State Department of Economic Security bans Bible Studies from cafeteria

This sounds like a constitutional violation. State employees are complaining that they are prohibited from having a Bible Study over lunch in the DES cafeteria, the most popular state cafeteria for state employees. When a group of employees tried to hold a Bible Study at a table off in a corner of the cafeteria, they were told it was prohibited. Meanwhile, an employee at an adjoining table shuffled tarot cards. The Alliance Defense Fund should look into this, and Governor Brewer needs to inform the cafeteria this is a violation of the 1st Amendment, which applies to government buildings. If the cafeteria is going to permit Tarot card readings, then it must permit Bible Studies.


  1. I don’t think the equal access laws even come close to applying here nor are they needed, even though the point is well taken. The worker is on their own time and the state cannot impose restrictions against lawful behavior that does not interrupt the workplace. Free speech, etc.

    I’d get some verification of the who and where’s on this one and if accurate, raise Holy Heck!

  2. Can't Recall My Clever Pseudonym says

    Oh, rich. If it’s true. We need some more information here, like who told them it was prohibited.

    That cafeteria is open to the public, isn’t it? You don’t have to be a state employee. So no “workplace” law applies.

    Why would it be Brewer’s call on whether they can read the Bible or not? Anyway, even if they reverse the policy the damage has been done and the group should sue the state for damages.

  3. This rings false, especially the “tarot cards” bit. “Well, it’s lunch time… Got my sandwich, my Diet Coke, now let’s see what the Page of Cups says how the rest of the afternoon is going to unfold… Better yet, I’ll do it by the Christians!”.

    Was someone else blasting Dethklok and playing Dungeons and Dragons nearby as well?

    Maybe they were prostelyzing?

  4. How did you hear about this?

  5. The left seems determined to “religously cleanse” America, along the lines of Western Europe. Has bigotry against blacks been replaced with bigotry against western religion?

  6. Nick S,

    Consider 99% of America’s elected officials are either Jewish or Christian, the simple answer to your question is: No.

    We’ve no evidence to what’s been reported here is true. At this point, this post is a standard Apocryphal Conservative Horror Story (TM) – equivalent to a backwards “B” being scratched into one’s cheek (the “tarot cards” being the big scary black guy).

  7. It seems the right is joining the fight to “religiously cleanse” America since they are determined to exclude church leaders from the democratic process at the state capitol.

  8. tarotgameplayer says

    So they shuffled tarot cards. Tarot cards are not really occultic. They were not originally intended to be used for the occult. The cards first appeared in 15th century Italy for the purpose of playing a card game similar to spades. People today especially in European countries like France play card games with tarot cards. The traditional images of tarot cards are rooted in Catholicism and not in occultism. Tarot cards would not be used for the occult until well into the 18th century when occult writers falsely attributed the tarot to ancient Egypt and Kabbalah. It’s sad that most Americans only think of tarot cards in connection with the occult and fortune telling. The mainstream media should do a better job of educating people about these cards. Psychics aren’t the only ones who use tarot cards. Game players also use them for tarot card games.

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