State Representative Steve Montenegro Endorses Robert Graham for Arizona Republican Party Chairman

Robert Graham
“Robert Graham exemplifies the kind of character and leadership that our party needs.”
PHOENIX — Today, Arizona State Representative Steve Montenegro endorsed Robert Graham for chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. Montenegro represents Legislative District 13 and is the recipient of numerous awards including, “Friend of the Family,” “Friend of the Taxpayer and “Conservative Hero” from the Arizona Liberty Project.

Montenegro believes the state GOP will benefit from new leadership with an emphasis on grassroots outreach. “Robert understands the importance of grassroots efforts in keeping our party strong,” Montenegro said. “His plans for cultivating party members, coupled with his strong leadership skills will go a long way in revamping our party’s efforts. Robert Graham exemplifies the kind of character and leadership that our party needs.”

Acknowledging the importance of thoughtfully engaging Arizona’s Hispanic community, Montenegro noted Graham’s vision for ushering in a new era where the state party actively works to describe how Hispanics naturally fit within the Republican Party. “Robert understands that we must effectively communicate our goals and priorities to the Hispanic community. I believe that Robert will help us better convey how our party strongly represents the fiscal, family, and social values of Hispanic-Americans,” Montenegro said.

“I am grateful to have Representative Montenegro’s support as we share a similar vision for Arizona’s Republican Party,” Graham said. “I look forward to working with our Hispanic counterparts as we pave the way for a better, more promising future.”

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona’s Republican Party, please visit his website at or his Facebook page. 



  1. Graham wins my vote when he publicly promises to clean house at AZGOP of those who brought us the May 12, 2012 State Convention fiasco.

    Rep. Montenegro endorsed John McCain over Hayworth in 2010 so not too impressed with Montenegro’s endorsements.

    • LEO IN TSN says

      Hmmmmmm, this is not good – we do NOT want to hand the state party back to the mccainiacs. How about finding a candidate whose hispanic outreach plans do NOT include amnesty. Let’s reach out with Republican values, NOT surrender to lawbreakers.

      God bless America.

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