Stick to the Facts and Take the High Road

It seems Jesse Kelly is nervous about Jonathon Paton’s entry in the CD8 race. On March 24th, Kelly’s web site blasted Paton: “Our public servants must be held accountable for their actions. It is a red flag when a career politician who voted for Janet Napolitano’s billion dollar spending increase hedges on future tax votes . . . “

 Kelly needs to check his facts. Paton opposed Napolitano’s budget and joined with Republicans in forcing her to accept the Republican compromise, which included tax cuts.

 This is not the first time Kelly has exaggerated. He was one of three candidates invited to a Q&A” at Saddlebrooke in early January 2010. Shortly after the event, Kelly advertised on his web site that he had won the debate. When a Vice-President of the Saddlebrooke Republican Club asked Kelly’s campaign manager to make a correction, he refused, allowing false information to remain on the site.

 I wrote an analysis of the “Q&A”  for the Saddlebrooke Republican Club blog on January 8th. There were seventeen responses to the article, including all three candidates who thought the analysis fair. No one thought there was a debate or a winner. Review the blog and responses and draw your own conclusion.

 As soon as Paton entered the race the Democratic machine focused on him by sending a records request on Jonathon Paton, looking for anything and everything. The Democrats even filed a bogus complaint with the Federal Elections Commission: all standard operating procedure for the Democrat’s Dirty Tricks Division.  Jesse Kelly has been “campaigning” for 12-18 months and the Democratic machine ignored him.

 As soon as Paton entered the race, the Cook Political Report changed its rating of CD8 from “solidly Democratic” to “likely Democratic.”  Jesse Kelly should be concerned. Paton is shaking up the race and even the Democrats are concerned and reacting . . . to Paton’s presence. 

 Jesse Kelly entered the race early and as a potential favorite. However, it seems he has factually “stumbled” a number of times. Facts are stubborn things, as someone once said. Misstating the facts, intentionally or otherwise, will always come back to haunt you.

 Stick to the facts and take the high road.


  1. please excuse my typos. I am typing fast and it is missing letters

  2. Might want to go to Jesse’s facebook!! His comments regarding Passover are priceless. ‘It is one thing to be thought a fool, but quite another to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.’ His campaign has definitely gone downhill since he removed Brett and Rebecca left.

  3. Quite simply, Paton is a RINO. He (and other Democrats like him) are a big part of the problem our country faces now. Jesse is a conservative, and the only one who can stand up to Giffords.

    Who would you rather have on your side–a man who voted for Napolitano’s budget or a true conservative?

  4. I’d rather have a man who has read the budget, understands it and what the process was–all of you TRUE conservatives should do your homework and understand that perhaps there is more than one phase to a budget. Might be good to get off your holier than though attitude too.

    Gabby Giffords would eat Jesse Kelly for lunch.

  5. Gabby is out of touch with the people in her district and will fall accordingly. The elitist democrats always have that superior intelligence syndrome. What a joke. How could anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of economics vote for Obamacare, which is a glorified pyramid scheme. So Gabby dear, with all the extra time you will have on your hands, try reading the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and see what REAL intelligent people have to say.

  6. Stephen Kohut says

    Candidate “roadkill” will be able to defeat Gabby. Her voting record of tax and spend, HC, and the current hornest nest of border security will put her under. The real election will be the Republican primary. That is way this is such a hot topic.

  7. That ‘roadkill’ better have a heck of a lot of money in their bank account. Cause Gabby will have it in hers–no matter how rotten her record!

  8. Stephen Kohut says

    Feet on the ground beat money. Ask Hillary how here early money lead worked out against Obama’s community organizing. This is an off year grassroots election. The right is energized. Can you say Tea Party? The left is down. Organize America’s attempt to get anti-tea party groups going nationwide imploded before it got off the ground. I’ll take those odds any day.

  9. Then I’m taking it that you are backing Jonathan Paton.

  10. Stephen Kohut says


    Paton? You obviously don’t know how to read. Check out my prior blogs on this thread. I do not support RINO’s.

  11. Then I suppose you are a FRAC-Fanatical Rightwing Annoying Conservative! Or maybe a FRIC-Fanatical Rightwing Ignorant Conservative. Cause you know what–being a rightwing conservative does not mean you are anybetter than a leftwing liberal-both are fanatical–moderation in all things!!!

  12. Boy, some people really do not know their facts.

    As pointed out by another commentor, Paton indeed did vote for the Napolitano budget in 2008 which is responsible for driving Arizona into a financial Katrina. Paton even admitted it to me himself on Facebook! It’s on his main wall page – just have to read down to the part regarding ‘Pay As You Go’.

    Paton is a RINO and will not be getting my support even if he wins in the primary (which he will not). For anyone who thinks Paton has taken Giffords to task – where have you been?

    Over the last year, it’s been Jesse Kelly who has exposed Giffords’ disastrous record, took over Giffords’ townhalls she cancelled, challenged her to a public debate she never showed up for and taken her to task on all fronts! Where the hell was Paton then?

    I’ll tell you where he was: travelling the state with John McCain getting a piece of the war chest instead of actually doing the work Kelly has done. Paton holds an entitlement mentality, and that alone should draw a red flag.

    Paton is nothing more than a star-chamber candidate from Phoenix. He stepped into the race in January to ride on the momentum he didn’t create! I don’t want ‘name recognition’; I want someone who can lead and who is unafraid to confront Giffords. I don’t see Paton confronting her – except from the safe distance of the McCain war chest and Pima Co. GOP shills.

    Jesse Kelly is a true leader. Jonathan Paton can be bought and sold – there’s a word for that, you know.

  13. honest anna says

    Looks like Jesse Kelly’s new campaign manager’s smear campaign is getting into full swing. Interesting that you support Jesse Kelly who was a registered Independent before he was recruited by the far right in the Northwest. What kind of Republican are you that you would not support the candidate selected by the party.

    Jesse probably led about six men in Iraq. Also better check your facts about McCain and Paton.

  14. Stephen Kohut says


    “Then I suppose you are a FRAC-Fanatical Rightwing Annoying Conservative! Or maybe a FRIC-Fanatical Rightwing Ignorant Conservative. Cause you know what–being a rightwing conservative does not mean you are anybetter than a leftwing liberal-both are fanatical–moderation in all things!!!”

    Type louder, we can’t hear your rant. I am an American first, a constitutional conservative second an a Republican Precinct Committeeman out of necessity. Does that help clear who I am up for you? If being a supporter of the Constitution qualifes people as fanatical then this county needs more people fanatical about supporting the Constitution.

    Regarding your demand for moderation in all things, does that apply to drugs, murder, theft, illegal immigration, treason and sedition or just RINO candidates?

    It looks like you do not handle facts about your candidate, Paton, well. Just get the words off your chest and type at your most capitalized loudest blogging “I’m a RINO! I want a RINO to represent me!” Feel better now?

  15. I think you do protest too much. Like you I am first and foremost an American. But unlike you, I will support whoever is the Republican nominee. It is good that we all have our own candidates. We can disagree, but we don’t have to be disagreeable.

    Moderation–I was not talking about the items you mentioned. I am certainly adamantly opposed to all of those crimes.

    I am talking about thinking that one side is completely right and the other side is completely wrong.

    You really might be surprised who my candidate is!! You can support a candidate and not buy into all they stand for, but if you can that’s a plus.

    I do hope, however, that you will support the Republican candidate no matter who it is in the fight against Gabrielle Giffords.

    Do believe that you, too, type at your capitalized loudest when you type RINO–perhaps rino would be more appropriate and I will type frac/fric.

  16. I have dogs smarter than Gabby. Too bad the voters down here are not.

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