Sunday night radio

State Senator Ron Gould will be on the Arizona Right Report radio show tonight. For those of you who live in the Phoenix area tune in to 1100 am at 8:00 pm. The show can also be heard over the internet at The show is working on getting set up so you can text in your questions while driving and listening to the radio.


  1. Mark Zemel says

    Thank You SA for the plug! It’s great to have your support for the effort. Unfortunately, Sen. Gould did not call in for his confirmed guest appearance. I do not yet know why Sen. Gould was not able to call in. I know we all share concern for the well being of the Gould family. Let’s hope it wasn’t anything serious that prevented Sen. Gould’s call in to the show. I’ll gladly report back here when I learn more.

    We did enjoy a visit with Trent Horn representing the Arizona Right To Life organization tonight. Trent shared a lot of insight that we are glad to have. Thank you again to Trent Horn and the wonderful team at Arizona Right To Life.

    Let’s hope Sen. Gould and his family are all very well and that we can chalk up his missed appearance on our show as simple bad scheduling. Thanks again, Mark- The Arizona Right Report.

  2. Mark,

    There is nothing wrong with Gould or his family and to speculate like this is unfortunate.

  3. Mark Zemel says

    There is no speculation contained in my post. Only appropriate concern.

    I did just hear from Sen. Gould. His only reason for missing the interview was a schedule problem. We are working on rescheduling right now.

    Thanks again SA, Mark

  4. Mark Zemel says

    Senator Gould is rescheduled for The Arizona Right Report on Sunday, June 15th.

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