Stossel In The House!

This ought to be real good!

The Goldwater Institute presents a
2009 Speaker Series Luncheon featuring John Stossel
May 16, 2009
11:00 a.m. VIP Reception and Photo Opportunity
12:00 p.m. Lunch
Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 7200 North Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85253
Goldwater Institute Member Tickets [$40 each]
Non-Member Tickets [$50 each]
VIP Tickets [$250 each]
RSVP with the enclosed card,
or RSVP online at
“The more reporting I did, the more it dawned on me that government is often the problem rather than the solution. Free markets, not coercive governments, are the consumer’s best friend.” – JOHN STOSSEL

Since joining ABC’s 20/20 in 1981, John Stossel has become the self-declared “scourge of the liberal media,” dedicating much of his provocative career to the advancement of free market ideas. Once an advocate of consumer protection through increased regulation, his reporting led him to the conclusion that government posed the real danger to consumers and that protectionism had a substantial negative impact on both American business and culture. Now an outspoken proponent of freedom, Stossel exposes the waste and ineffectiveness of government practices like corporate welfare, bailouts, limiting choice in education, and eminent domain abuse.

Stossel, who has praised the Goldwater Institute for its impact on school choice in Arizona, has become one of the media’s most popular champions of market solutions to social and economic challenges. Despite the ongoing opposition of the interventionist elite, his satirical and investigative television segments, documentaries, and books have continued to resonate strongly with audiences, earning him nineteen Emmy Awards and five awards for excellence in consumer reporting by the National Press Club.

On May 16, please join the Goldwater Institute for this special Speaker Series luncheon featuring John Stossel.


  1. Ah yes, the same John Stossel who wrote columns supporting price gouging Hurricane Katrina survivors, and who supports everything from euthanasia to legalized prostitution.


  2. Wow Klute – the way you describe him, he appears to be a libertarian. OH NOES! We can’t have one of those, now can we?

  3. Hey, I support euthanasia, drug-legalization, etc. But, as has been shaking out here, those aren’t exactly the values the GOP wants in the party. Or haven’t you been paying attention?

    However, if you do manage to push forward a pro-euthanasia, pot-smoking, prostitute-using candidate (David Vitter doesn’t count), I will personally donate the maximum allowed to that candidate.

    As for gouging hurricane survivors – having lived through a couple, I can safely say that price gougers are the scum of the earth, and deserve what ever legal or extra-legal measures happen to them.

  4. Annie Hoyle says

    John Stossel is a libertarian…. I don’t think he is running for office, Klute. That hurricane thing…. is that what happened to your trailer?!

  5. So as long as he not running for office, you’ll support his pro-death agenda by paying his speaking fees – so long as he does the occasional anti-tax puff piece.

    For shame.

    As for my trailer – we put it on pontoons and sailed our way to Micronesia à la Thor Heyerdhal, and we ate price gougers along the way.

  6. Annie Hoyle says

    Klute, THAT is funny! Taste like chicken?

    I mentioned John Stossel not running for office because YOU brought up candidates….I thought you were confused. My mistake. Uh, support John Stossel… pay his speaking fees… who are you talking about? For shame!

  7. One other thing, Klute – in the first paragraph of your response (#3) you state that Stossel’s values “aren’t exactly the values the GOP wants in the party.” Who said anything about the GOP? I didn’t know the Goldwater Institute was affiliated with the Republican Party!

  8. Oh, and your Thor Heyerdahl comment was funny!

  9. Just having a bit of fun today. I’m neutral about Stossel. I don’t agree with him, but he’s not having a viewpoint different from my own doesn’t mean: KILL.

    His comments about price gouging obviously come from a pampered upper middle class/rich background – they generally don’t have to worry about such things in the aftermath of a big storm. He lionizes them, the average storm survivor would string them up if they could away with it.

    My only real point is that Stossel doesn’t really jibe with the mainstream conservative thought right now. Last time I suggested pot legalization here, you’d think I’d hit a baby with a cat.

  10. “I didn’t know the Goldwater Institute was affiliated with the Republican Party!”

    I actually like the Goldwater Institute – one my friends, Jose Magana, was a recipient of a scholarship from them. Their message of greater personal freedom is laudable.

    But let’s not be coy. They are to the GOP as the Center for American Progress is to the Democratic Party. Neither is strictly affiliated, but they are the test beds for ideas that their respective fraternity may decided to go through with.

  11. Klute,

    Just wondering when “headquarters” is going to reassign you any other blogs to monitor in the near future?

    Also, please comment with a link to any of the euthanasia stuff Stossel has said anything about. Was it something from the Soylent Green dimension?

  12. DSW,

    Ha. No, Chairman Kos hasn’t given me a new assignment.

    JOHN STOSSEL (VO) Often, it’s older people who feel most strongly about having control at the end of their lives. (on camera) How old are you now? (VO) My father’s 92. (on camera) What if you got cancer or some disease, and you were in pain?
    JOHN STOSSEL Would you want a doctor — would you ever want to die?
    OTTO STOSSEL I think I should have the privilege to demand it of my doctor to do something of the sort.
    JOHN STOSSEL You should have the right to demand that he kill you?
    OTTO STOSSEL That’s right. I should have the right to demand it.
    JOHN STOSSEL The law says no. The law says the doctor may not.
    OTTO STOSSEL I think it still should be my decision what I want to do with my life — not anybody else’s, even if it’s you.
    JOHN STOSSEL (VO) I can’t argue with that.

    There’s more, but I suppose someone should ask him that at the Goldwater institute.

  13. In 1996 Stossel, speaking to the Federalist society, gave this explanation of why he got out of consumer reporting:

    “I got sick of it. I also now make so much money I just lost interest in saving a buck on a can of peas.”

    Pretty much sums it up.

  14. Klute,

    Thanks for finding it.

    Yes, I have a serious problem with the State getting into the euthanasia business or the State forcing doctors to comply with a patient’s demand. When doctors take the hippocratic oath to do no harm, I take that quite literally. I would also say that the State has a compelling interest to protect life, liberty and property in that prioritized order. Without the right to life protected first and foremost, all other rights cannot be guaranteed.

  15. DSW,

    “When doctors take the hippocratic oath to do no harm, I take that quite literally.”

    I’m torn on the issue. Doesn’t leaving someone in agony while artificially extending someone’s life through machines also circumvent the Hippocratic Oath?

    My living will states that if my body can’t function on its own, and there are no permanent fixes that allow me to keep my mobilty and mental function (a pacemaker vs. a ventilator; brain surgery vs. persistent vegatative state), I’m to be disconnected from whatever it is that is keeping me alive.

    Too many people mistake a “long life” for a “good life”. I think it’s both an affront to both humanity and God to keep the body alive long after it’s apparent that death was supposed to have lease.

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