State Representative Mark Anderson Steps In CD5 Race

Oddly enough, one of the most unexpected candidates to jump into the CD 5 Republican primary, has done so. State Representative Mark Anderson, perhaps one of the most civil and nicest guys in the legislature, has decided to enter the CD 5 contest.

Personally, this blogger really likes Mark Anderson and has worked with him on social issue legislation. But, I expect him to have a very difficult time overcoming his religious association as a Moonie.

The Phoenix Business Journal made a point in bringing this up in the thrid paragraph of their story on Wednesday, “Anderson is a Realtor and a member of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church. If elected, he would be the only member of Congress to be part of the Unification Church.”

Unfortunate for Rep. Anderson, this will work against him in a district that tends to elect social libertarians and steers clear of overtly-defined religious candidates. Case in point, Colette Rosati, who lost in a bitter Republican primary against Carolyn Allen in 2006. (The Rosati – Allen race took place in a legislative district that is a subset of the greater CD 5.). Those Republican voters in CD 5 will tend to make their electoral decisions along mainstream religious ties rather than on the periphery of American religions practices.

While Representative Mark Anderson a great guy and has served his district well for many years, this race will unfortunately be beyond is grasp and ability to overcome voter perceptions.


  1. Mr. Conservative says

    Being a “Moonie” will not be such a problem for Anderson, being a realtor could be a larger problem… just kidding!!! Anderson’s biggest problem will be his lack of “depth” when it comes to fiscial issues and some of his votes in the state legislature. As I see it, it’s either Schweikert or Knaperek that will win the primary.

  2. nightcrawler says


    You are right on the mark (no pun intended). I am sure he is a stand up guy worthy of respect. For those of us who grew up in areas that had Unification churches in our neighborhoods and have seen how they operate, this is a non-starter.

    It took guts to post what you did. Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. I am sure Knaperek and her UFI connections will go over great in the land of Michelle Reagan and Carolyn Allen.

  4. Laura can make her case for all that she believes in without leaving others feeling marginalized, Rosati could not. If it means smaller government and an appreciation for a way of life that is born of hard work and determination she can handle it. Her associations make her who she is, caring, compassionate, and dedicated to service. Not bad.

  5. I’ve always liked Laura but she has not proven she can win consistently in that district. Her campaigning leaves a lot to be desired. I also think her political approach morphed over her years in the Legislature.

  6. Laura Knaperek has lost so many times in the boundaries of CD 5 that she is the area’s resident loser. How can she have a chance for Congress when she just lost to two 20-somethings for the state house? Besides, Laura Knaperek got killed by Harry Mitchell in a head to head contest for the senate, the very person she would have to face in the general election. Usually one has to speculate about how a match-up would go, but in Knaperek’s case we know she’s a loser against Mitchell.

  7. Wait John, to say that she can not win consistently in that district is not very accurate. LD 17 has been turning over Democrat by leaps and bounds! She came within points (not killed: BOB) of Harry Mitchell in a district that went 3/4’s went to Kerry in 2004! Her district changed on her, not the other way around. The rest of CD 5 is 16-18 % Republican voting advantage.

  8. To the immediate bashers of potential candidates out there: I can’t figure out if you are Republicans or Democrats.

    If you are Republicans, it would be helpful if you say, “I’m supporting Knaperek/Schweikart/Hatch-Miller, I don’t think that Anderson can win because….” etc. At the end of the day we will all need to rally behind our nominee if we can hope to beat Harry Mitchell and win this seat (which should vote Republican) back.

  9. DoubleDecafLatte says

    I still think we couldn’t ask for a better candidate than Michelle Reagan. I am proud to call her my State Representative and would very excited to call her my Congresswoman.

  10. AZBronco64 says

    Michelle Reagan is weak. She is considered a squish and a go-along. She also does not have the strength to run a serious campaign. She thinks she is slated to the senate seat in LD8 and will avoid running with the big boys in this race.

  11. Party Platform Guy says

    Michelle Reagan is neither the best candidate nor weak and certainly not a squish. She is not as conservative in one area as I would like, but she is solid in her convictions and has gained the respect of her peers because she does not become mean or personalize the debate, stays on focus and when she gives a commitment, she keeps it, something that some of our more conservative legislators would do well to emulate.

    I agree that she will probably not run for Congress at this time. She is very young, just got married a year ago and lives her family values by being a good wife and mother – another trait that some of our supposedly more conservative legislators would do well to emulate.

  12. Julie – I don’t discount the changes to the district as an issue, and I certainly respect Laura’s “body of work” to a point. But she has lost a couple of times. She and Susan Bitter Smith have the benefit of name i.d. that came through campaigns hard fought and lost. I just want to ask: isn’t there someone else that we can look to that has demonstrated professional competence and depth beyond those that have cast their lot in legislative districts?

  13. Mark Anderson is a devotee of Rev. Moon and his dangerous cult. A stated goal is world government with Moon as leader. Oh joy.

    Not only was Anderson in attendance when Moon was crowned the Messiah inside the Dirksen Senate Building, he was part o the Invitational Committee.

    Read about it here –

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