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Loomis introducing Giffords

     The Town of Oro Valley held their usual Independence Day celebration put on by GOVAC. The place was packed with local residents and politicians have learned to make a showing. The only one allowed to speak though was Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. When asked about his decision, Oro Valley Mayor Paul Loomis responded that it was a federal holiday. Senator Tim Bee was there and had requested to speak as well but was rebuffed by the mayor. Daniel Scarpinato wrote about the same thing happening over in Marana. Should Loomis have allowed Bee to speak if he allowed Giffords? It is a federal holiday but Arizona is also part of the federation. Giffords does represent the area in congress. Bee represents another district but as President of the State Senate doesn’t he represent all of Arizona? It is a valid question, Loomis made a judgment call and we wonder if our readers have any thoughts.

     I spoke briefly with Giffords at the event. She was very friendly and alluded to some recent news about Kolbe. It was hard to understand what she was saying but when I got home and saw the news I understood exactly what she meant. Several other media outlets have commented on Kolbe’s decision to no longer support the Bee campaign. I would like to thank Ted for the link and especially the history lesson. Since my great-grandfather only worked part time in Tucson during the 1890’s I appreciate Ted’s little reminders about the political history of Southern Arizona. Duly noted Ted, Kolbe must know something.


  1. GOP Boomer Gal says

    When Kolbe was in congress, he spoke at the event every year without the Democrat opponent speaking, so I guess I could see Loomis’ point.

  2. Was the opponent ever the President of the State Senate or even an elected official?

  3. Josey,

    Does it matter? It’s consistency. Is Tim Bee more equal than others because he’s a elected official?

  4. No he’s only THE PRESIDENT OF THE ARIZONA SENATE and the most prominent elected leader from the legislature in Southern Arizona. Loomis made a huge faux pas and needs to be reminded. If Bee was some unelected challenger coming out of nowhere, he was correct in denying the mic. But this is a big blunder and politicians don’t forget incidents like this.

  5. Oro Valley Mom says

    There quite a few elected officials present who did not get to speak, including Supervisor Ann Day, Representatives Nancy Young Wright and Pete Hershberger, and at least three Town Council members, all of whom actually represent the people in the audience. I’m not a fan of Giffords (or Loomis, for that matter), but having the Mayor say a few words, and having the senior elected official say a few words was probably plenty for the folks who were just there to enjoy the show. Giffords and Loomis were boring enough.

  6. DSW,

    So he *is* more equal than others. Check.

  7. Klute,

    Just as Giffords (and Grijalva) represent Southern Arizona at the federal level, Bee represents the highest titled elected official from Southern Arizona at the state level. I suppose Ann Day could have spoke as the Supervisorial District Rep but that would have probably bored the attendees. So if you want to apply the same standard, I guess Giffords is more equal than others.

    Perhaps no elected officials should have spoke with the exception of the Mayor who hosted the event?

  8. It’s up to the Mayor’s discretion: his policy of it being a Federal holiday and thus allowing Federal representatives to speak is pretty unambiguous.

    Were any of Kolbe’s challengers permitted to speak in previous 4th of July celebrations in 2004, 2002, and so on? If not, did you object with the same veracity you are now?

    Now, you may not like the fact that she’s the CD8 representative, and your welcome to attempt to change that in November. But, as John McCain was so fond of saying: elections have consequences.

    But don’t worry, Tim Bee’s going to be getting all kinds of free press when Captain 29% comes to town to fundraise. And hopefully, they’ll be plenty of photos of them standing together that Gabby can use in her literature.

  9. anonymouse says

    Ok so what did little Miss Gabby say ?

  10. GOP Boomer Gal says

    She said she voted to allow unions to quash secret ballots because people need to be hassled by union thugs.

    She said she didn’t vote to bring the “Freedom to Broadcast” bill to the floor because she’s for free speech as long as it’s politically correct.

  11. Speaking of Gabby Giffords and hassling…I witnessed Gabby’s thug with a video camera following Tim Bee around as he walked though a 4th of July event. Not just filming him speaking but follwing him around everywhere. That’s pretty much harrassment. I’m sure Gabby is claiming purity on this one too. Well, the cute good girl image don’t play–she hasn’t called these bozos off. Gabby, you should be ashamed of yourself. Call off the perverted stalkers with the cameras, what a bunch of sickos you Democrats are. Sick, sick, sick.

    Politics may be a contact sport and it may be a fine line between ops research and harrassment but that was over the line. If some guy was following her around with a video camera everwhere she walked, I’m guessing her Spaceman wouldn’t take to kindly to that.

  12. The Bee campaign is always welcome to follow the guy following him.

  13. I can just see that parade, 50 people, Dems and Reps alternating, following each other around with cameras. They’d have to have their own traffic control. Come to think of it, that’s a damn funny scene for a movie. Dibs.

    Hey, I just want to see the video. Make sure they got my good side. I’m ready for my closeup, Ms. Giffords.

  14. anonymouse says

    I agree totally with Josey. (comment # 12)

  15. Live Free or Die says

    Tim Bee is a traitor to the Republican cause. He made his own budget deal with the Governor outside of his own Republican leadership team. He was one of only four members of the seventeen member republican caucus in the Senate to vote to for the garbage budget.

    Tim Bee sponsored the 1 man 1 woman marriage amendment in the Senate then was too gutless to move the bill.

    We don’t need any more weakling Republicans like Tim Bee in Congress.

  16. Iris Lynch says

    You missed an important point..Kolbe has refused to endorse Bee. His FEELINGS are hurt as Tim was the deciding vote re: marriage between a man and a woman. Not that Kolbe is interested in getting married, but if you can’t get YOUR guy to dance to your tune, why bother supporting him?

    Imagine, a politician (BEE) with daring.

    And, yes, Tim should have been allowed to speak. It was a reasonable request.

  17. “And, yes, Tim should have been allowed to speak. It was a reasonable request.”

    And Iris, you’d extended the same courtesy in 2010 if Tim Bee wins and the Democratic candidate wants to speak?

  18. …If he or she is the president of the Arizona Senate, don’t forget that part of the question, Klute.

  19. And again, the hypocrisy amazes me. You’re all so damn desperate for Bee to win, you’re willing to come up with these insane hypocritical scenarios:

    “OK, let’s see, a the Democratic candidate was never allowed to speak when the GOP candidate was allowed to in the past… What’s the difference, what’s the difference [tap, tap, tap]… I GOT IT! Tim Bee is State Senate! But he’s from a different district. Damn. Wait! He’s the PRESIDENT of the State Senate! That gives us the cover!”

    I’m not forgetting the question, Bob. It’s *irrelevant*. And it’s why, even though I’m often more ideologically pre-disposed (Catholic, pro-life, pro-gun) to be a Republican, I will never be one. The intellectual dishonesty things like this is maddening. Just be honest about it for God’s sake – you’re all upset Tim Bee didn’t get to speak to balance out Gabby Giffords.

    It’s like the “oh noes! They’re doing oppo on Tim Bee!” Has anyone here worked in a modern campaign? This is a common occurance. If Tim Bee had the resources (a volunteer and/or paid staff) he’d be doing it. To say, Bob, that Democrats are sick people for doing stuff like this like you’ve somehow suffered a stroke and forgotten the last 26 years of American politics. Anyone remember the Brooks Brothers riot in Miami? The assault on the DNC media center in 1992?

    This is why the American people is turning its back on the Republican party, why people sneer when they hear Fox News say they’re “fair and balanced”, why America is the cusp of electing Barack Obama and handing the Supreme Court over to the left for a generation.

    I’d just as soon let you guys continue with it – keep talking out of both sides of your mouth, keep the hypocrisy cranked up to 11. It’ll make it so much easier and that much more fun for the Left to come to and stay in power.

  20. 11? It’s one louder, it’s not ten.

    OK, I don’t care that he didn’t speak in Marana or Oro Valley for that matter. I DON’T CARE. OK? I was just suggesting that he is more than a generic opposing party candidate as you suggested in your hypothetical question to Iris. I’m sure you would agree to that much. If Mike Hellon had been the presumptive nominee and had asked to speak, the decision would have been much easier–not currently or previously an elected office holder of significance to the venue. Apparently you have also had a stroke and forgotten all about modern politics as well, it’s the job of every campaign to get their candidate in front of every venue possible, can’t fault them for trying. Of course it was a reasonable request and probably a reasonable response–certainly a judgement call and not B&W. Good discussion on SA + comments on the issue though.

    As far as Gabby-O-crats filming every step Bee takes…not just his speech but as he walks around the event…just seems a little weird to me that’s all. So apparently they ARE a little worried about Tim as a threat to the incumbent. And, I’ll add, that Gabby’s husband, in MY opinion, would not take kindly to what I saw the other day if it was some GOP punk spy following her around every step she took. Just looks a little creepy. You might agree with me at least a little on that. You may not. You want to turn this into a cartoonish Mad magazine Spy vs. Spy, go right ahead, I’m sure the folks as SanDisk will appreciate the sales of extra memory for your video recorders.

    You want to expand the debate to national politics? Ok. How much cheaper has gas gotten with the dems in power in congress? How has the war ended? How have the scandals and conflicts of interest been reduced? How has the influence of lobbyists been reduced. How has the national debt been reduced? These are all things the left ran on two years ago. “Change can’t wait?”, more like “Change didn’t happen”. Sorry I’m not reverberating with excitement over Soros Nation. Keep your anger level at 11. Bush/Cheney are on the way out in a few months and someone else is going to have their turn in the hot seat.

  21. If this was a City or Government sponsored event I believe the Mayor is mandated by law to allow the opponents to speak.

  22. “…generic opposing party candidate as you suggested in your hypothetical question to Iris. I’m sure you would agree to that much.”

    Not really. There’s an old joke in politics (I heard it told in relation to Bill Bradley). Bill Bradley goes to a banquet and wants extra butter for his roll. He goes to waiter and asks, the waiter refuses. Bradley says “Don’t you know who I am?”. The waiter responds – “Don’t you know who I am?”. Bradley says no. The waiter responds: “I’m the guy who hands out the butter”.

    Point being, everyone is important at one time or another. Tim Bee doesn’t get any more or less respect from me over another elected official because he’s got the almighty gavel. And frankly, Tim Bee doesn’t appear all the effective, what with his surrender to Janet on the budget, and the his near-inability to get the Marriage Amendment on the budget.

    “…it’s the job of every campaign to get their candidate in front of every venue possible, can’t fault them for trying.”

    Fine, then frame it as that. But don’t try to come up with some “fairness” gambit when “fairness” was never considered when it was our guy on the bench.

    “Just looks a little creepy.”

    It’s a lot creepy. It’s also an effective campaign tactic (see: George Allen’s “Macaca” moment). But everyone does it – and either Tim Bee doesn’t have the funds, volunteers, or killer instinct to do it.

    “How much cheaper has gas gotten with the dems in power in congress?”

    Without getting into a bladder-relieving contest over who did what, let me just say I’m not displeased with gas prices. I saw the writing on the wall years ago, and adjusted my lifestyle to compensate. I think high gas prices are the only thing that’s going to get this country serious about nuclear power, and from there, fission to fusion – the next big technological step for humanity.

    “How has the war ended?”

    No, and I’m displeased with that and am voting for candidates who are most likely to end the war and who are putting their political capital in escrow on that issue. If Obama doesn’t end the war, I’ll be as mad at him as I am at Bush (moreso, because Obama will have broken his promise).

    “How have the scandals and conflicts of interest been reduced?”

    Yeah, kinda.

    “How has the national debt been reduced?”

    When the president submits a balanced budget, maybe we can get started on that.

    But to your point, has the Democratic congress done everything I want them to? No. Have they done some of the things I want them to? A lot more than the GOP did. So, am I satisfied? No. Am I willing to give them an extension? Yes.

    “Keep your anger level at 11.”

    It is. It doesn’t matter if it’s an elephant or a donkey pulling the cart. If the government fails to do its job right, it earns my emnity, and no recitation of platitudes makes me give anyone a pass.

  23. Walt,

    Got that statute handy?

  24. Wow, we actually agree on nuke plants…

  25. Iris Lynch says

    In answer to your q to me, IF the event is a public event, as was the one in question, and NOT a strickly partisan event like a party meeting, etc., then yes. I believe it is so in the first amendment.

  26. Iris,

    The 1st Amendment does not guarantee Tim Bee the platform anymore than it gives me access to the airwaves to balance out Rush Limbaugh.

  27. Comment 15 says it all! I couldn’t agree more.

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