Stop a Billion Dollar Hike!

Arizonans for Prosperity


Dear Arizona Taxpayer:

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is planning to call the Arizona Legislature into special session again this month. Among the items on the agenda is referring a billion-dollar tax increase to state voters.

But the reality is that the Governor and Legislature do NOT need to raise your taxes to eliminate the state’s Fiscal Year 2010 and 2011 deficits.

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AFP Arizona has worked with the Reason Foundation, members of the Arizona Legislature, and allied policy organizations to identify $760 million in baseline budget reductions and $2.6 billion in one-time revenues for FY 2010. We have identified $3.5 billion in baseline budget reductions and $1.6 billion in one-time revenues for FY 2011.

To see the budget options document, go to this website:


To see a chart showing our deficit reduction options, use this link:


Many of the proposed deficit reductions can be made by reducing or eliminating state agencies and programs, reducing state government personnel, privatizing state assets, and making fundamental reforms to Arizona’s overly bureaucratic and admin-heavy school district system.

The bottom line is that Arizona’s state government does not need to raise your sales, income, or property taxes to get through this deficit crisis. The crisis was mainly caused by too much government spending, and the first and foremost solution to the crisis is to reduce government spending.

Please take action TODAY. Ask your state legislators to work harder to balance the state budget without raising your taxes. And please forward this email to your friends and neighbors.

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For Liberty,

–Tom Jenney
Arizona Director
Americans for Prosperity
( Arizona Federation of Taxpayers)


  1. Alliance Reader says

    The 90/10 professional regulatory boards should be put under a “Board of Professional Affairs” with an director that appoints skilled executive secretaries for each regulatory board that is placed under the Board of Professional Affairs. Doing so would eliminate a director for each board, a deputy director for those boards, and multiple staff positions. The boards in-house investigators would be eliminated by contracting with outside investigative services. The Department of Administration’s State Boards Offices would be eliminated since it current contracts with the regulatory boards for many in-house services that would be replaced by the simplified Board of Professional Affairs.

    Many of the trade associations and the regulatory boards claim they do not currently cost the state money but actually put 10 percent of their revenues into the general fund is not accurate. When you add up the costs that the state bears such as the Department of Administration, Personnel Services, Treasurers Office, Attorney Generals office and others cuts very rapidly into the 10 percent that is paid to the state.

    The Department of Professional Affairs would be general fund appropriated and the revenue from licensing and regulation would be deposited into the general fund.

    The legislature would have much greater oversight than the current hodgepodge way that dates back to the early part of this century.

    Under the Board of Professional Affairs, the individual Board’s would retain their current professional and public board members and the manner in which they are appointed.

    The following boards would be the initial boards placed under the Board of Professional Affairs and others could be added later:

    Accountancy Board (CPA’s), Acupuncture Board, Medical Board (MD’s), Osteopathic Board (DO’s), Homeopathic Board (HMD’s), Naturopathic Board (NMD’s), Physican Assistants, Chiropractic Board (DC’s), Physical Therapists (PT’s), Athletic Trainers, Massage Therapists,(LMT’s), Occupational Therapy Board, Opticians Board, Optometry Board, Pharmacy Board, Podiatry Board, Funeral Directors and Embalmers, Radiological Board, Nursing Board, Private Post-Secondary Board, Psychology Board, Behavioral Health Board, Barber Board, Cosmetology Board, Respiratory Care Board, State Board of Technical Registration, and Veterinary Medical Board.

    This would immediately eliminate 27 directors, 27 deputy directors, probably 27 investigators, thousands of feet of office space, the duplication of multiple computer systems, printers, copiers, and much more.

    An alternative is for the State to handle these professions and occupations much like lawyers are licensed and regulated, meaning that the State recognizes their state and national organizations and allow them to determine the licensing and renewal standards of the professions and occupations with the State establishing only the minimal Professional Standards and the Unprofessional Conduct for the Professions and Occupations. Therefore, there would no cost involved on the part of the State. The states of North Carolina, Florida and others have utilized this alternative for many boards for years.

  2. Sorry but selling every asset we have, sweeping funds, rollovers and debt, are no better if not worse then a temporary tax increase. Just because it’s not called a tax, doesn’t mean the effect isn’t the same.

    Mortgaging our future should be just as no-no to the Republican platform as unnecessary tax increases. As we all are taking notice, there are unusual times.

  3. This is crazy, a few redacal senators who don’t trust the people to make a decision over a one penny temporay sales tax increase are making the Republican party look like fools who can’t balance a budget or govern the state.


  4. The AX, not the TAX!

  5. Yah gotta be kidding. says

    Once again stupidity runs rampant.

    Okay, so we didn’t raise taxes a YEAR ago!

    Now we have a two billion dollar hole, and we still have not even begun to roll back all of those tax cuts given in the last decade.

    This state is stupid.

    The leaders running it are really stupid.

    Every time we go to DC for another bailout, we lose control over more of our budget.

    Gould is a moron, because he doesn’t understand this, or just about anything else.

    House Leadership and Senate Leadership are morons.

    Now we need a two billion dollar tax increase, and it just keeps growing while they do nothing.

    Stupid is as stupid does, and they are doing nothing, as usual.

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