Sonoran Alliance on TV-12 Lunch Cast

In case you missed it, here is the video from my appearance on 12 News Lunch Cast with Brahm Resnik and liberal blogger, Donna “Democratic Diva” Gratehouse.

On camera appearances like this “move” very quickly and you’re lucky if you get all your points made before the end of the segment.

Thanks to Brahm Resnik and the crew at 12 News for having me on to represent the conservative Tea Party movement!


  1. Good job, Wikfors. When are you going to run for office? There are a lot of career politicians who need to be put out to pasture NOW. New faces, fresh ideas and someone who will work for the people are badly needed.

  2. lalalalalalaAZ5 says

    Great job Shane!

  3. Alan Soelberg says

    Fortunate to be in the same LD as this now famous TV personality! Great job Shane.

  4. Very nice, very good poise and presentation. As usual, two Liberals against one Conservative.

    I would have asked “Democratic Diva” what degree she has, but her body language was already projecting she could hardly be in the same room with a “Conservative, ” much less be within arm’s length of one, so she wouldn’t have liked that much at all.

  5. I just wandered over to Democratic Diva to see what Donna Gratehouse had to write about our appearance on Lunch Cast today and she affirmed my assessment of the political problem being that of spending.

    As I said during the verbal joust, “It’s the Spending, Stupid.” Donna inferred that I would oppose cuts in military spending and oil subsidies. I actually agree with her asserting that everything is on the table when it comes to cutting spending.

    Almost every major rating agency has called for, at a minimum, $4 TRILLION in cuts. There is no way to exclude military spending from that recommendation and I happen to believe that there is just as much bureaucratic red tape in the military adding to the strangulation of our economy.

    I would also agree that we need to cut out any subsidies in any form. I deftly oppose corporate welfare. But this also means that our tax system ought to be up for a complete overhaul – especially the IRS.

    Finally, I’ve got some VERY BAD NEWS for the younger generations. You are paying into a Social Security system that will NOT be there for you when you hit retirement. Other than the sanctity of life issue, this has been my other crusade in life – to end Social Security gracefully. The older generations are robbing the younger generations through this government-sanctioned Ponzi scheme. I do believe that the older generations should certainly receive what they paid into the system. But PLEASE, let the younger generations phase or opt out now. Let’s pay our obligations in a way that ultimately brings it to an end.

    This recent passage of the Budget Control Act of 2011 will NOT solve the bigger problem of out-of-control spending. If this country wants to avoid a Greece situation, we need to suck it up and take on austerity measures quickly. Almost half the population is NOT paying any taxes while the other half enables it and pays for its entitlements. We are on the verge of economic civil war over this and time is running out.

    Sorry for being a NBP (Natural Born Pessimist) but the mathematics don’t lie.

  6. Shane,
    The Democrats have already gutted the futures of the next generation. They are literally not educated, so their job prospects are awful. They’ll have grunt work at part-time wages so the companies can avoid the huge benefits packages, as Socialist France does with 8 months and OUT. One cannot just say, “Poof! I’m an engineer!” just on self-esteem coaching. This is a national disaster, only just starting to manifest, while statistics are now showing that higher education tuition rose far higher and faster than the housing bubble – what a convergence of high-priced for nothing. Housing prices continue to collapse,but universities like ASU and UofA in complete Ivory Tower denial, have already jacked their rates 22% for 2011, have huge staffs yet the students are sitting in front of computers, following computer lessons, not any human instruction. Well, stay home for that. It’s more than $23,000 this year for ASU and UofA.

    The Department of Education should be shut down and the doors chained. Billions and billions went into it and it has delivered a possibly criminal fail, certainly a devastating professional and moral fail. Don’t see it anywhere.

    True, though, had pensions been long privatized in the USA, we wouldn’t be looking at billions of unfunded pension obligations in state after state after state. But that wasn’t good enough, the Democrats gutted private savings by screwing all the small investors in GE and GM, their stock portfolios which they built over decades of workiing and saving, worth a fraction of what they had been prior to the stewardship of Obama corporate crony Immelt.

    But nooo! Democrats aways cut the military, which actually does something useful and Constitutional. With the Democrats using up our arsenal in Libya to no good effect, how will we replenish what was used with no money? They are playing a very dangerous game here.

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