State Convention update

It looks like the Arizona State Republican Convention will be a big yawn. The state party has succeeded in so tightly scripting the process that there will be no serious alternative to the Unity Slate, which will not be revealed until delegates arrive on Saturday morning. More importantly the two plausible factions that could mount any kind of serious challenge have not been able to unify.

The disaffected conservatives mostly in CD 3 and the small but fervent Ron Paul faction have been unable to agree on one unified strategy according to reports. We have lost some of our better sources within the conservative camp due to links that one of our writers has with the state party and the Ron Paul group is tighter than a secret society. Nonetheless we are getting a few reports from contacts on the fringe and it sounds like each side will be proposing their own separate slates. Math must not be their strong point since neither has the numbers alone to accomplish anything. The conservatives are stuck on the pro-life issue and the anti-war stand of the Paulistas does nothing for the far-right.

Four years ago the big news was the election for National Committeeman but this year the two national positions are uncontested.

Bring a pillow.


  1. Delegate says

    yep sure was a strategic move to have one of the main SA guys join the state party leadership.

  2. If you read a detailed report of what happened in Nevada you would understand why the Arizona State Party does not want a repeat. McCain is far from perfect but the alternate choice of Obama or Clinton is unthinkable.

  3. Anyone, or group, that is under the extremely false sense of duty requiring them to protect the platform, the integrity of the party, or to send a message for all the world to hear…needs to reconsider and reconnect with reality.

    There are efforts that continue to put their own selfish interests in the forefront; much like an outspoken pastor that has done huge good in the community and earned great respect from his followers but can’t get past himself to see the bigger picture and destroys himself along the way. Their arrogance and righteous indignation blinding a clear vision and true perspective; removing any ability to recognize the bigger picture.

  4. State Delegate says

    When you take even a brief look at the 2004 Republican Party platform you end up shaking your head at how McCain constantly strays, and in fact has made a career out of disregarding conservative Republican principles. Are we aiding and abetting the abandonment of the principles that attracted us to the Republican party? In Arizona, I think we may be doing just that.

    I don’t believe it is in the interest of fair and open elections for the administrators of an election to collaborate on a Unity Slate and then not share that slate with our membership early in advance of the convention. The administrators of an election collaborating on a slate at all is questionable, in my opinion. Keeping that administrator approved slate a secret from the voters (we who elected the Administration, by the way) until it is strategically released is a very questionable practice. Not only have our administrators collaborated on a slate, but they are also working strategy on their slate. Shouldn’t the administrators of an election share ALL information they have with ALL of the voters? The voters in an election are of course, free to develop any slate or strategy they want to. I’m not sure that the privilege should also apply to the administrators for any election.

    You want to know which CD the At Large Ballot name is from? Tough. Somebody might make a negative comment about John McCain if they had that information. Is there a bylaw that says CD ballots are only to be made available to State Delegates from the same CD? If it’s not a bylaw then it’s a policy. If it’s a newly dreamt up policy then isn’t that strategy? Pretty hard to argue strategy with the administrators for an election.

    I believe AZGOP and the McCain campaign control a lot of information that they are manipulating to steer the state convention to their own desired result and silence dissent. Fair electioneering is fine. It’s a time honored tradition and the first thing a political party ought to do well. Using administratively acquired information to effect the personal choices of the administrators while restricting information from possible dissenters is what is going on here in deed and in my opinion.

    I would really like to know what a Dodie Londen Series student has to say on this. Should the state unity slate be widely announced or is a state secret slate just fine? Am I right for pointing out this discrepancy or wrong for not going along with and accepting the manipulation? By the way, these concerns have been raised privately and exhaustively with the election administrators themselves. With absolutely no resolution is sight, these concerns are now being aired publicly.

  5. And they wonder why guys like me are becoming increasingly unenthused or annoyed. This General Election will be here and gone before we know it.

  6. I’ll bet you a million dollars that mccamnesty is scheduled to speak at a DARN safe slot to maximise the size of us, the audience. We used to be Delegates. Now we’ve been transformed into the audience. The minute voting becomes irrelevant VACATE! Let’s hope only a skeleton crew of adoring RINO’s is left over for the leftovers.

  7. Remember, All potential delegates were required to sign a loalty oath pledging that they “do hereby pledge my vote and support for the nominee candidate who received the greatest number of votes in the Arizona presidential preference election until the candidate is nominated for the office of president of the United States by the convention, until the candidate releases the delegate from his obligation, until the candidate withdraws from the race or until one convention nominating ballot has been taken at the 2008 Republican National Convention.”

    The Republican voters of Arizon have spoken. Their choice is John McCain. McCain won. Get over it. Now, it’s time to go after the Democrats.

  8. Craig the news on the radio is reporting that McCain will not be there in person.

  9. Delegate says

    McCain will not be there…too much risk of being embarassed with the media if he gets booed. They would pick that up and use it to help the Dems. That is why I hope everyone is appropriate…

  10. Jacquelyn says


  11. Joe, The mccain paranoia is suffocating around here.

  12. Reginald says

    More McCain paranoia. He’s going to address. He’s not. He is. Maybe he’s going to comprehensively address.

  13. And I’m going to comprehensively go out for a smoke.

  14. Are these Paulistas who can’t get together with conservatives on a simple slate the same folks who still think their guy can get the actual nomination in a conservative party, and then suddenly inspire an entire nation en route to a sweeping victory?

    They can’t make nice with 10 conservatives for 5 days, but they have still are working hard towards their plan for total victory?


  15. The name may be changed from Unity Slate but don’t vote any of the mccain/AZGOP slate that has been crammed down our throat.

  16. Keen Observer says

    I am amazed that any of Amnesty John’s actions surprise anyone. We now have a Party that claims to be headed by a conservative but, to any clear observer, is a liberal and his minions are ultra-liberal and many pro-abortion. Just look at the McCain slate. It is composed of the far left of the Az Republicans or hypocrites who claim to be against illegal immigration but are McCain boosters.

    We must face the fact that we now have two Democrat parties. The remaining conservatives, who have not jumped ship already after the Kyl-McCain Amnesty farce, will now have a decision to make….stay and have no voice or leave and have no voice. Either way, the future for the Party and Country looks terribly bleak.

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