Statement from Senate President Steve Pierce and House Speaker Andy Tobin

CONTACT: Mike Philipsen

“Governor Brewer’s State of the State address today lays the foundation for what should be an outstanding legislative session. The hard work done the last three years by the Governor and Legislature to straighten out our state’s finances has put Arizona back on the right track.

The Governor is right to promise no extension of the temporary one-cent sales tax increase. We also stand with Governor Brewer in her commitment to lower taxes and reduce regulation.

The Governor will have strong support in the legislature as we continue to fight the Federal Government’s overreach. We must stand for what is right in Arizona and not emulate Washington, D.C.

We are prepared for a productive, efficient Centennial Legislative session, and look forward to working with Governor Brewer to put the interests of our citizens first.”



  1. A Casual Observer says

    Unless anyone noticed, Jan didn’t pledge not to extend the One Cent sales tax exactly … she challenged a number of groups to bring it to a ballot initiative so she could say “I didn’t do it”.

    That’s pretty much why she included that in her remarks. Canvas the state and see what groups are already working to make that sales tax increase a forever proposition. Brewer just encouraged them.

  2. The teacher’s union shelled out for the TV commericials “it’s only a penny” and then Phoenix voters stayed home and let a handful pass it. In theory, K-12 enrollments have dropped significantly since the passing of SB 1070 but the teachers are still screeching like they’re forced to use ink wells. It is ridiculous for anyone to support a continuance of the “emergency” tax as much as it is to not keep pressure on the rat’s in city hall to dump the food tax. Either we’re not California – or we are.

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