Superior Court to lay off around 60 employees

We heard through the grapevine that the Maricopa County Superior Court will be laying off around 60 employees by April or May. Hopefully some of them will be a few of the bad liberal judges, but unfortunately we suspect it will all be lower-level staff who will be hurt harder than the wealthy judges by a layoff (Superior Court judges make at least $140,000/yr last we checked).

It doesn’t need to happen. The Superior Court is building a $340 million brand new Taj Mahal court tower. That could be delayed in order to save those jobs – because you know as soon as the recession ends, those staff positions will all be recreated again. We suspect the reason why not a single penny is being cut from the Taj Mahal is because the construction companies and other vendors involved in the contract contributed heavily to the campaigns of the county employees carrying the purse strings.


  1. chewie, you wrote,

    “We suspect the reason why not a single penny is being cut from the Taj Mahal is because the construction companies and other vendors involved in the contract contributed heavily to the campaigns of the county employees carrying the purse strings.”

    I don’t remember see any ‘county employees’ on the ballot last fall. I do remember seeing some county supervisors and all of them were staunch GOPers (excet Mary Rose).

    What you are saying is the ‘bulldoze and build’ developers bought and paid for the county leadership we know have right? This isn’t news to those of us who have been MCBOS watchers for over 20 years.

  2. Chewie is accurate, the board of supervisors hold the purse strings. In the past, they have delayed construction of the court tower in order not to spend it when times were tough. Naturally, with the county laying off employees, if any time made more sense to delay building it would be now, but everyone knows the board of supervisors is in bed with the construction and real estate industry who contribute to their reelection campaigns (at least a couple of the supes come from that industry). Considering the Superior Court is considered a quasi-county entity, if the court tower is delayed, there is more money all around for every county agency. The board of supervisors has a lot of authority to spread the wealth around – why do you think they’re forcing the Sheriff and Treasurer to cut 15%-20% of their budgets? So they won’t have to cut elsewhere.

    The county supervisors are not real Republicans, they never saw a government project they didn’t like. The amount of tax dollars they’ve wasted on unnecessary functions of government is what got the county into this mess in the first place.

  3. Out of curiosity, when IS the last time you checked? A quick search just took me to a page announcing a vacancy in Mohave County and it says the salary is $145,000 for a Superior Court Judge in Arizona. Makes me wonder how much research is done before posts go up on his site?
    I would ask how much the average attorney makes in private practice, but I’d have to question the reliability of the author’s response, so I’ll just look it up myself. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to find out that judges could be raking in a lot more than $145K, so I wonder why they do it? Obviously not for the praise and adulation of the public!

  4. Most cuts WILL BE the lower level employees and court services. Unfortunately the administration and presiding Judges don’t seem to realize what loosing these staff will mean to back log and a huge increase in their calendars, which will mean less customer service, longer times to settle court issues and an increase in aggravation by those needing to utilize the court.

    Unfortunately the court will be loosing staff with valuable experience. Since the County has had a mandatory hiring freeze for “non-essential” positions in the last year and a half, there are very few “new” employees that are lacking valuable knowledge and experience. These cuts will have a drasticly negative effect not only now, but in the future when these positions will need to be refilled. The time and money it takes to train staff in any aspect of the legal field is extensive. Finding people who already have that experience and are willing to take the little pay that the County is able to pay are almost impossible to find.

    Unfortunately the County and the administrators in the effected departments have ONLY looked at layoffs as a way to get through this budget crisis. They have ignored employee suggestions and offers and I am sure all of the County Supervsiors and department administrators will never personally feel the effect of these layoffs.

    This is NOT a ‘right’ or ‘left’ issue…this is an issue of a lack of business ethics, morals and what is right. No one with the ability to make changes has even once thought “outside the box” to find a solution to prevent these layoffs. And in this economy it is sad that a lack of brainstorming and inability to work with the “lower ranks” is going to create such a hardship on these employees, the court and most importantly the customers that seriously need and rely on the services that these departments offer….oops…I mean offered.

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