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Here’s a quick vid just released by the Goldwater Institute:

As Political Arizona broke the story on Wednesday night, the Governor and Legislature appear to have a deal in the works to send the legislature into session to consider trailer bills which make adjustments to the current budget. In exchange, the Governor will get her desired 18% tax increase sent to the ballot this November.

Make the calls!


  1. That “breaking news” isn’t exactly breaking at all. It was known more than 2 weeks ago, when Senate President Bob Burns announced there was a tentative deal on the tax portion of the budget.

    In fact, my colleague and I wrote about it that day, and the manner in which the tax proposal would be accounted for in our June 10 story is exactly the way it is structured in the deal announced today.


    Jim Small
    AZ Capitol Times

  2. That ad is perfect.

  3. Why should anybody call.. the legislature. They have proved that they are willing to permit higher sales taxes. There is nothing left to know. Calls have failed.

  4. What about the fact that part of the deal is a flat tax which will mean lower taxes for wealthy people and an increase for lower-income families. Some people are going to be getting significant income tax decreases.

  5. Not so fast AZ Capitol Times!

    According to a conversation with leadership over a week ago, there was NO deal whatsoever.

  6. confused says

    What is wrong with the Legislature giving this to the voters to decide? Everyone was all for the opportunity to vote on the gay marriage ban and is antsy to get rid of affirmative action. Seems a bit hypocritical. If you don’t like it, vote “no.” But don’t try to prevent the people from having the opportunity to say “yes” if they so chose.
    I’m not sure where I am on this yet, but I would like the opportunity to decide for myself since my elected officials seem pretty incompetent.

  7. Goldwater should put that ad on tv and many more like it.

  8. CopperDome says


    Have you ever gotten a job from a business owner who made less than $75-100K? If so (unlikely), could you comfortably raise a family on what you made there? I didn’t think so.

    Most small/medium-sized business owners re-invest most of their profits, which creates jobs, rather than consume more. That’s exactly what we need right now.

    People don’t understand fundamental economic realities if they think we can have it both ways. We can’t have disproportionally high business taxes AND robust high-wage job creation at the same time.

    We’ve tried for years and, shockingly, it continues to not work! Time for a new approach.

  9. CopperDome says


    Perfect nickname. You are comparing constitutional amendments, which MUST be sent to the ballot, with a statutory change (in this case, a tax increase), which only has to go to the ballot if only a simple majority can be mustered, rather than the 2/3 necessary to pass it legislatively.

    Besides, the Democrats secretly (but transparently) WANT a government shutdown so they can play politics with it. Even if all 35/18 Republicans suddenly supported a tax increase, the Dems would find a reason to vote against it.

  10. Parent X says

    Clever ad. Too bad it doesn’t mention the fact that even the most conservative groups (ALEC, Tax Research Association) show that Arizona already has one of the lowest state and local income taxes in the United States.

    Also doesn’t mention that the average person doesn’t pay anywhere close to their tax bracket rate because we have more loopholes in Arizona tax code than you can shake a stick at. Check it yourselves — our family paid less than 2% in state income tax last year, and that was with just a mortgage & a couple of basic tax credit deductions.

    The Goldwater Institute isn’t being honest with us – they are just playing to the knee-jerk ‘we hate taxes’ crowd. Newsflash: EVERYONE hates paying taxes…but we also all enjoy the benefits of having paved roads, stoplights, public education and police services.

    Tax reform in our state means taking an honest accounting of our government expenses, making our state/local services more efficient and less wasteful and reforming our tax code so we all pay our honest share. Yes – I said honest – there are a lot of companies and individuals that don’t pay a dime in state income tax…and that places a higher burden on the rest of us.

    And by the way…I’d bet my house that the Goldwater board isn’t paying anything near their tax bracket rate either. They also are the special interest group that has been behind all the new & increased tax credits for private schools — just this month two more of them passed through the house despite our $4 BILLION dollar deficit. More tax payer money to School Tuition Organizations (STOs) which are currently sitting on over $9million of our tax dollars in their private bank accounts? Forgive me if the GI’s hypocrisy rings a bit hollow!

  11. Supporter of Goldwater Institute says

    Love that Darcy Olsen! She is an icon in conservatism. I admire every word she speaks. 🙂

  12. CopperDome,
    Income tax rates on upper-income people in this state are not high at all. But how about my larger point which is the flat tax proposal appears to raise taxes on low income people.

    PS. The historical reality is that the time of highest corporate profits, largest increase in standard of living, and highest corporate tax rates all occurred at the same time in the mid 20th century. What we have seen in the past 30 years is continuing lower taxes on businesses and a complete flat-lining of wages.

  13. I would also like to add that this video is also wrong on what the average state tax burden per individual is. The tax foundation estimates that local *and* state tax burden is 8.5% of income. Median income in the state is ~ $48,000 which would calculate to an average of $4080 a year in local and state tax burden. This is significantly lower than what is claimed in the video as $6000 for just state taxes.

  14. Kenny Jacobs says

    Copperdome wrote: “Besides, the Democrats secretly (but transparently) WANT a government shutdown so they can play politics with it. Even if all 35/18 Republicans suddenly supported a tax increase, the Dems would find a reason to vote against it.”

    There are plenty of reasons to vote against this Republican budget, regressive tax increases included. Care to backup your assertion that Democrats want a government shutdown? Until you provide it we can just assume you made it up.

  15. There are no Democrats that want a shut down of Arizona state government. Either they think that government services are so essential that society would quickly collapse without them or they are afraid of the public learning how non-essential government services really are.

    I would not be at all surprised when the smoke clears to learn that several Democrats vote for enough bills to prevent any interruption in government services.

  16. Maricopa GOP says


    Does that count sales taxes (9.9%) + excise taxes + property taxes + income taxes + capital gains taxes + savings interest taxes + utility taxes + corporate taxes passed on to consumers + gasoline taxes + the unseen unnecessary over-regulation taxes + … + … + etc.?

    I think not!

  17. Kenny Jacobs says

    Maricopa GOP and some others on this site seem enamoured of the rhetorical question in which a question is posed for effect without the intention of receiving a response. That seems to be the hallmark of conservatism as displayed here at SA.

    Maricopa GOP, your “question” will get a response. Local + State tax burdens were ranked by The Tax Foundation here: http://www.taxfoundation.org/taxdata/show/335.html

    During the Napolitano years AZ’s ranking ranged from 36 to the current 41. That means when Gov. Napolitano took over there were 14 states with a LOWER tax burden then AZ and now (2008 data) there are only 9 states with a lower local + state burden.

  18. Kenny Jacobs says

    Oh, and Copperdome, still waiting on some proof on your ridiculous assertion.

  19. Maricopa GOP says


    Amazing what increasing government through debt that will be passed on to your kids and grandkids will do to your current situation. Now the story is we do not have enough money to pay for the programs that we started under JNo and we will have to increase taxes just to keep legal.

    Sorry Kenny, that dog don’t hunt.

  20. It’s completely logical to suggest that the democrats want the states government to shut down. The democrats in this state put us in this mess in the first place (Gov. Napolitano’s budgets that outspent even her offices estimated revenue). What better than to have your political apponents blamed for your mess which leaves you in a perfect position to try and pick up political capitol.

  21. leftyMariana says

    Pete, following your logic Obama is trying to fix the economic mess that the Bush administration left behind and the republicans want the US government to shut down.
    Just being logical.

  22. Kenny Jacobs says

    Maricopa GOP, of course “that dog don’t hunt.” They say a dog is man’s best friend, but what you need MacGOP are some facts.

    If you didn’t have an answer to my post refuting your silly +++ tax canard you should have just said so. What do hunting dogs have to do with your false statements?

    Please explain why the previous budgets (with many votes from current R’s) that reduced our tax burden from 36 to 41 were bad? Please explain why the current budget proposal is so good, given that it shifts taxes to local entities, liquidates state assets and uses accounting tricks?

    If you can’t maybe you and your pooch should get out of the kitchen?

  23. Kenny – I would add even going back to 1993 when we were 29th, according to the Tax Foundation and yet our per capita income has gone from 14 percent below the national average to 13 percent below. Seems like dropping tax rates (that aren’t very high) doesn’t do a whole lot for the economy.

  24. Massages? Free massages? So, if they were free, they didn’t cost anything right? So are massages to blame for tax increases? Oh, there parking is free at the Legislature too. That’s what did it. And pencils. And computers. Paper is certainly free. How about coffee? Are they sticking taxpayers for that? I think the Legislature kneads more massages, not less.

  25. I love this ad!!

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