage to take on this corruption despite opposition from the media and political elites who believe the political class should be untouchable…

  3. What a corrupt lady, on our Board of Supervisors. Shame on the citizens who voted for her.
    There are so many good people out there. Why do we get her.

  4. Burn the Witch! Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch!Burn the Witch! lol.

  5. Papatodd: You aren’t funny. This is corruption at it’s worst. It is no joke.

  6. Hey Poppatodd!

    Why don’t you put your money behind a sizeable mouth and start a defense fund!

    The B.O.S. fan club on this list will be more than glad to pitch in!

  7. DeAnn,
    I realize that this is no joke. It is a very serious manner. Any elected official brought up on one charge is serious event. But I was grading on a curve.
    Elected official brought up on:
    1 charge = Serious.
    2-5 charges = Very Serious.
    5-15 charges = Who else is involved?
    15-25 charges = It’s approaching lunacy now.
    25-40 charges = You gotta be kidding me…
    40+ charges = When you actually exceed 40 charges, it starts to morph into comedy.
    My bell curve. Yours might be different.

    But I think that people who lost billions of hard-earned money by giving it to a flim-flam man whose last name was Made-off, funny too.

  8. Pingponglee says

    Remember the corruption scandal involving an Arizona State Representative who had been caught on tape saying “I do deals” as she was taking a bribe? This happened probably 20 years ago or so, but let’s face facts here: we must have several elected officials who are corrupt, that’s why we have to watch them very carefuly. Pity Wilcox wasn’t caught on tape ,but the paper trail is enough in this case to indict her. Good, hopefuly we will be rid of this rotten apple.

  9. Pingponglee,
    Right On! to that. We the People must all keep watch on all of our elected officials. If we don’t, who will? The press?

  10. Stop being so hard on Mary Rose. If she hadn’t voted for the money to Chicanos Por La Causa, they wouldn’t have given her the loans. Pay attention!

  11. PCbutnotPC says

    A Rose by any other name …. is indicted.
    But remember, every rose has thorns.

  12. Blue Meanie says

    Instead of burning her, just splash some water on her.

  13. Floyd:

    So by your logic Joe Arpaio and Dave Hendershott need to go on administrative leave? They’re under investigation as well. That work for you?

    Apparently the readers of this blog believe an indictment is a conviction. You know people get falsely accused. This uneducated rush to the conclusion is simple minded. Maybe you all make yourselves feel better by celebrating victory before the battle’s over, but it really is childish. Don’t count your chickens . . . you know.

  14. Someone needs to run against this idiot.
    Oh, and btw, she does NOT live in her district. I think you’re supposed to.

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