Stick to the Facts and Take the High Road 2

It seems that the pressure is on the Republican candidates in CD8. 

 Jesse Kelly once again stumbled over the facts in a Tucson Weekly interview, accusing Jonathan Paton of being pro-open borders and pro-amnesty: “When the establishment, open-borders, amnesty crowd gets behind a candidate like Jonathan Paton, that candidate is normally very well funded,” Kelly says. “But it should tell the public something that Jeff Flake and Dick Armey and Jim Kolbe will stand with Jonathan Paton and Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Duncan Hunter and Trent Franks stand with me.” 

 Paton’s record is clearly not pro-open borders or pro-amnesty. Paton is endorsed by border hawks Sheriff Paul Babue, Andy Thomas and Russell Pearce. Babue pulled his support for Jesse Kelly after Jonathan Paton entered the race.

 Brian Miller also stumbled. The Tucson Weekly reported that Miller only raised $60,000 compared to Paton’s $500,000, causing Miller to exclaim  that Paton had raised $100,000 in one home and $500,000 in nine weeks. Miller then allegedly asked if America was a democracy or another elitist attempt to decide the election [I use the term “allegedly” because the Tucson weekly did not use quotes].

 In any case, I think it high time to invoke Ronald Reagan’s eleventh commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”  Each candidate can make his points by sticking to the facts and taking the high road.


  1. No McCain says

    Babeu is a vocal McCain supporter. Russell Pearce has not pulled his support from Kelly. Flake is an amnesty Guy. Paton at best is weak on enforcement of his human smuggling laws
    Paton is a McCain puppet. And, Mr. Brinkley does not let facts get in the way of his agenda. What a hypocrite! Pathetic.

  2. AllUsBadGuys says

    Either way, the point is that there is no reason to bash fellow Republicans.

  3. ajohnson says

    Brinkley, how scared are you of Jesse Kelly? This is your 3rd hit piece on him in 3 weeks.

  4. ajohnson says

    And Brinkley, its humorous that you continue to title these hit pieces “Stick to the Facts” when you have yet to be accurate in one.

  5. CareofBusiness says

    Jonathan Paton is the only candidate who supports sending U.S. troops to the border.

    From Tim Steller’s blog:
    “Jonathan Paton was in the newsroom today, and I asked him to elaborate on his point of view. He said he supports putting the National Guard on the border, largely because there’s a “manpower deficit” there now. “They are the one asset that we can deploy quickly,” he said.

    And candidate Jesse Kelly’s spokesman told me Kelly “doesn’t have a position on it because it should not be required if the double fence is completed.” The double fence is Kelly’s bottom line.

  6. CareofBusiness says

    Wow! That’s incredible. Kelly OPPOSES U.S. troops on the border and has the nerve to call Jonathan pro-amensty. Kelly has no credibility. After his flirtation with McCain for an endorsement, his family’s indulgence in stimulus money and his constant campaign problems, this guy has no chance of winning. Paton clearly is the strongest on the border issues.

    Here’s what Russell Pearce said last month about Jonathan Paton:
    “I have served with Senator Jonathan Paton for the last five years in the Legislature.

    During that time he has voted for every single anti-illegal immigration bill I have sponsored, including bailable offenses, illegal trespassing, employer sanctions and anti-sanctuary cities legislation. He has done this despite pressure from the open borders crowd.

    He sponsored the country’s first human smuggling law and put a stop to the Pima County Board of Supervisors’ attempts to interfere with the sheriff’s cooperation with the Border Patrol.

    He opposes amnesty or any path to citizenship for those illegally in the United States.”

    More and more, this race is coming from to a CHARACTER contest. Not a good thing for Kelly or Miller…

  8. “No McCain Says:
    Babeu is a vocal McCain supporter. Russell Pearce has not pulled his support from Kelly. Flake is an amnesty Guy. Paton at best is weak on enforcement of his human smuggling laws
    Paton is a McCain puppet.”

    It seems that Kelly supporters have taken rhetoric to a new level.
    Apparently, border security sheriff Babeau has no credibility on border issues because he endorsed the same guy (McCain)from whom Kelly begged an endorsement. And when Kelly couldn’t get it, he flip-flopped to Hayworth… And as for the rest of the unsubstantiated nonsense…
    Forget it. No credibility and no logic=no case.

  9. CareofBusiness says

    Kelly and Miller are new to town, otherwise they’d know how this kind of negative campaigning against fellow Republicans worked for Steve Huffman — who incidentally had the same weak position on the border that they do… Maybe they should go grab a flashlight and sit in the desert…

  10. If you read Kelly’s statement “When the establishment, open-borders, amnesty crowd gets behind a candidate,” word for word you see that he is actually correct. He never called Paton an open-borders, amnesty candidate, just his supporters. It is a fact that Flake and Armey have a lenient position on illegal immigration. Flake’s PAC threw some money Paton’s way and Armey did a fundraiser for him.

  11. kralmajales says

    Yep…the first poster…No McCain got it right. Three quick hit pieces. They want Kelly out. The mantra is to attack him and then have some dolt come on and say…wow…we shouldn’t be attacking each other…which is to Paton’s benefit.

    Note the stuff also to get Miller out of the race too. A paltry 50K…which really isn’t a lot to stay in this race…I will admit. But no mention yet (in this piece) or otherwise of Kelly’s total. If it is 300k total…that is a LOT of money for a non-establishment challenger…especially one with grass roots.

    What No McCain gets right is that he or she is smelling fear….and fear it is.

  12. Wow! How is it that a former Marine can oppose troops on US soil? Especially after what transpires on a daily basis from what comes across the border illegally. This same Marine says he is against the Patriot act? Now as a Veteran I can not stand for such nonsense! How can one who wore the uniform to protect this country take away the very tool that allows protection to everyone? Kelly is showing his immaturity more and more as the days go by and yet he wants to start in Congress??? How about LD25 State Senate? Get your feet wet a bit, but there is something to be said for “go big or go home!” Just have some class and save yourself the embarrassment of trashing your fellow Republicans.

  13. Kral,

    Admit it. You’re working hard for Gabby to get the “right” Republican nominated.

    C’mon. You can do it.

  14. Stephen Kohut says

    You just gotts love RINO supporters that shred a consrvative and then quote Reagan’s 11th commandment and whine about Republicans commenting on their candidate in the primary. What do you think a contested primary is, a love fest? It is a battle for the hearts and minds of the party base. Get over it.

  15. This is annoying why doesn’t that carpet-bagger Kelly go back to Montana and worry about the Canadian border. He doesn’t know anything about us, our border, or our issues.

  16. Got to admit I’m enjoying watching Arpaio worshippers’ and McCain-haters heads spin as they endeavor to get on the “correct” side in this race!

    This helps illustrate the problem with worshipping political personalities and single-issues.

  17. Jonathan Paton is a MODERATE!!! He is no friend of conservatives!!!!!!!! That’s the bottom line.

  18. GOP Boomer Gal says

    Jonathan Paton was instrumental in putting the Health Care Freedom Act on the AZ ballot, according to Dr. Eric Novack, the primary backer of the bill.

    It is silly to pick apart our candidates. They are all Republicans. No one will agree 100% with any of them.

    There are grass roots precinct committemen working on each one’s campaign.

    Whichever wins will be far better than the phony “Blue Dog” Pelosi lap dog we have in there now.

  19. S.E.M., our founding fathers weren’t thrilled about having our troops on US soil. That’s why the government is specifically prohibited by the Constitution from forcing us to quarter troops in our homes and why appropriations for land forces are not, according to the Constitution, to exceed two years. If the fence is completed, then Border Patrol can handle the border.

    Unless we are prepared to go to war with Mexico and/or slaughter people trying to cross the border, having the Army on the border is a bad idea. The Army is equipped for war – not law enforcement. What kind of rules of engagement would soldiers on the border have? Would they be allowed or even required to shoot illegal border crossers rather than let them get away into our country? Do you think the public would go along with that? If not, why have soldiers instead of more civilian law enforcement?

    As for the Patriot Act, I’m not especially happy about it either – especially with our current administration in power. I understand the usefulness of some parts of the act, but giving up freedom for security is not usually a wise choice (according to Ben Franklin who said that results in losing both). Being for or against the Patriot Act does not mean someone is or is not a Patriot. (Just like being against Obamacare does not mean one is against meaningful health care reform.)

  20. I see some of you are still harping on the RINO bit–it does get old. Let all campaigns remember after August 24 we will ALL need to work together. Why give fodder to the Dems by bashing each other in the Primary. It is fun to do it on a blog, but hopefully the candidates will ‘take the high road’

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