Stick to the Facts and Take the High Road 3

Ronald Reagan said, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.” Yet Jesse Kelly, in his April 29th press release, attacked Republican Jeff Flake, comparing him to Congressman Charlie Rangel, who is finally sinking in a sea of ethics charges. Here is part of Kelly’s press release:

 “Tucson, AZ  On April 22nd, Jonathan Paton attacked Representative Gabrielle Giffords for supporting the STRIVE Act. Paton benefactor and patron, Representative Jeff Flake is also a major sponsor of the STRIVE Act. How can Paton attack Giffords over this issue when one of his major supporters sponsored the very same bill? Worse yet, part of the money that Paton raised out of Maricopa County came from Jeff Flake’s campaign, no doubt given by people who supported Flake’s open endorsement of Amnesty! Just as Giffords returned the tainted donations from Representative Charles Rangel, Paton should return the Flake Amnesty funds.”

 Does this mean that the money Jesse Kelly received from a fundraiser with Tom Tancredo, who has said SB1070 goes too far, should be returned to the people in that fundraiser?  “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones,” as the old adage goes.

 What makes this interesting, though, is that Jesse Kelly apparently sought Jeff Flake’s endorsement but did not receive it. The Tucson Weekly  also revealed that Jesse Kelly sought John McCain’s endorsement but Kelly was rebuffed.

 Then Kelly denied he had asked for the endorsement but the Tucson Weekly quoted the Kelly campaign’s email asking for the endorsement. When Kelly did not receive McCain’s endorsement he endorsed J.D. Hayworth.

 History appears to be repeating itself with Jeff Flake. Kelly’s request for endorsement is denied, now he attacks Jeff Flake, comparing him to Charlie Rangel?

 The Arizona Daily Star also reported, “Republican Jesse Kelly in Congressional District 8 has been touting the support of U.S. Rep. Mike Pence, rumored as a possible future House speaker or 2012 presidential wannabe. So it drew some interest when the Indiana politician’s name disappeared from a list of endorsements on Kelly’s website. ‘The congressman has made no endorsement in that congressional race,’ said Bill Smith, Pence’s chief of staff, adding that his office asked that the Pence’s name be removed.”  Will Jesse Kelly next attack Mike Pence on some goofy charge?

 All Republican candidates in CD8 should stick to the facts, take the high road and observe Ronald Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment.


  1. The Kelly campaign appears to be spinning out of control. First he has a huge staff shakeup, firing his manager, and now he’s personally slamming any Republican who won’t endorse him. This isn’t helping anyone beat Giffords…’s unforgivable for Jesse to compare Flake and Pence to that wackjob, corrupt Rangel……

  2. BlackPhone says

    Wow. Not the biggest fan of Flake’s immigration record, but this is a rather incredible thing for someone who represents us in Congress to send out. Wouldn’t Kelly have to serve with Flake as a fellow Republican and actually work with him if he were elected???? My parents used to say I had the “jelly beans” when I didn’t get what I wanted. Seems like that’s what’s happening here. First Jesse throws Mike Pence under the bus, now Flake… who’s next???

  3. No McCain says

    Just keep telling yourselves that the Kelly campaign is spinning out of control. Brinkley – you are pathetic. You try to come across as high-minded and reminding people not to attack, while attacking. Quoting the Tucson Weekly is pathetic. Unsubstatiated rumors and innuendo. But, like I said, keep underestimating. Of course, if you did not think he was a threat, you would not be sliming him.

  4. BlackPhone says

    No McCain… Think it’s more that Brinkley must be tired of listening to Jesse’s lies…

  5. The Paton crowd is such a bunch of whiners. Yes, blackphone, how dare we attack fellow republicans. We should just turn our heads because having an R beside your name means you are above all criticism. Brinkley should start naming his pieces “I Hate Jesse Kelly and My Head is Going to Explode When He Wins the Primary.”

  6. BlackPhone says

    It’s funny that Jesse’s supporters are suddenly SO SO sensitive. Sorry Richard hurt your feelings 🙁 And I’m actually for Brian Miller.

  7. Mr Brinkley, while I make no apologies for what my competitors do or don’t do, as a Republican shouldn’t that commandment apply to you as well? The supercilious tone of your last couple of articles is enough to try one’s patience.

    We all realize who you are in the tank for; you’ve made your position very clear from the beginning and through written contributions that the “officers” currently running in this race are the only ones who merit any real consideration. Personally, I’ve had just about enough of this elitist mentality that seems to permeate politics in general. You are, of course, free to have your own opinions and even free to voice them as you have. But, what is it specifically you are trying to accomplish?

    I’ve stated repeatedly that I will not tear down any of these men for political gain. I find them to be honorable men who are worthy of my respect if for no other reason than they have served this nation, as I have, in a combat zone. They’ve protected your right to say what you want to say. So why would you engage in this pettiness? While I want to beat the daylights out of all 3 in the primary, there are things I’m just not willing to do to win.

    I’ve also stated before and I will state again; the voters in CD8 are sophisticated and informed enough to form their own opinions and vote their consciences. There is not, nor should there be an academic litmus test, an officer vs. enlisted litmus test or any other litmus test to compete for office. The Constitution is very clear concerning the qualifications for office. It will come down to who has the best message, who has the proper solutions and who can state their case to the voters and convince them that they are the best candidate. End of story. Why don’t you cut us all a little slack? Campaigning (and in my case working a full-time job simultaneously) is hard enough work without being sniped by who should be our friends.

    I welcome debate concerning issues and solutions to those issues. It’s fine to disagree on those and debate those. Let’s leave character assassination to the left, ok?

    Andy Goss
    Candidate for Arizona CD8

  8. RE: Tom Tancredo—here’s what he said, via his account on Twitter:
    a political blog misquoted my statement to a TV station on the new Arizona law.I did NOt say the AZ law “goes too far.” I support it fully.
    3:31 PM Apr 26th via web

  9. @ Patrick – Shocker that Brinkley AGAIN didn’t verify his facts.

    Andy, you are a great American!

  10. NoAmnesty says

    That comment by Tancredo REALLY pissed me off! Hope it’s not true, otherwise Jesse should drop his support NOW!!!! ‘I was misquoted’ typically means: ‘Oops!’ HATE THESE ******* POLITICIANS!!! Jesse also PLEASE, PLEASE drop your support from JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO, also open borders. Came out against 1070 and called it racist. Stay off his show and take him off your Web site, please!!

  11. No McCain says

    No BlackPhone, we are not SO SO sensitive, we just realize what a hypocrite Brinkley is and are pointing it out. Nice try.

  12. BlackPhone says

    No problem 😉 Anytime.

  13. The Kelly campaign is a wreck… I think anyone with a pair of eyes can see that it seems directionless and constantly on the negative…

    Either shape up or ship out Kelly camp.

  14. I think the Kelly campaign has been quite positive. I got an e-mail today say he has been endorsed by the Family Research Council PAC.

  15. HondoScott says

    To say that the Kelly campaign is spinning out of control seems to imply there was some modicum of control to begin with… I am reminded of the scene from “Apocalypse Now” when COL Kurtz confronts CPT Willard:

    “Do you think my methods are unsound, Willard?”

    “I don’t see any method…at all, sir.”

  16. If think Paton should return Flake’s money right after Kelly returns all the money from his daddy’s company, which relies on stimulus dollars…

  17. charming nancy says

    Mr. Kelly–What do you intend to do about the border while the double layer fence is being built? Where is the money going to come from?–don’t think AZ has any extra laying around–the Federal government either. Not sure the fence is the answer in the desert–San Diego is an urban area, but I suppose Mr. Hunter likes the idea.

    SB1032–Would you have voted for this bill when it had no cap on the amount of money one could sue for? Everyone has the right to sue, but without a cap don’t think it would dramatically reduce cost of insurance.

    HB2782–Would you have voted for this bill when it was asking for $38,050,000.00 to expand all day Kindergarten? School choice was in there kind of like student loans in the Federal Healthcare Bill

    Why would anyone sign a pledge that hinders them from serving their constituents? That was shown by the State Legislature this year. Months spent wasting time because legislators had signed the No Tax Bill. Finally, after they were released from the ‘pledge’ the tax increase is going to the voters where it belonged in the first place.

    What is wrong with being single? Your comparison as a Proud husband and father and Sen Paton as single certainly appeared that you feel you are a better person because you are married and a father. I was very glad to see you removed it from your ‘Why Jesse’ column.

    What kind of business have you run? I thought you worked for your father’s company.

    Again your businessman comparison to lobbyist (in bold) begs to put the slant that being a lobbyist is a negative thing. I believe that is called stereotyping.

    Since you seem to use your Marine Corps experience quite frequently I would like to know what battles you were in, when, where and how many men you led. I believe that is fair since you bring it up at every debate.

    You seem to have left out that Sen. Paton served in Iraq (in the Army) also. Just put establishment. What do you mean by establishment as opposed to Marine Combat Veteran?

    NOT A CAREER POLITICIAN–hardly you are only 28 years old.

    Career Politican for Sen Paton–Let’s see he’s been a lobbyist, served his country in Iraq and was in the State legislature. Hardly seems like a career politician to me.

    I believe it is time for you to answer these questions as they don’t seem to get asked at a debate. When one ‘throws barbs’ at somone–be ready to answer the hard questions to prove the comparison.

    This is not an attack on Mr. Kelly personally, but I do hope he will answer the questions in some venue since he is the one who made the comparisons.

  18. Black phone didn’t know you support Brian Miller

  19. Carl Hay says

    I am a Republican voter in C.D. 8 and not committed to any candidate in the primary for that office at this time.

    My major concern with respect to former State Senator Paton is that he will turn out to be trash like Flake.

    Paton should make it clear that he disagrees with Flake’s amnesty campaign, otherwise he will send Republican primary voters to support another candidate.

  20. watching says

    I am NOT a voter in CD-8, but AM a Republican, and I am watching to see who will take Gabby out of Washington.

    I fully agree with Carl Hay when he is concerned that a Republican candidate for Congress might turn out to be another Flake….one Flake is one too many.

  21. Didn’t Flake also support a carbon tax? Here is a Sonoran Alliance story on the issue.

  22. I am wondering why people have such a problem with endorsements, etc. Just because someone is endorsed by another person, to me, doesn’t mean they agree on every issue. I believe you should look at the candidate himself and see what he stands for and let that speak for itself.

    I really don’t know many people who agree entirely on every issue that may arise in any given relationship-politics, marriage, business, whatever. It would be a boring world if we all agreed unanimously on everything.

  23. Unless I’m missing something I didn’t read anything about the endorsement. Kelly himself admitted to seeking Flake’s endorsement. What Kelly appears to be saying, and correct me if I’m wrong, is that it’s quite hypocritical of Paton to call out Giffords for the STRIVE ACT and then accept $$$ from it’s sponsor. I’m with neither Kelly or Paton yet but Paton sure seems like a politician to me. We’ll see.

  24. AZDryheat says

    Not sure why anyone spends time worrying what Jesse Kelly is saying. His campaign hasn’t been able to get out of its own way after Paton got in. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he came in third or lower in the primary, after Paton and Miller.

  25. Rick Drisco says

    On May 1st at appr. 2:33, AZDryheat discredited any future statements he/she may make. Third? Have you actually MET Paton or Miller? Kelly is going to win this thing and it’s driving the RINOs crazy.

  26. stand with arizona says

    I have about as much of a chance as winning this thing as Miller does. The constant personal attacks on Kelly proves one thing – the RINOS are running scared. Their candidate has a bad record and there is nothing they can do about it but trash Kelly on a personal level. And then when Kelly calls Paton out on his bad record and questionable associations, they cry that Kelly shouldn’t “attack” a fellow Republican. Wake up people, this is politics. Heated primaries are happening all over this country and it’s essential if we want the Republican party to be great again. Time to get rid of all the RINOS and put conservatives like Kelly in D.C.

  27. There are similarities with this post and this from the New Times

  28. AZDryheat says

    Paton’s record on immigration and border security is outstanding. Which is why Kelly looks so desperate for attention whenever he tries to hit Paton on the issue. If Flake endorsed Kelly he’d be shouting it from the rooftops.

    I’m sorry its so upsetting to face the reality that Kelly is becoming irrelevant.

  29. So Mr. Kelly called out Sen Paton about Sen Flake and the Strive Act and he wants a response–let’s have a response from Mr. Kelly regarding stimulus money accepted by his father’s company.

    It is getting a little tiring that Sen Paton is expected to answer but Mr. Kelly isn’t because he has no experience to base anything on.

  30. TheFacts says

    Dear Friend,
    I have served with Senator Jonathan Paton for the last five years in the Legislature.

    During that time he has voted for every single anti-illegal immigration bill I have sponsored, including bailable offenses, illegal trespassing, employer sanctions and anti-sanctuary cities legislation. He has done this despite pressure from the open borders crowd.

    He sponsored the country’s first human smuggling law and put a stop to the Pima County Board of Supervisors’ attempts to interfere with the sheriff’s cooperation with the Border Patrol.

    He opposes amnesty or any path to citizenship for those illegally in the United States.

    Jonathan Paton voted for the largest tax cut in state history. He is a fiscal conservative and has helped me make tough decisions on reducing spending at the Legislature this year.

    As Judiciary Chair he has kept a watchful eye on our system of selecting judges to support judges who follow the constitution. He has made sure that 2nd Amendment legislation was heard in his very first committee hearing of the session, ensuring it would be passed into law. He has an A+ rating with the NRA and has made sure legislation for the Arizona Citizens’ Defense League passed through his committee as well.

    Jonathan is pro-life and has voted to expand school choice by supporting the state’s tuition tax credits which give families the opportunity to send their children to private schools.

    The Goldwater Institute asked Jonathan to sponsor the “Save Our Secret Ballot” proposition which will put a stop to the unions plans to implement “card check” in the state of Arizona. Because of his work it will appear on our ballot in November.

    I am aware of some great candidates running in CD8 and know in order to take back America this is a critical race and it is very important we support those that are engaged in defense of our Constitutional liberties, secure borders and the Rule of Law and Jonathan Paton is one of those. I am proud to have worked with him and know him to be a solid patriot. I believe he will make a great Congressman for Southern Arizona, a Congressman we can all be proud of.

    Russell Pearce
    State Senator
    Legislative District 18

  31. TheFacts says

    The letter above was send out by the Paton campaign in February.

  32. Stephen Kohut says

    And AFP and the PAChyderms rate Paton a RINO.

  33. I was strongly supporting Paton, until I read the endorsement from Pearce. I may need to take a closer look.

  34. Oh, my gosh!! Get over the endorsements thing!!!!! Look at the candidates and their records.

  35. TheFacts says

    I think the fact that Jesse has never even voted might make him the RINO. Ya think?

  36. Right on, TheFacts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. RDBrinkley – you a leftie in disguise?? ..or just hang out at leftie sites??

    Tancredo said no such thing.. He SUPPORTS SB1070 ..yet YOU happily parrot the leftie lie.

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