Specter’s Magic Bullet: Rino Tastes Just Like Pork

by Gayle Plato-Besley
Arlen Specter

Maybe because it’s his birthday next week, or maybe the bout with cancer.  Maybe Arlen Specter owes somebody somewhere and feels sad that Ted Kennedy was sick during all the voting. Point is,  even though he is a RINO, Mr. Specter realizes what  an impossible porking this stimulus means.  Who really knows why Arlen Specter jumped?

I think Specter’s voter fraud shot at the Republican body was another “magic bullet”.

You do know that Specter is the developer of the Magic Bullet theory of the President Kennedy assassination? Well this week,  Mr. Specter hit the head, darted across the senate floor, grazing Lindsay Graham and John McCain, while barely missing Barbara Boxer.  He then landed in Susan Collins’ lap, only to sharply and impossibly turn to the far left.  This Magic Specter Bullet  dropped, in pristine form, onto the palm of ‘Pilot‘, our own Machurian Candidate himself: POTUS B.O.
I see Hillary Clinton as the Angela Lansbury character, with her maternal puppet mastery, strings tied all over the hands of the power machine.

All we really need is the Stimulus Bill version of the Zapruder film of clarity to show everybody what really happened after this thing blows up.  But the real question is this:  if there’s a magic bullet, where’s the rifle and who’s the patsy in the book depository?


  1. And we might recall that in his last re-election bid, Specter was supported over a conservative by the RINO-in-chief George W. Bush. Although I voted for him twice(look at the alternatives)Bush has been the downfall of the Republican party and the reason conservatism must redefine itself from the ground up.

    Perhaps the Bush clan can find the true respect they so deserve on the Saudi peninsula–I hear Idi Amin’s retirement estate is vacant!

  2. Iris Lynch says

    Nova, I love it! ANd as was mentioned elsewhere, let’s start a look see for a primary candidate to unzip Specter (spector?). I would contribute. Just because someone is in another state and we can’t VOTE for him/her, we CAN vote with dough.

  3. Basil St. John says

    I understand that y’all don’t like Obama, but the Manchurian candidate analogy doesn’t hold up very well, does it? Unless you think he was brainwashed while being raised overseas and Hillary lost the primaries on purpose just to get him elected and is secretly in control of him, along with his communist (or is Islamic) masters and … I don’t know where this is going.

    Now my head hurts just trying to figure out what you’re alluding to.

    Maybe you just like the sound of the words Manchurian Candidate?

  4. Please, please, please trying to get all RINOs out of the Republican party…and into our Democratic party!

    We have no equivalent to RINOS, you’ll notice. That’s why we’re the majority party and your party registration is shrinking with every passing year.

  5. Wow, the decline of the conservative movement is happening much faster than anyone could have predicted.

    Well done!


    The conservative knowledge of pop culture is equal to or lesser than the producers of “Meet the Spartans”.

  6. “In contemporary America, the right is now in an almost parodic state of ideology. There isn’t just a rigid set of beliefs, indifferent to any time or place (e.g. tax cuts are right in a boom and a recession, in surplus and debt); it is supported by a full-fledged organization or “movement”; this “movement” generates journals and magazines and blogs designed fundamentally to buttress the cause; and the most salient distinction discussed in these circles is between those who are for the cause and those against it (with particular scorn for any dissidents). There is, for good measure, always an enemies list, to maintain morale: the dreaded libruls! New leaders emerge because small groups of the ideological intelligentsia select them on the grounds of their conformance with the ideology — Palin and Jindal spring to mind. Or previously rational figures have to convert to full obedience to the tenets of the new faith if they are to become proper “conservatives” — McCain, Romney, two otherwise capable figures turned into hollow shells by the need to kowtow to fanatics. The final phase of this ghastly cycle is the Limbaugh-Coulter phase, in which nothing is left of the conservative cat, except a preening narcissism-as-entertainment grin.” – Andrew Sullivan

  7. Andrew Sullivan sounds like an idiot.
    In politics, if the other side thinks you are “rational”, it just means you stand for nothing.

  8. Basil St. John says

    Andrew Sullivan isn’t the other side. He’s a conservative. He (along with many others) is just disgusted with the state of the GOP.

    But be sure to let him know he’s not welcome in the party, either!

  9. First of all Basil, define what you mean by conservative. If he is disgusted with Rush, he is no conservative.
    Why is it that only people who criticize real conservatives are said to destroying the party? The “moderates” in the party would like nothing better than to get rid of anyone who stands up for anything. Then all you would have left are people who think like democrats. Our country is in the mess it is in because of all the “moderates” who worked with democrats and let all of this dangerous “slip into socialism” happen.

  10. Check out the “conservative” Andrew Sullivan. Rush should be proud to have this man against him.

  11. Basil St. John says

    Sullivan may be an idiot, but I think your posts are pretty much proving his point, DeAnn.

  12. Basil,
    If you read what the man says, I prove the point that Andrew Sullivan is no conservative. He urged everyone to vote for Barack Obama, as well as a lot of other liberal nonsense. Anyone can say that they are “conservative”, but Andrew’s writings say what he really believes. I just wish writers would be honest and quit trying to prove they are conservative and proudly admit they are liberal.

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