State Rep. Terri Proud: Where’s the Money Huck?

What did you get for 1.5 billion dollars?

The Arizona legislature is considering a bill, HB2565, which will protect the citizens of Pima County from the bait-and-switch bond tactics which have been perpetrated for years by County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry and the 3-vote majority on the Board of Supervisors.

Pima County alone has almost $1.5 billion in bond debt, more than two and a half times all the other counties in Arizona – COMBINED. Tucson ranks among the worst in the nation for foreclosures yet has the highest property taxes in the state.

Citizens of Pima County are losing jobs while struggling to pay off government debt. Meanwhile, Huckelberry is interfering with job growth but presiding over a bloated bureaucracy. Taxpayers are losing their homes but Huckelberry is keeping property taxes sky-high. He is taking money from honest, hard-working families while creating more debt on projects that after 14 years are still not completed.

During FY 2011-2012, the Pima County Board of Supervisors, with Huckelberry’s approval, created a communications department, allocating a half million dollars for a staff of 12 people. Their graphic services design department, which was already established, paid out $530,129 in FY 2009/2010, $460,849 in 2010/2011 and $358,153 in 2011/2012. So with the creation of the communication department, “communication” costs total nearly 1 MILLION dollars for FY2011/2012.

For their next step, they raised YOUR property taxes and blamed the state for lack of money. For what? So Huck can send out “educational” pamphlets to everyone within Pima County with misinformation about your representatives, about the state, and about whatever else he wants you to think.

So while he’s sitting like a fat cat on your tax dollars telling you how much more bonding we need because the nearly 1.5 BILLION dollars you are already in debt … AND STILL PAYING FOR … isn’t enough, I’m out here fighting for you so your taxes can go down, and so you can stay in your homes.

He’s now using Raytheon as a selling point for his “new” bond. We’ll, Raytheon is only getting 10% of that money for the land next to Davis Monthan that they’re protecting. It’s another sweet deal for Huckelberry and his good friend Don Diamond, because Diamond owns the land.

Yes, I predict something will happen shortly after that and not far behind will be the Pima County Bond Program designed to offer first-time homebuyers a mortgage loan with YOUR tax money.

So, here are the facts to counteract Huck’s propaganda and fight over HB2565:

  • Since he’s repeatedly taken bond money and spent it on projects other than what voters intended, it’s only fair to have those who he’s taking it from be fairly represented by the people they have elected.
  • Nothing in this bill eliminates his advisory committee. Nothing in this bill is going to cancel established projects. Nothing in this bill is going to stop bonds from ever happening. All it’s doing is allowing the elected officials in the surrounding towns to fairly represent their taxpayers. Why should Huck have a problem with that?
  • The bond problem has been an issue for years in Pima County, so this is nothing new.
  • This is a local control issue. All it’s doing is giving power to the government closest to the people: the surrounding towns.

Get the Facts. Read the bill yourself. Go to and enter HB2565. Fight back and stop the misuse of YOUR taxes. Support HB2565. We need your voice!


  1. What a tax and spender, due for election soon? or is appointed.

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