Sposito teams up with Wake up Arizona.

     There will be a fundraiser tonight in Phoenix for an LD 6 candidate. Several big hitters are listed on the invitation. No big news there. The name that stands out though is Southern Arizona LD 30 candidate Doug Sposito. He is going all the way to Maricopa County to fund his campaign. Further examination of the event sponsors reveals that this is a who’s who of the anti employer sanctions crowd: Mac Magruder, Jason LeVecke, Gordon James, Steve Chucri, and Jim Click. This is the crowd that threatened to run Republican candidates in primary races that would gut the employer sanctions law. I guess we now know where Sposito lines up on the issue. Sposito is also a fan of the T.I.M.E. initiative. That’s what we need right now. Higher taxes and another big government spending program. This from a Republican.


     The 3 other more conservative candidates in the LD 30 GOP primary are Frank Antenori, Sharon Collins, and David Gowan.

     Sposito is using the same template he did 4 years ago. Start out as a conservative and during the campaign slowly drift to the left. If this guy ever gets in the legislature he might make Steve Farley blush.

Hat tip to Seeing Red AZ for breaking the story.


  1. pimafrank says

    So a Republican who waddles up to the public trough to finance his/her campaign is more conservative than one who does not? Give me a break! Josey’s arguement against Sposito is the same argument that the left used to give us McCainFeingold and Clean Elections. Do you really believe that a $390 donation from Macgruder will change the way Sposito votes? What about the hundreds of other donors to his campaign, do they all get a vote too? Josey’s logic on this is decidedly leftist. Is that what you really mean Josey, that left was right all along about public financing? Your post also sets up the straw man logical fallacy. Sposito could not change the employer sanctions law even if he wanted to. Its a done deal, and moreover, the people are apparently going to vote on it this fall as well. And when they do, the law cannot be changed, according to the AZ constitution.

  2. auntieem says

    Regardless of your argument, Pimafrank, the fact still stands that he’s got to drive to another COUNTY to find the wallets that like him enough to open up.

    And further, people probably aren’t donating because they like Frank. They’re donating to kiss up to the other folks on the Host list and the other folks in attendance.

    Fundraisers are as much about paying for the “see and be seen” or future favor debt-building as they are funding objectives.

  3. SonoranSam says

    I’m always amused by your intra-party cat fights – not that the ones on the other side are any less nasty.

    But for purposes of information, I’ll remind those who don’t know – or forgot – that the “other” name on this fundraiser is Tony Bouie, who has a little bit of Wildcat glitter attached to him….

    He played college ball for the UA, as well as college baseball. I’m sure he could raise plenty-o-bucks South of the Gila.

  4. Pima your point about Clean Elections does not apply to Frank Antenori due to the fact that he is running traditional.

    I did not vote for Clean Elections. None the less it is the law of the land. If you enjoy funding your opponents campaign then by all means traditional fundraising is the way to go. Remember Clean Elections is funded by voluntary check off on income tax forms, $5 contributions, and people who choose to drive over the speed limit NOT general tax revenue. Again, I didn’t vote for it but it is the law.

  5. catsclaw says


    The employer sanction bill that is on the ballot this fall is not the one that came out of the legislature in 2007. This bill weakens the current law and is supported by MacGruder and Gordon James. They are part of the group that has been fighting the 2007 employer sanction law.

  6. pimafrank says

    Josey, you did not rebut my fundamental argument that you are now defending and promoting the leftist arguments that gave us so-called campaign finance reform and Clean Elections. Let me repeat it for you: “Government money is good, private money is evil, ergo, all who accept private money are at best inviting undo influence, or at worst are corrupt”. Do you really believe that, as your post and rebuttal suggest? And if you do believe it then how can you plausibly position yourself as a rock solid conservative?

    And what happens to your logic about Sposito if we find out that good conservatives like Hayworth, Pearce, Shadegg, or Franks ever took money from any of the people listed on fundraiser invite? Are they now in-line with the open-borders crowd because they accept their money? Or could it be that people are more complicated than you would like to admit? You can agree with someone on most things, but disagree on some very important things.

  7. GOP Boomer Gal says

    How is Tony Bouie doing? There was an article in the Citizen in February of this year that he was fighting cancer.

    He must be doing well if he is running for office.

  8. Reflection, distorted says

    I met him, he seemed completely solid to me. Didn’t hear anything about cancer.

  9. Boomer Gal,
    I talked to Tony at length. Earlier this year he underwent Cancer treatment as a result of a routine examination that was required by a Life Insurance Company. A more recent examination, after the completion of the treatment, revealed he is Cancer-Free.
    Either the treatment was successful and that will make him a Cancer Survivor or he was miss-diagnosed initially and that would make him a Lucky Man.
    Either way he is fine and my family and I are supporting his political ambitions.

  10. I too Boomer Gal know Tony Bouie. Mr. Bouie is now Cancer-free. His health will NOT be a matter in this election. Bouie is a breath of fresh air in Arizona politics. He is a self-made, successful businessman, former U of A football All-American and NFL Player. Tony Bouie has been a success in every endeavor he has been involved with; becoming the District 6 State Rep will be just another great accomplishment for him.
    Tony is a rising new star in Arizona Republican politics and I can hardly wait until many of you meet him. Your going to like him!

  11. Keen Observer says

    It’s hard to meet someone if they dodge the one and only debate before early balloting begins.

  12. If TonyGOPprano likes him, sound the RINO-alarm!

    Also Pimafrank, your point about Sposito’s “hundreds” of other donors would sound better if the guy had hundreds. Frankly, he lacks for “dozens”, so the point that the guy has no support where he lives and has to drive to Phoenix to collect a bucket from the open-border crowd still applies.

    Moreover, WHO you take money from, even disregarding where they live, IS an indicated of how you will vote. I guarantee that the people hosting that fundraiser checked Sposito’s position on amnesty and illegals before agreeing to do the event.

  13. Pima I am not criticizing Sposito or saying that private money is evil. It is what it is and this is the Wake up Arizona crowd. If you like what they stand for then vote for Sposito, he is your guy.

    You are right. Sposito is not going to be swayed for $390. This is not a random gathering of Republicans. They have a specific outlook and if Sposito did not agree he would not have been part of the event.

  14. It’s good to see the Snoring Alliance promoting Wake Up Arizona. Easy on the Lunesta, guys!

  15. Big Sister says

    Hey Josey,

    If you’re gonna pick on folks, keep it honest. Your man Paton is on the list.

    What a bunch of hypocrites. Pearce is OK to go clean but others aren’t. Paton is overlooked on guilt by association attempt.

    Credibility, you don’t need no stinkin’ credibility! You got your little blog and a phony name (that you can change whenever the old one gets tired) and never have to take a public shot. Just blow-hard and go-hard.

  16. Keen Observer says

    Paton is uncontested primary, what good would it do to damage him now. I believe a lot of people are probably disappointed that Paton appears on this invite.

    I’m sure this will be entered into peoples long term memory.

  17. Good job sister, you can read. Yes Paton is on the list for all to see. Since he has no primary challenge and will probably thump the Democrat challenger at the polls there is not much story there. But if you have something to say about Jonathan go ahead and say it.

    Again, I don’t care if a candidate goes clean or not. For that matter I do not care who is supporting traditional candidates. I was just providing information about who is supporting a candidate for the legislature. The voters will decide. Should they have more or less information? You seem to think they should have less information. I disagree. Sposito is welcome to correct or counter anything this blog has to say.

  18. Big Sister says

    Lousy try to move the message. No limit of information from me. You however, would choose to tailor the message to suit your agenda. Hardly information for information sake.

    Admit your purpose and at least be honest. Anything else is a sham and reflects the same onto this site.

  19. Ur so Crazy says

    I’m concerned about Kirk Adams being supported by the likes of Ferrell Quinlan. Adams used to be a great conservative and now that I see him associating with “them” I wonder hummmmmmm ……………

  20. Sposito is currently a defendant in a civil case in Pima County… makes for interesting reading… especially the depositions.


  1. […]      Doug Sposito filed a trigger report on August 5th showing campaign spending over $25,000. He had only raised $6,064 as of May 31st so he has been doing very well lately. I wonder if all of Sposito’s new money has anything to do with his trip to Phoenix. […]

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