Spitzer Goes to FERC

The Arizona Republican party just announced that Marc Spitzer will be sworn in to serve on the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission effective Monday, July 24th. That means he will be resigning from his current position on the Arizona Corporation Commission leaving an immediate vacancy. According to the Arizona Constitution, the Governor has the power to appoint a replacement. The big question is who will she pick?

In this election cycle, State Representative Gary Pierce withdrew from his re-election bid to the House to run for the expected vacancy. Pierce is a conservative Republican from the east valley and stands the best chance to win the open seat. Two Democrats and a Libertarian are also vying for the position. However, the Governor must replace the vacant position with another Republican, Spitzer’s affiliation. Governor Napolitano could choose Pierce to replace Spitzer but that would allow Pierce to approach the race as the incumbent.

Napolitano is more than likely to choose a RINO (Republican In Name Only) to replace Spitzer and I would venture to assert, based on her appointment of other high profile agency heads, she’ll pick someone like Roberta Voss or Carol Springer. Of course, this is all speculation based on her history of appointing RINOs like Betsey Bayless or Sue Gerard (both women lost to conservative Republicans in the last two election cycles). I’m almost willing to bet she’s going through her rolodex of WISH-list women to see who she can pull to fill the spot.

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