Stick A Fork In Him

Word is that wannabe chef and perennial candidate for anything, Vernon Parker, is dropping his bid for GOP Party Chairman.

Parker, wholly owned and operated by the most unsuccessful political consultancy in Arizona history, Nathan Sproul, left his failed congressional campaign in debt.

We are now indebted to him for leaving the race, we can only hope.


  1. Government bailouts for “disadvantaged businesses.”

    We need Parker to stay in to split the vote with fellow establishment Republican, Marty Hermanson.

  2. Nathan Sproul’s client loses again, why am I not surprised? Could this guy even win an election for Fidel Castro in Cuba?

    Does Lincoln Strategy know the “Strategy” in politics is to win?

  3. Sproul has the Midas touch….in reverse.

  4. Conservative 2 the Core says

    Only person worse is Jason Rose. He only won the Huppenthal race, which wasn’t a race at all, and lost everything else. At least Sproul won the Martinez race over in New Mexico, maybe his fortune is turning.

  5. LD 20 Conservative says

    Agreed on Jason Rose. He’s terrible with crazy hair.

    JD Hayworth fired him after 5 seconds, Sherriff Joe got rid of him, Andy Thomas trusted him to his own peril.

    He seems to do PR Stunts pretty well- he should stick to his day job.

  6. Getting back to Vernon, what position do you guys think he’ll try to run for next?

    This fellow is the biggest cycle hound since Ernie Garfield emerged in the ’70’s and ’80’s!

  7. TruGrassroots says

    The Biggest Loser?

  8. Marty Hermanson is our guy!! We do not need
    Bruce Ash in. If he wins, he will
    nominate Randy Pullen to take his place,
    they are both helping to get back Rob
    Haney back in – It’s called “Let’s make a
    deal” back door politics. It makes me sick.
    If you vote for Bruce Ash, your voting for
    Randy Pullen. They are a team behind
    close doors. I know this for a fact.
    I respect Marty who has never endorsed
    anybody. Never. He was respected as a
    Chairman for this reason. Has anybody ever
    asked Bruce Ash, why are you stepping down?
    Isn’t it obvious, I need to help my friend
    Randy Pullen. It is not right that Bruce
    is not stepping down from his position to
    run for State Chair…….Marty stepped
    down from his because it is the right thing
    to do.

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