State Senators for Pullen



Phoenix, AZ – Randy Pullen, chairman of the Arizona Republican Party announced the support of the following eight Republican members of the Arizona State Senate today:

Senate President Pro Tem Thayer Verschoor (LD-22)
Senator Sylvia Allen (LD-5)
Senator Ron Gould (LD-3)
Senator Linda Gray (LD-10)
Senator Jack Harper (LD-4)
Senator Barbara Leff (LD-11)
Senator-Elect Al Melvin (LD-26)
Senator-Elect Russell Pearce (LD-18)

Of Pullen, Thayer Verschoor, President Pro Tem of the Arizona State Senate said, “Randy Pullen made preserving the Republican legislative majorities the centerpiece of his chairmanship, his hard work and dedication paid off. In a year where Republicans were trounced from coast to coast, Arizona Republicans were able to come back stronger and gain greater majorities in both the Senate and the House. Randy Pullen’s state party made a positive difference and for that, I fully back him for a second term.”

“In all my years of involvement with the Republican Party, I have never seen a Chairman who works harder than Randy Pullen,” said Senator Barbara Leff (R-LD 11). “Randy’s dedication and hands on approach to leading the Party is the reason Republicans gained seats in the Arizona House and Senate during an election cycle that favored Democrats across the country. Although Democrats spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in Arizona to defeat Republicans, the Arizona legislature now has a strong Republican majority in both Houses thanks to Randy’s leadership.”

Senator Sylvia Allen (R-LD 5) added, “Randy Pullen has shown more of an interest in helping rural Arizona Republicans and for that I thank him and I am happy to endorse him in his bid for re-election and look forward to helping him advance the Republican Party over the next two years.”

Commenting on the string of endorsements, Pullen said, “I am pleased to have so much broad based support from so many of our Republican Senators. I think it is a testament to the work that was done over the past two years and the fact that we were able to come back with a better, stronger Republican majority in the State Senate. I look forward to working with all Republican legislators over the next two years as we find constructive solutions to the state’s problems and provide a better tomorrow for all Arizonans.”


  1. Fantastic! Thank you Senators for speaking up for what is best for Arizona conservative voters.

    We’re all pullin’ for Pullen.

    Arizona Republicans do not want a Democrat light State Chairman.

  2. Amen. Its not a surprise to see legislators supporting Pullen. He worked hard for them and delivered them increased majorities. He deserves their support and our vote.

  3. Betsy Ross says

    Pullen endorses the neocon globalist philosphy, and is clear by the list of candidates the party supported. Linda Gray, Russell Pearce – all candidates that “talk the talk” of border security and immigration controls, who have not once presented a resolution calling for bringing a federal lawsuit against the federal government for the sums needed to secure the borders – which is all that is really needed. They are politicians, not conservative Americans, and it is amazing how many Arizonans believe the label without checking whether their positions are Constitutional in the slightest. Sheriff Joe’s unlawful searches and seizures have made war zones out of Phoenix, and all that is needed is to reconfigure DPS itself into a state border patrol since the state’s have every right to patrol their own borders. Get rid of the Sheriff’s Department, already, Arizona has been a state now for 100 years.

    As a former 45 year Arizonana, I have never been so embarrassed about the politicking over the border issue, and political issue this has become when the solution is right there, but Arizonans still believe the campaign promises and rhetoric instead.

    The industries which support the Republican candidates want them there, and those candidates will serve their masters, not the Arizona citizens, so are you all still in delusion, or has the desert heat resulted in mass mental disturbances?

  4. Iris Lynch says

    Sorry, Betsy. This time you’re wrong on the illegal immigration issue. Russell Pearce has done more than many to see to it that we have laws in this state that help eliminate the problem of illegal immigration. It was our Governess who has pressed the Feds for money, as have other Dem governors, to no avail…OF COURSE. It was just a ploy.

    We are on the verge of having an out an out war down here with even more citizens being killed as a direct result of the drug trade. As for Sheriff Joe, you need to discover ALL that he has done and not rely solely on the unfair and unbalanced press.

    You also need to understand what a Sheriff’s responsibilities are. Your remark illustrates an ignorance of the power of the Sheriff which is over and above any police Department and even the Feds, but to you seems to bring forth glimpses of old westerns shooting it out on dusty streets.

  5. Iris Lynch says

    PS Of course, Pullen gets my vote. We would like to see more of him in the south.

  6. Scott in Tegucigalpa says

    My only wish is that whoever garners the spot works like heck to ensure Arizona stops its slide toward “purple.” We Republicans have a real opporunity to show that we can govern.

    There is an excellent interview with Haley Barbour today in the WSJ on the topic.

  7. Sherlock Homie says

    Pullen was only able to get eight? That’s less than half of the R’s in the Senate. That’s saying something.

  8. Hmmm…Pullen has 8 and James has 1. Word on the street is there are at least 4 others who are quietly supporting Pullen and several that are staying neutral. I bet when everything is said and done James doesn’t get more than 3.

  9. Sherlock Homie says

    I guess I am just asking why on earth ANY Republican Senators would not endorse the Chairman who just presided over their victories? How could anyone remain neutral? It’s just unfathomable…unless there is something Pullen has done/is doing/will do that our actual elected GOP senators are uneasy about…some uneasy enough to stay neutral, some uneasy enough to endorse his opponent. I’d like to know what is going on, because if you listen to the Pullen supporters they’ve got some kind of cultish rhetoric about conservatives and they make it sound so simple. And if a conservative like Steve Pierce is one of the senators opposing Pullen, there is really something fishy going on.

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Here’s the question:

    Are the Republican losses of 06 and 08 due to poor packaging and branding, or are they due to a less than quality product inside the box to begin with?

    Example: A large majority of voters nationwide wanted their borders secure and made a lot of noise about it. What were the leading Senators from Arizona doing to respond to the wishes of the voters?

    As one Arizona state “R” legislator put it a couple of years ago, ‘…we need all the imported labor we can get to keep the state’s economy going’. The burger king still believes that the state’s economic slump is due to the loss of undocumented workers!!

    I ask you, is that consistant with what the voters want to find in the package labeled “R”?

    That is only one example. The product inside the “Republican” box must be in line with the product the consumer is wanting to buy (at the polls).

    Lisa James is excellent at the marketing of the “R” brand – but its what’s inside the box the consumers are concerned about.

    Here’s my bottom line for you to consider:
    After Pullen won the chairmanship in 2006, where was Lisa James in the fight to raise funds, register new Republicans and all the things she’s promising today???

    So, why can she do for the party now, what she didn’t do for the party then?

    I hope the editors put this question out to their readership and perhaps some of the other blogs within the Republican community pick it up.

    We can change the label and packaging all we want to, but if the product (think Newt Gingrich) in the box remains the same, when the consumer is interested in (for example) Sarah Palin, then we’re wasing our time and will contiue to deserve to loose elections. (As Nathan Sproul is so very good at doing)… sorry, couldn’t resist.

    Hi Iris 🙂

  11. Veritas Vincit says

    After Pullen won the chairmanship in 2006, where was Lisa James in the fight to raise funds, register new Republicans and all the things she’s promising today???

    So, why can she do for the party now, what she didn’t do for the party then?

  12. Sherlock Homie says

    Did V. V. just post the same posts on two different topics?

  13. Veritas Vincit says


    the topics are the same; James v. Pullen or as some see it, right leaning republicans v. moderate to left leaning republicans.

    Lisa James’s husband has business interests with the re-election of McCain as Az Senator. McCain has interests in a Guest Worker/Amnesty Program. Nathan Sproul has interests in a paid position as State Party Executive Director (since he can’t seem to win any elections).

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