Speaker Kirk Adams on the Budget

For Immediate Release: March 11, 2010

The following statement is attributed to Speaker Adams and President Burns:

“Today, our legislative leadership came together to produce viable solutions to Arizona’s tremendous budget problems. The road to this point hasn’t been easy. We’ve had to make decisions that were tough and we know that not everyone will be happy with the difficult choices we’ve made.

The most necessary choices, however, are not always the most popular. But, needless to say, our goal was never popularity. Our job was to right size Arizona’s budget, and we are.

At the end of the day, the hard decisions made by those of us who were willing to take the political risk will help Arizona get back on the path toward a balanced budget.

That’s more than we can say for our Democratic counterparts, who, despite repeated invitations to join the discussion by submitting their own budget solutions, never stepped up to the plate.

Instead of choosing to do the hard and gritty work of creating their own budget, they chose to play politics. And, with that choice, they effectively marginalized themselves and play no part in solving the largest deficit in state history.

These kinds of political games do not demonstrate the kind of leadership that Arizonans deserve.”


  1. In 2010 Republican “leadership” = raising taxes.

    To sum up the above statement in non-politico English.

    We’re raising your taxes, but since you have no one else to vote for, reelect us. Thx.

  2. Stephen Kohut says

    The sales tax increase ballot measure rests on RINO Governor Brewer. She refused any alternatives that did not include this massive tax increase. The fix is easy. Vote down the tax increase in May and complete a RINOectomy on Brewer in the August primary. Tax issue solved. Take an axe to the budget and get it down to where it should be which is balanced with projected revenue.

  3. Yah right. says

    I can hardly wait until the voters vote against killing off the voter mandates, raise taxes, and then force the legislature to raise taxes enough to actually fund state government.

    Norquist drowned in his bathtub. Now comes the hard part. Actually governing without a majority.

    I don’t think much for the republican chances in November, as the kill RINO meme destroys what is left of the middle of the republican party.

    But hey, it will be a very small pure party.

    Kirk, the former speaker played you like a violin, feel the love as you eat the crap sandwich he left you?

  4. Regarding:

    These kinds of political games do not demonstrate the kind of leadership that Arizonans deserve.”

    Unfortunately, Adams and Burns don’t either. Repbulican legislators did a bad job choosing their top leadership.

  5. Stephen Kohut says

    Booting happens in primaries, not general elections.

    Given a choice of massive tax increase or spending cuts people will choose cuts versus forking out more money they don’t have.

  6. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says

    Speaker Adams is faced with a difficult situation. He is a decent man and I think he would have been prepared to deal with a detailed, reasonable Democratic proposal. Getting one is another thing.
    I suspect the sales tax increase will fail before the voters, though. We are about to see another round of cuts that will be far more painful than any of the others.

  7. Stephen Kohut says


    The worst part is the legislature has to deal with a stubborn RINO tax and spend governor. If there is any differnce between Brewer and Napolitano I’ve yet to find it. Good news is that we can fix the Brewer problem in the primary.

  8. Now lessee!

    Brewer and McCain share consultants.

    Brewer picks a fight with the legislature over sales tax increase.

    Brewer endorses McCain and makes the sales tax package a major campaign plank

    McCain and Kyl announce opposition to sales tax increase

    Methinks Brewer just got tossed under the bus!

    McCain is just being McCain!

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