State pulls $2 million in anti-smoking ads – was Napolitano promoting herself?

The Republic is reporting that the state has pulled $2 million in TV advertising for its $900,000 anti-smoking ads. Instead, the ads will be placed on websites. Considering Napolitano never saw a promotional op she could refuse, nor something to throw taxpayers money at, we’re surprised. She must be worried that with all the scrutiny given Republican officials like Sheriff Arpaio for spending money, combined with the state’s $2 billion deficit, maybe the dinosaur media might actually print something negative about her. She must be prominently featured in the ads. Will follow up later on this when the ads are released.


  1. As a person with knowledge of the issues outlined in the above article, I can tell you a couple of things the Arizona Republic failed to mention and it really gets to the heart of the issue.

    1. The ads were developed to target youth and to prevent them from using tobacco. These ads were extensively focus group tested and developed by a professional ad agency.

    2. The ads were paid for by VOTER PROTECTED FUNDS raised through tobacco taxes. These monies must be used on tobacco prevention with an emphasis on youth prevention and can not be used for any other purpose without a super majority vote or sending the issue back to the voters (an issue BTW that has been approved not once but twice by the citizens of Arizona).

    3. An integrated media approach is considered a “best practice” by the Centers for Disease Control, including mass media to prevent youth from using tobacco. These ads certainly fall within a “best practice.” Why the Governor would pull the plug on what would be considered a model youth tobacco prevention campaign is up for grabs, considering the budget deficit has nothing to do with the monies allocated for the campaign.

    4. The Governor was not featured in the ads, these ads were more along the line of the edgy “smelly puking habit” ads of years past.

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