Sue Nah me . . no, Sue Nam Mi . . no, TSUNAMI!!

Its beginning to look like a tsunami in the Republican Presidential sweepstakes.  The latest poll in South Carolina confirms this with astonishing numbers.

The survey by the Mason-Dixon polling firm found that in South Carolina’s Republican nomination contest, Fred Thompson — a popular former Tennessee senator who has not yet formally entered the presidential race — polled 25 percent.  Former New York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani was second with 21 percent.

Former Mass. Governor Mitt Romney was a distant third with 11 percent, followed by Sen. John McCain, with staff floundering on the beach like whales out of water heaving and gasping for oxygen, at seven percent.  Comprehensive Reform Amnesty Plan (CRAP) fallout?

Twenty-eight percent of likely Republican voters were undecided.  [In the last six weeks, when the undecideds made up their mind, the majority of them have gone to Thompson.]

The announced Republican candidates should be careful not to be swept out to sea by the receding waters of the Thompson Tsunami, there are sharks in them there waters. 


  1. kralmajales says

    You all should be very careful that your candidates are not swept out with the Thompson tsunami. No one knows what this guy is or is all about? He is no Ronald Reagan…Reagan carried the lunchbox of conservatism for years and years and had tons of experience before he ran for President. Reagan was not just an actor…Thompson…I fear…is.

    Frankly, you all have one of the best fields of candidates to be President that I have seen in 30 years. Guiliani, McCain, and Romney are all far better candidates to be the leader of the free world, than Thompson is.

  2. Kralmajales

    Your input into our Primary is immaterial since you are a ‘them’ not an ‘us’, your evaluation that our current field is ‘one of the best’ is tantamount to a statement that it stinks.

    Let me prove the point, thirty years ago the Republican candidate was Gerald Ford who will go down in history as losing to the worst President in the twentieth century, the peanut on a half shell – and he deserved to lose.

    In fact, those of us who were around when Reagan ran know that people made the same kind of inane statements in the seventies as Thompson’s detractors are today. Most of us who are supporting the candidacy of Thompson have researched the background of all of the candidates including him, since we are not like the D’s who are told what and whom to support – and do so.

    GO FRED!!

  3. kralmajales says

    I think the Thompson factor is more evidence that you party is becoming a very very small tent. Again, you have three of the most experienced candidates that Republicans have seen in years (I know…I was one of ya)…all three have good conservative credentials and yet still…that won’t be enough because your base is clammoring for more…and someone they know very little about. Hell…even Thompson’s website has little but a bio.

    Back to the Tsunami…ya’ll have candidates that can win already in the fold and who have organizations and who have raised a significant amount of money. Thompson is gonna muck it up for you.

    Honestly…as one of “them”…I would much rather face a Thompson…anytime…over a Giuliani or a McCain…they could probably beat most of the Demo field right now.

    I doubt that people could make the same innane statements about Reagan as they did Fred given that Reagan was a two term Gov. of California, a major part of the conservative movement before that in the 60s and a former candidate for the Presidency himself. Thompson is a one term Senator (plus two years), has about as much experience as an Edwards…or an Obama.

    Has he carried the cause of conservatism longer than McCain, Guiliani, or Romney? Does he have THAT level of experience…in business, government, or otherwise…nah…he is a damned good actor though and he just might act his way into your hearts.

  4. Another Fredhead here. He has had a LOT of government experience, serving as an attorney in the early 70’s during Nixon’s hearings.

    And his other experiences outside Washington are an enhancement to his resume, I believe.

  5. You’re just showing your inexperience, naivete, or just plain LOB.

    Obviously, you were NOT around in the sixties and seventies. Obviously, people with more than a passing interest would look someplace other than a candidate’s website – they all mirror the popular positions on their own website.

    Thompson started accruing his political experience back in the 1960’s also beyond your experience or research, so he only has about 40 years experience – is right on the issues, has not flip-flopped, is pro-life, pro-second amendment, a fiscal conservative with only one glaring misstep – the McCain-Feingold Act.

    GO FRED!!

  6. Buddy Breon says

    I think it is a ringing endorsement for those candidates that are favored by the opposing party!

    Give us a candidate that can unite the conservative movement again. Give us a candidate who says what he means. Give us a candidate that has the strength to stand-up to bully Democrats and left-leaning Republicans.

    I think Fred Thompson will drown the other candidates for the Republican nomination. And, we will have someone the Republicans can raise up to lead this country back to our basics.

  7. kralmajales says

    Jiminy…if there is any candidate thathas the strength to stand up to anyone, I would think it would be both John McCain and Rudy. Both tell it like it is…even when what they have to say is not always popular with Democrats…or the right of your party.

    Eh…we will see…I do think Thompson has a chance of course…but honestly…I think this will be as big a mistake as Al Gore entering late on the left hand side.

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