Speaker Weiers names worksite enforcement ad hoc committee

Speaker Jim Weiers (R) 

Arizona House of Representatives
1700 West Washington Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2844
Phone:  (602) 926-3233 FAX: (602) 417-3120


     (State Capitol, Phoenix) – House Speaker Jim Weiers announced Wednesday he filled the Ad Hoc Committee on Arizona Businesses and Illegal Immigration with a wide range of business leaders, some who support the new law and some who oppose it.

“I want to hear from people across the spectrum on this issue,” Weiers said. “I will not support a watering down of the law but if the business community can help the Legislature with some fine-tuning, I look forward to hearing their recommendations.”

The committee will provide a forum to discuss the new worksite enforcement law that goes into effect Jan. 1.

The Committee consists of:

Pat Quinn, President, Qwest Arizona
Sarah Strunk, attorney, Fenemore Craig
Richard Bark, attorney, Gallagher and Kennedy
Tim Dunn, owner, Dunn Farms
Ed Cook, executive director, Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Committee
Jason LeVecke, owner of several Carl’s Jr. and Pizza Patron restaurants
Ken Rosevear, executive director, Yuma Chamber of Commerce
Doug Quelland, owner, Thank Q Rentals
Todd Sanders, vice president, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
R. Randall Nye, senior vice president and general counsel, Sundt Construction Inc
Richard Bibee, general manager, Renaissance Scottsdale Resort
Mitch Laird, franchisee, Burger King
Jolynn Clark, manager of staffing, Salt River Project
Armando Rios, owner, Rios Consulting

The meetings will start later this month and will be open to the public.


  1. “a wide range of business leaders, some who support the new law and some who oppose it.”

    It would be nice if they had identified the preferences of the members – pro or anti workplace enforcement. I recognize many of the members as being anti-workplace enforcement (many in the Magrude Wake-Up Org), but I cannot identify any as ever having been viewed as pro-workplace enforcement.

  2. Kralmajales says

    Ahahahahahah the beginning of the back-pedalling. The monied interests and business groups in your party will NOT stand for this legislation. It hurts the Arizona economy. Weiers is clearly about to punt the ball he had been running down the field. It might have to do with the threat of Jim Click and McGruder (???) to withdraw their support and even TARGET him and Pearce for bringing us this anti-business law.

    Watch closely border hawks. I betcha they water it down. I betcha dollars to donuts that “critical” industries are exempted (like Agriculture and home-building)…because it is “too hard to account for their workers”.

  3. You betcha they will water it down! We all need to continue to support Don Goldwater’s Initiative! http://www.legalarizonaworkers.com

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