Standing In The Breach


A member of President Reagan’s cabinet has come out in full support of John McCain’s re-election.  Former Education Secretary William Bennett, now a nationwide syndicated talk show host, said on his show:

Hayworth’s views, if you put them both on paper, probably are closer to my views, but I gotta support McCain ’cause he’s the man,” Bennett said on his “Morning in America” radio show. “He’s the man who stands in the breach. He stood in the breach in Iraq, would rather lose the election than the war. He’s the only guy who really stood up last week, that I noticed, probably a couple of others, on this ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ (debate). And he would want my support — and he would ask for it, I believe — and he’s going to get it.”

Bill Bennett has been a consistent voice of common sense fiscal and social conservatism for two decades, he understands the skill-set required to be effective in the Senate, and clearly believes John McCain is a crucial voice.

This comes at the same time fiscal conservative and taxpayer watchdog Grover Norquist endorsed McCain, going so far as to say on Mike Broomhead’s show:

He (Hayworth) needs to make the case, that at a time when Tea Party activists and conservative activists and Republican regulars are being asked to raise tens of millions of dollars to win Senate seats in Delaware and North Dakota and Massachusetts, for crying out loud, why should we be asked to split up our time, energy and money to replace a perfectly good, in working condition Republican who consistently votes against tax increases and for spending restraint.”

When it comes down to results over rhetoric, Senator John McCain is, as Sec. Bennet said, “the man“.


  1. The point about dividing resources in the Republican Party resurgence is critical.

    Why are we making a race where there needs to be no race? There are so many more vital areas to defend and take back.

    It’s not just the money, it’s the division of volunteers and other valuable campaign needs. This does not even take into account the damage of a bloody primary. JD should know this. When he lost his seat, the CD5 primary in the next cycle was one of the bloodiest and costly in Arizona. Why would he now want to see the same thing in the senate primary?

    This is what happens when decisions about races are made not “for” something, but mostly about “against” something (or someone).

    There are so many things out there to be “for”. JD could be very helpful promoting those things and helping win many races.

    Instead he will be consuming valuable resources and losing a race.

  2. “Because he’s the man”.

    LOL, are you KIDDING me?

    That’s the reason to vote for McCain.

    We’re dealing with intellectual gnats here. That that statement comes from William Bennett of all people causes whatever credibility he has ever built up to be lost.

    That that’s the reason cited by Arizonan Republicans, is preposterous.

    It’s absurd.

    In fact, it’s so absurd, it illustrates the very reasons to vote AGAINST McCain.

  3. The valuable resources being consumed that should otherwise go toward helping Republicans win are the resources the AZGOP has to spend fending off the ridiculous, false charges of financial mismanagement…

    ….. which McCain people are giving to the press and to the Democrats!

    Yet one MORE reason to vote against McCain!

  4. McCain is a multiple time LOSER.

    He’s lost for president MULTIPLE TIMES wasting valuable resources that could have been spent defeating Obama.

    Yet ANOTHER reason to vote against McCain!

  5. Can anyone explain why Norquist endorsed McCain? This article says that McCain’s record on taxes is terrible.

  6. Norquist and Bennett: “The Man” shouldn’t have voted for this. I got this from Michelle Malkin. These are earmarks that were in the bailout. What Hypocrits!
    Film and Television Productions (Sec. 502)
    – Wooden Arrows designed for use by children (Sec. 503)
    – 6 page package of earmarks for litigants in the 1989 Exxon Valdez incident, Alaska (Sec. 504)

    Tax earmark “extenders” in the bailout bill.
    – Virgin Island and Puerto Rican Rum (Section 308)
    – American Samoa (Sec. 309)
    – Mine Rescue Teams (Sec. 310)
    – Mine Safety Equipment (Sec. 311)
    – Domestic Production Activities in Puerto Rico (Sec. 312)
    – Indian Tribes (Sec. 314, 315)
    – Railroads (Sec. 316)
    – Auto Racing Tracks (317)
    – District of Columbia (Sec. 322)
    – Wool Research (Sec. 325)

  7. So its not that norquist likes mccain he jst doesn’t want to divide resources. I’m sorry but that’s just not a legit reason.

    The analogy to CD-5 doesn’t make sense here at all. That was a primary to then go against an incumbent, this is the incumbent win this race now and you win the seat.

    Also… The person who wins this primary will have raised a lot of money and will be able to help ALL down ticket races because they were forced to organize throughout the state.

    This will help with the GOTV effort and just the general coordinated campaign of the party.

  8. 3 out of 7 posts are Oberserve…now who doth protest too much? LOL!

    The rhetoric continues to flow from the fingertips of the JD lovers. Good for you! Support your guy.

    I will not call you names, question your patriotism, or decry any of you as socialists, Dems, or other ugly terms.

    I don’t have to…

  9. Ann,
    You sound a little silly. The ones sounding like dems are the nasty, dishonest McCain supporters. McCain has been running dishonest ads going after J.D. for supporting earmarks for snakes when he had voted for the bailout with all of its earmarks. Every time I hear those ads, it makes me more determined to break his strangle hold on our party.

  10. Lol @ Ann.

    As far as I’m concerned JD is just a lighter shade of McCain.

    However, JD is not a bad human being nor does he have hoardes of nasty hangars-on who rely on him for their paychecks.

  11. Johnny: You redefined my analogy. My analogy regards bloody primaries and it is completely relevant.

    Your point that a winner of a damaging primary will have raised a lot of money doesn’t make any sense. They will have raised the money and then spent the money. It will be gone. It will have done damage and then it will not be in anyone’s account. Not the candidate’s. Not other candidates’. Not the donors’. Not the Party’s. There will be nothing left but damage.

    The funny thing about damage is that, unlike money, it spreads to everyone.

    Your accounting is fuzzy, but that doesn’t surprise me about the current leadership in the AZGOP.

  12. JD understands payroll very well, what job will he give his wife if he is elected this time? Non-taxpayer dollars of course!

  13. Stephen Kohut says

    How about a nice Burma Shave jingle for McRINO

    John is scared!
    Watch him run
    to the right
    but, he’s done!

    Primaries are supposed to be a vigorous vetting and selection of a candidate by the party’s base. Talk of wasted resources are a joke. When I walk my precinct, hand out palm cards, recommend candidates in a primary the cost is no different if it is one, ten or twenty people that I give recommendations for.

    The only reason for a candidate and their supports to complain about wasted resources or no need for a vote is because they are scared to death that their boy is in a heap of trouble and has a good chance of losing. Ain’t that a shame.

  14. Travis,

    Let me point to a great example of a primary that was bloody that raised a lot of money and helped down ticket races.

    The democratic primary in 2008. They raised money and spent it and raised even more. They were forced to organize early in areas dems normally do not and it helped them in house races and senate races all over the country. This has the potential to be the exact same thing.

    So your idea of a bloody primaries hurting and weakening the winner is not always accurate either.

    There is nothing fuzzy about my accounting, people who donate in primaries donate for the general as well. And dont pretend for a second that McCain people in the end wont come out and vote for JD, the GOP tried to say crap like with Obama and Hillary and how this would help them win in 08. Didnt come close to happening.

  15. They are all losers, every endorsement he has
    received is by the protected or the has been or the go along to get along.

    McCainiacs must be scared, their arguments are so desperate. You can feed BS amongst the unknowing but not to those who know the facts. The only thing McCain has is money and if JD gets a $ackfull McCain is history.

  16. Sen. Jon Kyl was stated as saying we need Mccain “to stop the wasteful spending, get our economy moving again, and protect our national security,” and Flake says he is an “enemy of the big spenders in Washington.”

  17. McCain’s conservative endorsements are part of the strength of incumbency–does any one really believe Trent Franks and John McCain are on the same page? Sure, McCain is going to get many incumbents–local and national–to endorse him, but those of us who know him best, who have been watching him polish his self-serving national image, to the detriment of Arizona (really, folks, how has McCain helped our state?), are not going to be swayed. He could spend $100 million and won’t change our minds. I like Sarah Palin, but her coming to campaign for McCain won’t change my mind either.

  18. Johnny, I don’t think the national Democrat primary of 2008 is anything like this senate race.

    Even you point out that the Dems organized early in that primary. JD hasn’t even rolled out his campaign yet. I don’t know how familiar you are with campaigning, but this is not early. It is indeed late. The primary election for this senate race will be in the can in a little over 5 months.

    Also, JD is not the bright shiny, albeit fake, candidate that Obama was. He is “been there and done that” here is Arizona. He is not attracting positive support; he is counting on anger at McCain. That does not make for a good campaign. It makes for a mess.

    I know that there is a core of angry AZGOP people stirred by irrational and poor leadership, but this will not translate into a positive, well-run campaign for JD. It is the recipe for a bloody primary.

    I would also point out that the economy has tanked even more since 2007-2008. Resources are more scarce. While sometimes people donate in a primary and then again in a general, they may not be able to in these financially difficult times.

  19. Franks and McCain are on the same page on international controlled trade agreements like CAFTA, both in favor.

  20. Travis,

    While I understand this isn’t early, you are not looking at it the right way. If McCain was running unopposed has of now he would not be doing ANYTHING because he would not have to. So the fact that he is already spending money means there will be a lot of more of an organization in place than ever would have been no matter who wins the primary.

    Also you can say obama was likable abd everything but the attacks by Hillary and attacks by obama on hillary was anything but nice, it was a BRUTAL campaign with both sides using their attack dogs to say all the dirty things. And I can tell you right now when it comes to TV ads its not going to be JDs voice attack McCain it will be someone who endorsed JD or using McCain words against him.

    So you can point out these small differences all you like but my whole point is all the McCain people who say this hurts the party and waste resources are just wrong.

    Also you point out the bad economic times… but you forget the new Supreme Court decision… there really is not going to be any lack of cash flow when it comes to these races…

  21. Observe, really, are you that intelligent. Have you not watched all that McCain has stood strong for this year? You are what is embarassing. And, NO JD is not a bad human being, only one who likes to associate with criminals, pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get his name cleared, but only to be seen with the guy Abramoff in his restaurant, at his skyboxes, etc. Does some shady commenting on the radio and told to leave, failed in congress already with his drinking past and lack of any contribution…Ok, so not bad guy, just not a smart guy either. On the other side, look at who he is running against…McCain, strong, stands up against this disgusting goverment…we need his strength, age, history, knowledge and power at this time!

  22. mistake…not pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal bills, I think I just read that those are outstanding debts he still owes!

  23. Johnny: We disagree, but I appreciate your point of view and the dialogue.

  24. McCain is swinging to the right ONLY because he has a cridible opponent in the primary–JD Hayworth. McCain’s assault on the Obama administration is laudible but where was he in ’08? His haranguing of Republicans, especially those on the right, has been going on literally for decades. His support for amnesty of illegals, McCain -Feingold campaign control, cap and trade (oh, yeah, now he’s against it), closing Gitmo (uh, is he against that now?), Bernanke, (he voted against him after saying he was a great guy just last year)–and it goes on and on. He’s against earmarks, but voted for the pork-filled $780 Billion “Stimulus Package.” Can we really believe anything he says? JD has been a consistent conservative since he first got involved in politics.

  25. Stephen Kohut says

    Must be a slow day at McCain campaign headquarters to have all his staffers blogging on SA.

    McCain = spineless on healthcare = proamnesty = pro cap&tax = anti-first amendment rights = nasty as they come. I know I missed a few but that is enough to cover John’s finer points.

    I want to see how he is going to handle the PC’s protesting him at the Pima GOP Lincoln Day Dinner. The dinner’s theme is to honor the PC’s. Looks like John is not their choice of speaker to honor their efforts. Should be a hoot. I wonder if John will call them all liars like he did me the last time we talked.

    Earth to all McCainaics. The grassroots are ticked at John. No matter how you spin it primaries are grassroot elections and John is not the grassroots’ guy.

  26. I am not a McCain staffer. I am as grassroots as anyone on here. Making false allegations helps no one.

  27. You all crack me up!

    Is it inconceivable to you that other grassroots folks would have the ability or desire to just act on their own? It must be an evil effort of control and manipulation!

    Sadly, I am just a working girl (no cracks!)who happens to have the luxury of being able to access the blog while I do.

    I will not be so nasty, or foolish, as to assume you or Oberserve are old, cranky, retired folks with nothing better to do than rale away all day OR ne’er do wells with no job.

    I will choose to believe you are decent and honorable people who truly believe, as do I, in the candidate of our individual choosing. You are not a socialist, a liar, stupid, or even yikes…a Democrat.

    Neither am I.

  28. Admit it – you all voted for him in the past 26 years….

  29. Okay Ron, you got me. I admit I voted for McCain when there was no alternative. Just like a lot of people did. Guess what? There is an alternative now and it’s JD Hayworth. We will not be voting for McCain again!

  30. Travis NO LONGER works for McCain. But he did.

  31. Oberserve,

    Have you stopped taking your memory pills? We’ve had this debate and if my memory serves me, the Travis you are thinking of is not this Travis.

    That Travis now works for Vernon Parker…or did. You know, the guy Sheriff Joe just endorsed.

  32. Really, so which Travis is the Travis posting on SA?

    Also, I don’t think Sherrif Joe endorses the other Travis! lol

  33. No conservative will have anything to do with the ld8 Travis. Parker is just one more on the list of people that fired him.

  34. I have always liked and admired Bill Bennett, but in this instance I totally disagree with him. McCain is not “the man”, but rather the “old man” who needs to go.

    I believe what we are dealing with here, is a classic case of “country-club Republicans” defending one of their own. These men have been in Washington for a long time, and they support each other. Nothing wrong with that. However, that does not mean that this is what is best for Arizona. It is time for McCain to come home…permanently.

  35. The only one that surprises me is Trent Franks. I don’t understand at all why he doesn’t stand up for what he believes and tell McCain he made a mistake in endorsing him.

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