New State Parks Director: Leaving Her Mark

It’s unfortunate that the State Parks Board of Director unanimously chose Renée Bahl as their new director (Republic article). Apparently, the board was willing to overlook an earlier episode in which Bahl carved her name into an adobe wall at the historic San Rafael Ranch in Santa Cruz County.

OK, I admit I’m taking their selection a little too personally. You see, I also applied for the same position earlier this year. And although I’m a native Arizonan with a deep love for my state, and hold a wise stewardship environmentist philosophy, I’ve never vandalized any property. In fact, I can comfortably brag to have actually cleaned up after quite a few people who have treated our state as their own personal dumping ground and had the mindset that “that’s why we pay people to clean it up.” I call it leading by example.

I wish Ms. Bahl the best and I hope she can manage to muster and manage resources to keep our state parks open and functioning.


  1. Basil St. John says

    You would have been great in the job! Just like the boss in Parks and Recreation.

    But wouldn’t you have been ashamed at taking public money instead of working in the private sector?

  2. I see your point about working in the public arena but why wouldn’t you want someone fiscally conservative protecting the tax dollars and ensuring that it goes as far as possible without wasting it on bureaucracy?

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