(PHOENIX, AZ) January 29, 2010 – Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Munger released the following statement:

After suffering a crippling defeat in federal court, the Citizens Clean Elections Commission has decided to spend $2 million of its $12.6 million 2010 budget on a public relations campaign designed to promote itself as having been created “by the people, for the people.” 

No amount of whitewashing can cover up the recent U.S. District Court ruling that Arizona’s Clean Elections Act violates the free speech rights of traditional candidates through the use of matching funds.  And there’s no getting around the fact that the “people” who ultimately benefit from the Act are professional politicians who use it as a money trough to fund their election campaigns.

$2 million can buy a lot of PR.  But Arizona voters are smart enough to look past the hype and see the scam that “clean elections” has unfortunately become.



  1. Why are we paying for high-priced ads for Clean Elections while at the same time cutting funds for schools, hospitals and public safety?

    As Governor, Munger will set principled priorities for the budget and not fund such wasteful programs of questionable legality.

    And where are Jan and Dean on this? Oh right, they are taking these same taxpayer dollars to fund their own campaigns.

  2. Bingo Henry says

    Rock on!!!

  3. kralmajales says

    Ha…fantastic news from some of us liberals too. That was what allowed people like Al Melvin to have a chance at office. This ruling will without doubt benefit GOP insiders at the expense of conservatives who needed the funds to compete with the biz-funded RINOS.

  4. Kral:

    Have to admit it!

    You’re “Dead On”!

    The Insurance Companies and CofC’s are popping the corks!

  5. Okay, idiots, read the law.

    The CCEC is required by law to spend 10% of its calculted yearly expenditure limit on Voter Education 16-949 C, I believe.

    It’s the Law…RTFL – Read the Flippin’ Law.

  6. Is John Munger still running? I was going to send him $100 but decided to get more use of it by burning it. When the pollsters quit including you, your campaign is dead.

  7. Cola drinker says

    Right, Matt, and now that there are no matching funds that advertising budget based on expenditures is…wasted.

    When and where and how did our elected officials give up the right to tax, appropriate, expend, and be held accountable for all of it?

    Any law that requires collecting and spending public dollars but does not involve an ongoing accountability on the part of those that spend it is unconstitutional.

    I secretly giggle that the people that run CCEC are appointed by….people that get money from CCEC.

  8. Who is this Munger and why is precious Web space being used talking about him? I mean really. Look, I’m opposed to the whole clean elections crap as much as the next guy, but that AIN’T what this election is, or will be, about. It’s the economy (budget), stupid! At least Martin understands that and that’s why I think he’ll win (and no, I don’t work for the Martin campaign…yet).

  9. Geez, Dean. Are you that afraid of Munger? What have you ever done except design the 2006 and 2007 state budget that broke Arizona, and then vote for every Napolitano spending bill. Get real. You’re all spin. Munger has experience AND a plan. You

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