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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

State Bar reneges on promise not to charge conservative attorney hundreds of thousands of dollars of out-of-state attorneys fees 
Denies ever promising conservative attorney they would not seek attorneys’ fees – yet we’ve got the email to prove they did!  

We’ve been following the attacks on Sheriff Arpaio the last few years, including the left going after his attorneys. The left successfully got the Arizona State Bar to disbar former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas and his deputy Lisa Aubuchon, even though the Obama Justice Department cleared Thomas and Arpaio of any wrongdoing. Now, the State Bar is coming after Thomas and his deputies personally for the costs of prosecuting them.The State Bar went out and found expensive out of state attorneys to prosecute Thomas and his deputies, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. Really? They couldn’t find one attorney of the thousands of attorneys in Arizona who could have prosecuted them? Does anyone believe actually believe that?

We obtained pleadings that were recently filed regarding the allocation of costs. During settlement proceedings, one of the two special out of state prosecutors, John Gleason, assured Andrew Thomas’s attorney in an email, attached, that the attorneys’ fees and out-of-state costs would not be assessed against him.

Now, the other out of state prosecutor, Jamie Sudler, has filed a pleading with the Arizona Supreme Court stating that the assurance does not apply, even to the lower level attorney Lisa Aubuchon. He wrote in his pleading, “Respondent Aubuchon’s reliance on that email, if sincere, was misplaced and not warranted.”

Utterly amazing the nerve to treat them differently than other attorneys who are prosecuted by the Bar! Other attorneys prosecuted by the Bar aren’t assessed hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional legal costs for out of state attorneys! This is a clear violation of due process if we’ve ever seen one, unequal treatment under the law. If Aubuchon had realized the Bar would renege on its promise not to charge attorneys’ fees and out of state costs, she probably would have taken the settlement offer!

This is nothing more than a personal, political vindictive attack on Thomas and his deputies. They have already lost their licenses to practice law. The State Bar is out of control on a jihad against conservatives and it is time to stop the corruption. We here at American Post-Gazette will continue to keep you informed about this as information trickles in. The legislature needs to reform the State Bar, NOW. 
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