Sun-Made Raisin Girl or Son Maid Raise’n Babe – You Decide

What do you think?  Lets have some fun and discuss …

The Weekly Standard noted that the new Sun-Maid girl looks “as if Julia Roberts decided to don a red bonnet and start picking grapes,” while the feminist website remarked that it looks as if she’s had “some implants.”

This is light and fun… here’s the story:


  1. Hmmm – the one on the left looks a touch creepy. Looks like a circa ’90s video game character. Like maybe from original “Fallout” game, but instead of nuclear apocalypse, it’s raisins.

  2. Bill Clinton heard about the change, saw the new girl and said, “Too skinny for my taste.”

  3. Gads. A professional artist and can’t even get the arms right?
    What’s with the gym stretchy top? Who picks grapes in spandex? Sweaty!

  4. Maybe she does work out. That’s a ten pound cluster and she’s got it up by her buff biceps and held pinched with just two fingers. Pinky up and everything.

  5. slow news day, eh?

  6. Ditto with Aunt Jemima on the syrup bottle. She’s gone from being a jolly, overweight, and dark skin-toned “Aunt,” always donned with a workers head scarf … to a medium skin-toned, trim, teeth-veneered, career “Aunt” who now wears pearl earrings.

    I loved the old Auntie. She had charm and likability.

  7. Jefferson Smith says

    Bet she’s illegal.

    [What! It’s a joke! Can’t even make fun of the one-track-mind comments that dominate this blog. Jeez.]

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