Statement by McCain, Lieberman on Iranian Assault on the Iraqi Kurdistan Region


Washington, D.C. ­– U.S. Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) today issued the following statement on the Iranian government’s ongoing bombardment of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region:

“We are deeply concerned by the Iranian government’s ongoing bombardment of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, which has killed and wounded innocent civilians and displaced dozens of families. The Iranian government should immediately cease its shelling of Iraqi territory and respect Iraq’s sovereignty, as Iraqi leaders in Baghdad and Erbil have repeatedly demanded.

“The shelling along the border region of northern Iraq fits a broader pattern of behavior by the Iranian government, which has sought to exercise malign and destabilizing influence over Iraq’s internal affairs. To this day, the Iranian government continues to train, fund, arm, and direct violent extremist groups that threaten the ability of the Iraqi state to control its own territory. These same groups are also attacking and killing U.S. troops and civilians in Iraq. In 2009, Iranian military units even crossed the Iraqi border and briefly seized an oil field on sovereign Iraqi territory. We urge the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad and the Administration in Washington to speak out in defense of Iraq’s sovereignty, to condemn the shelling of Iraqi territory, and to work with Iraqi authorities to help strengthen Iraq’s capabilities to defend its country.

“It is time to put Iranian leaders on notice that, if they continue on their current path—destabilizing Iraq, murdering Americans, pursuing nuclear weapons, and fostering terrorism, including a secret deal with al Qaeda—they will face increasingly severe consequences. In the past, authoritarian regimes and extremist groups have underestimated America’s resolve and determination. Iran’s leaders would be wise not to repeat this mistake.”



  1. Complete the danged fence John!

  2. Sorry but McCain and Sore Loserman aren’t really credible. So another non-story.

    • Come now. Let’s not play the “it is credible” line. You (and I) may not agree with McCain (or Lieberman) but like it or not their letter is news. Now if only the US would allow Arabia to make its own wars and its own peace then US taxpayers could sleep well without wondering which banking interest will get bailed out next.

  3. And how are Senator McCain (RINO) and Senator Leiberman (D) going to effect any “increasingly severe consequences?” The Democrat Party controlled Harry Reid Senate isn’t interested nor is the Democrat White House. McCain gonna tell everyone he sends “Strongly worded letters?”

    President Bush’s strategic global move was to take control of Iraq AND Afghanistan in order to box in Revolutionary Iran, a hostile regime which has engaged in one war provocation after another against the USA since they illegally seized the US Embassy in 1979 and held the Embassy staff hostage – an act of war. With all the distracting wailing and caterwalering of the Left, who thought to look at the map, especially the way our military strategists do? Iran has been identified for decades as the number ONE destablising force in the Middle East, wrecking havoc in Lebanon thru puppet Syria, funding, trainig and arming proxies Hamas and Hezbollah. Bush caught the Iranian mullahs flatfooted, sealing them off before they realized what Bush was up to. Bush was smart enough to let the New York Times establish expectations to the terrorists that he was just some frat boy as he dropped the lasso over their heads.

    How nice it would have been to have heard McCain being a bit more forthright in defending the Bush Administration at the time. Everything in this proclamation was true then and McCain knows it. Bush’s actions saved the Kurds from kick him around like a cat on a tether.
    What’s up with it now?

  4. Clark_Kent says

    Soviet Russia had thousands of nuclear weapons aimed at the U.S. and still has thousands of nuclear weapons. China has nuclear weapons, and the Nazis actually had spies in the u.s. during ww2. The Japanese had a full scale fleet of battleships and airforce along with ground troops. John McCain means to tell me that Iran the landlocked little country surrounded by nuclear armed nations is a threat to the U.S. and to Israel?

    This is so laughable. McCain and Liebertard are both extreme radical liberals….but the twist is that they have a want to use social welfare for the military industrial complex and its weapon industry of making tons of money. DO YOU PEOPLE really buy this garbage? GET REAL! the BATF hands 30,000 weapons to the drug cartels, the “war on drugs” makes the cartels profit and grow bigger, and the u.s. military trained the ZETAS who are now the premiere number 1 drug cartel in the southwest. MCCAIN wants to say that some little country in the east which is surrounded by nuclear armed nations is a threat to us? LOL
    The lies people will believe .

    • The B.S. people will spout who don’t know their geopolitical history.

      So what’s with the Democrats who “hate” guns handing them in massive quantities to drug cartels? Lots of poor people. hungry people, “brown” people the Democrats tell us they care about getting shot thanks to them. Is all that talk about “violence never solved anything” and “war is not the answer” and “guns kill” just crap?

      No blood for Holder’s Guns!! Where are the Democrat “human shields” when Mexico’s innocent civilians are being mowed down by guns provided by the US government, now run by Democrats? If Democrats are so anti-guns, how do they justify pushing them over the border? Does it mean that Democrats NEVER put themselves in actually dangerous situations, just the easy ones?

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