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With the state Legislature rapidly closing down this year’s session, there is still time to urge our elected representatives to support a bill that will provide GOP candidates with funding options for their campaigns.

With uncertainty surrounding the future of matching funds, this legislation will give us a balanced framework to conduct the 2010 election cycle.

Some highlights include:

Increases the amount of clean election funding for participating candidates by a factor of 1.5

Increases the number of $5 forms a participating candidate needs to get from 220 to 315

Participating candidates may now collect their $5 forms in August of the year preceding the election

Participating candidates may collect their $5 forms electronically

Elimination of matching funds for participating candidates

Increases the maximum amount an individual may contribute to a traditional candidate by a factor of 1.5

Increases the maximum amount a PAC can contribute to a traditional candidate by a factor of 2

These reforms will help us attract and retain quality candidates while providing us a measure of certainty with regard to the financing of their campaigns for elected office.

We firmly believe that it up to our legislators, rather than the courts, to make rules governing our election system.

Please call your representative in the House and Senate as soon as possible. With only a few hours left of this year’s session, time is of he essence.


Randy Pullen

Chairman, Arizona Republican Party


  1. State GOP has become no different than the State Democrat Party says

    Ummmmm, what is the State GOP doing urging saving Clean Elections? Clean Elections is a Democrat creation, that infringes upon our First Amendment free speech rights. Philosophically conservatives are opposed to government-funded politician campaigns. Only a handful of states use it. Momentum has been increasing lately to finally get rid of this monstrosity which hasn’t worked (see for its dismal record).

    So why is our State GOP supporting Clean Elections? Probably the same reason it’s supporting Governor Brewer’s tax increase – the State GOP is now controlled by special interests. Pretty sad when our state GOP is advocating for the same kinds of things the Democrat Party is.

  2. Antifederalist says

    While I hate the “Clean” Elections law, I like seeing the number of $5 contributions upped. That will cut down on the number of crackpots running AND reduce the noise generated by crowding fields with too many candidates. What I REALLY hope is that setting the bar higher will cost less money. I see that the amounts available to candidates will be raised, so, I just hope the bar is raised high enough that by eliminating candidates, the money spent will end up being less despite the increased campaign funds.

    While it’s good to see the amounts people can contribute to normal candidates and PACs going up, I’m NOT a fan of increasing the amount of time the loser “clean” candidates have to get their contributions OR of allowing them to collect the donations online. In fact, IMHO, this should be SHORTENED. If candidates aren’t serious enough to go walk their neighborhoods, actually campaign and collect $5 donations, they don’t deserve to be on the ballot.

    Yeah, yeah, I know the “Clean” Elections law has been used to elect more conservative candidates, but if I have to sell my soul or sacrifice my ideals and spend taxpayer dollars to elect more conservatives, I’ll do without the law. I do understand monkeying with the law to mitigate its effects, and I applaud that, but I’m not sure this is a good compromise. I’d have to see the numbers before I could make a final decision.

  3. Heck NO!
    Let it be known by all man and woman, this voter will not sign a single Five Dollar Pledge.
    We have enough nut jobs already in government.
    Repeal “Clean Election” it is anything but Clean.

  4. kralmajales says

    Ha, they hate govt. but the LOVE tax funded clean elections. Why? No one will donate to their friggin campaigns at the level that they used to. Now you need the multitude of $5 donations to get the money needed to fund the right wing extremists that would never attract dollars from a moderate, well to do, business person.

    No problem here…just pointing out that these are your tax dollars at work also.

  5. On the eve of the state’s biggest crisis, the budget, and with a GOP Governor and GOP legislature in open warfare, Pullen puts out a press release about…something else.

  6. This is disgusting. Conservatives rightly criticize special interests for screaming that they can’t afford a 14% general fund cut during the worst economic crisis in 70 years, after a 50% increase in the general fund during the previous five years.

    At the same time, the Courts are about to throw out the matching fund provision of Clean Elections, consistent with the views of Scalia, Roberts, Thomas, Alito, the Goldwater Institute and conservatives in the other 49 states of the union. Clean Elections is the favorite free government money handout for conservative professional politicians, so Pullen responds to the anticipated loss of matching funds (which hasn’t even occurred yet) by supporting a 50% increase in the per candidate initial funding allocation.

    As a business owner of ten years, who has been hit by the recession, does not benefit from any government contract, government regulations or lobbying and has never even used publicly funded courts or police services, I am sick and tired of professional politicians on both sides of the aisle treating us like magical ATM’s.

  7. Frank Coz says

    This is extremely disappointing. What is Randy thinking?

  8. Moot point anyway. Conservatives in the Senate killed it.

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