Stick to the Facts and Take the High Road 3

Democracy is noisy and messy. We see it every day. To quote Winston Churchill: “Where there is a great deal of free speech, there is always a certain amount of foolish speech.”

We have qualified candidates competing in the Republican primary. Casting accusations, mis-truths, exaggerations and false-hoods does not raise the ethical bar. Everyone has a favorite they should be promoting based on facts not vitriol.

Sticking to the facts and taking the high road is an absolute requirement for Republican candidates. Why? Because we can defeat Giffords on the facts:

 *      Gabrielle Giffords consistently voted with Nancy Pelosi, a progressive socialist, on every critical bill, e.g., the so-called $862 billion stimulus bill (without reading it), the so-called S-CHIP $33 billion expansion of government, “Cap and Trade” bill supporting the largest tax increase on the American people, the $1 trillion Affordable Health Care for America Act (also without reading it), the $200 billion Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act (removing it from the health care bill to lower costs), and the 45% inheritance tax on estates larger than $3.5 million.

 *      In an August 11, 2009 Arizona Daily Star interview, in answer to Star question, “Why is health care such a volatile issue?”

 Gifford replied: “What I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks is that people want to have created for them a forum where they can be disruptive rather than actually providing me with information in a way that is going to give me their personal perspective and educating me on their point of view . . .It’s been a little troubling.”

 Giffords statement that people want a forum where they can be disruptive is a “straw man.”  Which people want to be disruptive? People are angry because they cannot get a straight answer from their politicians, whether in a town hall or in an interview. Dissent is patriotic. Remember Hillary Clinton’s shrill statement that dissent is patriotic? Giffords says her position is to listen to her constituents but her behavior contradicts her words.

 *      Giffords consistently claims to be a fiscally conservative blue dog Democrat but her votes on the stimulus, health care reform and “Cap and Trade” define her a progressive-socialist fully supportive of Obama’s draconian agenda.

 *      With regard to “Cap and Trade,” Giffords claimed that the bill would reduce household energy costs by 7%. In an article, “Giffords Voting Record Will Hurt Her in the 2010 Election,” published on the Sonoran Alliance (2/19/2010), I refuted her claim and demonstrated that the bill would actually increase household energy costs by 77%.

 *      This brings us to the topic of ethics: honesty and truthfulness, in this case. Gabrielle Giffords misrepresented herself to her constituents as a fiscal conservative when she revealed herself to be just another progressive-socialist.

 *      In 2003, our intelligence Chief and the Attorney General both testified that the failure of the House of Representatives to pass FISA reauthorization has left the United States and her citizens exposed. Yet Giffords voted against FISA reauthorization, potentially endangering the United States.

 *      In March 2010, Gabrielle Giffords called for a Constitutional amendment to balance the budget . . . in 2020. Her call was disingenuous. During the past year she voted for hundreds of billions of dollars in spending, driving the economy further in debt and betraying her constituents who voted for a fiscal conservative.

 Most of you are familiar with the Misery Index, which is a combination of the unemployment and inflation rates. Recently, I created the Ultimate Misery Index (UMI) that adds tax revenue and national debt as a percent of GDP. The reasons for creating the UMI were simply the rates of inflation (flat today) and unemployment do not adequately describe today’s misery.

Adding tax revenue and national debt as a percent of GDP incorporates the excessive taxation and onerous debt load we, our children and our grandchildren must carry, courtesy of President Obama, Gabrielle Giffords and the progressive-socialists in the Democratic Party.

 The average UMI for Bush I’s four year term is 86.86%. Clinton’s average UMI for his two terms in office is 90.78. Bush II’s UMI average for his two terms in office is 88.17%. President Obama, in fourteen months, has achieved a draconian UMI  of 114.13%. What is astounding is Obama has increased the UMI over the average for all three previous presidents by a whopping 28% in this short period.

This is what President Obama, Gabrielle Giffords and the rest of the progressive-socialists of the Democratic Party have done to all Americans. And this is why Republicans can beat Giffords . . .  as long as we stick to the facts and take the high road with each other.


  1. proudRepublican says

    Don’t you think, Mr. Brinkley, that it is time for the inexperienced Republican candidates to step down, run for a lower office to gain experience and let the experienced candidate start campaigning against Gabby Giffords with their support. There will not be much time between the primary and the general to do that. Taking the high road may mean setting one’s ego aside for the best of the Country and a Republican win in November in CD8. I totally believe that the inexperienced candidates would be ‘eaten alive’ if they were to go up against Gabby Giffords(no matter her voting record)and again we would have her in Congress. 🙁

    I find it difficult to comprehend that they (novices) truly believe they would have a chance against Ms Giffords. Everyone acknowledges that they have served their country, so one would hope that they would continue to do that but stepping aside to ensure a Republican victory in November.

  2. Basil St. John says

    Why do you only blame Democrats for the national debt? Republicans run up the deficit when they are in power and then club Democrats with it when they are out of power.

  3. Stick to the facts. The voters in CD8 care less about some ideological battle than the real issues, jobs and the economy. Not the world or the national economy but jobs in Sierra Vista, Douglas and Tucson. When I hear Jesse Kelly, I know where he stands. Can’t say the same about rambling Jonathon Paton.

    I Vote

  4. To proudRepublican:

    The primaries allow an opporunity for even inexperienced candidates to make their case to the voters. While democracy can be messy and noisy, candidates deserve a chance to make their case. I put my trust with the people.

    To Basil St. John:

    I blame the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans lost their fiscal prudence during Bush’s second term and were thrown out.

    However, Obama has taken irresponsible taxing and spending to new extremes, as the Ultimate Misery Index clearly shows.

  5. kralmajales says

    “I blame the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans lost their fiscal prudence during Bush’s second term and were thrown out.”

    This is the most tired excuse of all time. There is not a tea party person here that should believe that Republicans are EVER good on the deficit. Reagan also cut taxes and ran up a MASSIVE deficit. So did Bush 1…massive deficit. Clinton? He cut is and ran surplus.

    And yeah, Brinkley, you are right. Bush 2 also ran up and increased the deficit massively.

    Not only is Basil St. John right (he/she) is MORE than right.

    The GOP is completely full of poo. The philosophy of cut taxes and grow your way of out deficits is horse cocky. It never worked and whenever confronted with your party of the floated check, you simply say “conservative have lost their way”.

    Listen up tea partiers. They are NOT what you seek. Democrats may not be either, but if you want deficits…you REALLY should pick the GOP.

  6. CD 8 Redux says

    Those who do not learn from the past are condemed to repeat it.

    Such is the situation in 2010 to take back CD 8. It makes perfect sense that if it really is about giving our party the best chance to take the seat from Giffords we would have a senario like “Proud Republican” mentions.

    In short candidates staying in is not always about believing they have a shot anymore it is about not wanting to give up the game,getting to raise their name ID for future job prospecting or have plans to run for lower office later…I think Frank Antenori did just that…

    In 2006 when the NRCC stupidly got in the middle of the Republican primary because they decided Huffman was the annointed one it really caused a furor with the others in the primary. If there was any chance they would have stepped aside it was over that day. They decided as a group that if they did nothing else but draw votes away from Huffman in the primary and allow the highest performing grassroots candidate to run against Giffords then that was motivation enough. Graf won the primary and the moderate leaning district went Giffords.

    2006 was pre Teaparty pre Obamanation
    I want my party to get this seat back. I am supporting someone who I think has the best chance to win and has the experience to hit the ground running and knows how to campaign. It is not a beauty contest- (well maybe Giffords thinks it is)it is a deployment to go represent my district in DC.

    Let’s not repeat 2006. Giffords is counting on it!

  7. kralmajales says

    CD 8 Redux is right. Remember though, you went solo with a great candidate in 2008 and you lost…not just lost…but lost by 12%. Bee was annointed…a great candidate…massive ties to the region in terms of family. He had the support of the entire GOP establishment. And lost by 12%. Getting Paton out of the primary, or Kelly, or Miller, or Goss will do absolutely nothing.

    The good news for you Redux is that the RNC has no money. They spent it all on the healthcare stuff. They wont be able to get into this one at the level many think. Especially with so many potential pickups to spread that teeny bit of money around.

  8. kralmajales says

    Oh…and as you decry all that taxation you are having to deal wiht, I hope you will look back at past generationsand past recoveries to see just how great you all got it on taxation. What tends to grow deficits the most has really been the GOP wishing to cut taxes on the wealthy and gamble on economic growth. What you get instead is massive deficits…ala Reagan, Bush, and Bush.

    Yes this President is spending money to get the country on track. If the GOP had the reigns they would have again gambled on the so called free market to lift us out of recovery. And it would have been the biggest disaster in history. Most economists believe so as well.

    Read below at what tax levels have been like in times of war and depression…and count your lucky stars folks.

    “Congress re-adopted the income tax that same year, levying a 1% tax on net personal incomes above $3,000, with a 6% surtax on incomes above $500,000. By 1918, the top rate of the income tax was increased to 77% (on income over $1,000,000) to finance World War I. The top marginal tax rate was reduced to 58% in 1922, to 25% in 1925, and finally to 24% in 1929. In 1932 the top marginal tax rate was increased to 63% during the Great Depression and steadily increased, reaching 94% (on all income over $200,000) in 1945.

    During World War II, Congress introduced payroll withholding and quarterly tax payments, Franklin D. Roosevelt tried to impose a 100% tax on all incomes over $25,000 to help with the war effort. Top marginal tax rates stayed near or above 90% until 1964 when the top marginal tax rate was lowered to 70%. The top marginal tax rate was lowered to 50% in 1982 and eventually to 28% in 1988.

    In 1990, the top marginal rate was raised to 31% in a budget deal President H.W. Bush made with the Congress. In 1993 the Clinton administration proposed and the Congress accepted (with no Republican support) raising the top marginal rate to 39.6%. In 2001 President George W. Bush proposed and the Congress accepted lowering the top marginal rate to 35%. However, this measure had a sunset provision and was scheduled to expire in 2011 when rates would return to those adopted during the Clinton years.”

  9. proudRepublican says

    For those Republicans, Independents, Tea Partiers, even Democrats who want to see Gabby defeated in the fall–have you seen her ad on TV with people thanking her for voting for the ‘health care’ bill.

    Let’s see–Republicans will have to wait until August 25th to start campaigning against Giffords and running ads of their own. That will give the Republican nominee 9 weeks to mount a campaign. She will not have to take the three ‘newbies’ seriously, I guess, though, Jonathan Paton could mount a winning campaign in nine weeks seeing what he did with fund raising in 9 weeks.

    Hopefully, no one will make the same mistakes with Goss, Kelly, Miller and Paton that were made with Graf and Huffman. We must win in November and let Gabby Giffords live with her husband honestly in Texas. I’m wondering just how much time she actually spends in Arizona. Has anyone ever really checked that out?

  10. kralmajales says

    At least Giffords has the guts to run on her record. You may not like it, but I will tell you this. She has more integrity in office or out that any of what I hear from your side of the fence.

    I could debate healthcare with you all night and remind you that much of what is in it is republican ideas…including the mandatory insurance!! Cap and trade? Another republican idea. When I was a republican and a conservative, we were trumpeting it.

    She has stuck by her guns, faced down protests, has her windows shot or bombed out. Well I will tell you this….she backs down from no one and it makes me more than proud to see that she cannot be intimidated into a vote from the likes of you all.

    You all stand for nothing.

  11. CD 8 Redux says


    Looking back at 2008 cycle we had Bee who was by any measure an honest family man, great public servant and a worthy candidate. That does not always translate to being a great “go for the juggular” campaigner. I think we have people all around us in office now and in the past who were lacking something…either they were/are a good elected official but a lousy campaigner..or a lousy campaigner but would have made a great elected official. Not to mention the ability to assemble the right team to run the campaign and deal with media and press. But above all of that is the most pertinent ingredient for a win.


    Timing is everything and politics is cyclical. Remember the Contract for America and the sweep of R’s into office? Then years later following many ebb and flow tide shifts Giffords and other Dems get swept into D.C.

    Tide has been turning rapidly and it has shifted against the incumbants. I think that combined with the tea party movement and the generally angry electorate it is ripe to knock Giffords off her perch.

  12. AZDryheat says

    What pathetic spin. Giffords has the guts to run on her record? No one runs from her record more than she does. She consistently claims to be a deficit hawk while voting for bailout after bailout, the “stimulus”, government run healthcare, and massive new spending across the board. The deficit is over $1.4 trillion today thanks to her, dwarfing anything ever recorded under any Administration. Lets also not forget Gabby claimed that spending a trillion dollars in borrowed money for the stimulus would create 125,000 jobs in arizona by now (sorry we lost 70,000).

    If Gabby Giffords would just come out and admit she is a left winger, fine. At least she’ll lose fighting for what she believes in. But she won’t. She’ll run ad after ad touting herself as a centrist while voting to bankrupt the country back in Washington.

  13. proudRepublican says

    I guess no one wants to explore what happened to El Campo tires after Gabby took over.

    Sir or Maam, I wouldn’t mention Gabby and integrity in the same sentence. She represents CD 8–which is in Arizona. Yes, she does have an address in Arizona, but her husband lives in Texas–that indicates real family values–I would like to see her have the integrity to let the people of CD8 know how much time she spends in Arizona, other than campaigning or when her constituents have had enough and want her to conduct town hall meetings.

    Let her live with her husband and run for Congress in Texas.

  14. proudRepublican says

    Oh, yes, if she doesn’t ‘come clean’ I will do the research and learn the facts for myself and put them in every paper, internet resource and any other media that I can find. I will do this no matter which way it turns out–since I have made an accusation.

  15. CD 8 Redux says

    @proud republican- have you ever heard of teflon ? That is Gabbys’s last name cause nothing sticks.
    Old story ’bout El Campo tire and money trail. Already researched and on the record in the 2006 race. No one cared and the AZ Star covered it and of course found no issues…Don’t think anyone will beat Gabby saying she is lazy and never in the district. Cause it just is not the case. There is plenty of things she can be accused of that we can hope sticks to teflon, but lazy and gone to Texas is not going one of them.

  16. I’m an independent and in my humble opinion, you have a steep climb to get to the “high road!”

    Her Husband lives in Texas because he serves his country. I’ve lived away from my spouse for over 3 years in tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, wanna attack my family values?

    See what I mean. Where’s the “high road” when people write trip like that?

    And of all the Repubs in the mix, it looks to me like Mr.Paton is the most convoluted, position evasive one! He will be the chosen one! Man, if you repubs want to even compete, you gotta stand for something, and something that isn’t as silly as you knowing the “facts” and taking the “high road.”

    It is just silly.

  17. kralmajales says

    Giffords has not run from her record whatsoever. I am much more liberal than she is…she knows it…and we don’t agree one everything. I nearly had a kitten when she mentioned she favored tort reform. Call her Pelosi over and over. Didn’t do squat for your last time.

    I do buy that timing is everything as was noted above. She has a different atmosphere to run in this time. The problem is that the GOP has it same problems. No answers and they don’t even know the questions. YOu are fighting over who is the most conservative…and this district is moderate folks. What you need is a moderate to run. You have one…his name is Jonathan Paton…but even he fears the conservative voices…so he snuggles with ya but don’t expect him to stay over…or put out.

  18. “You are fighting over who is the most conservative…and this district is moderate folks. What you need is a moderate to run.”

    We had a moderate in Tim Bee. Didn’t do much good in 2008, although I think Reagan himself would still have lost that year.

    Paton is the only candidate actually attacking Giffords. He gets the big picture, and he knows where Bee made his mistakes.

    He’ll be solid, thoughtful, and conservative voice for AZ in CD8. He won’t stab his constituents in the back like Giffords has, kral.

  19. There is no need to call her Pelosi, just accurately calling her a liberal should be sufficient.

    She is opposed to earmarks except when she isn’t. She is a devout deficit hawk who votes to triple the national debt. She is pro-business except when she is voting to regulate them to death.

    Giffords has gone Washington. Time for her to go.

  20. kralmajales says

    None of these messages will overcome her incumbency advantage, her constituent service or the impressive nature of her campaigns. These ideas might get you some conservatives (If the choice of Paton doesnt’ alienate them…theyve lived with her for 4 years now…and are still alive…). They also wont move democrats or independents. That means you lose.

  21. proudRepublican says


    I would not attack your family values for being separated from your family because of your service to our country. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing that. I don’t imagine your family had the opportunity to accompany you to Iraq or Afghanistan.

    I’m not sure in what way Gabby’s husband is serving his country as he is an astronaut and their boss is doing away with the position. Maybe now he could get stationed at Davis Monthan and they could live in Tucson.

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