Sonoran Alliance on Sunday Square-Off!

Sonoran Alliance was featured on this Sunday’s edition of 12 News’ Sunday Square-Off. That’s right, yours truly made my debut appearance on the show in which I had the opportunity to represent conservative Arizona bloggers and activists.

Brahm Resnik hosts this weekly show which is always fast-paced and quick thinking. My two co-guests were Katie Hobbs from the liberal blog, Democratic Diva as well as a Democratic candidate in LD-15, and Casey Newton from the Arizona Republic. The show will actually not show tomorrow morning because it is being pre-empted by another show but you can view it online right here on Sonoran Alliance.


  1. Very nice!

    Thanks for promptly rebutting the newest meme being foisted, “taxes aren’t a dirty word anymore.”

    Ohh hoo. They sure are when no one asked the voters if all the out of control spending the legislature has admitted to have been doing was okay. Spend first, to force the public into a corner to pay for it.

    No. Cut cut cut cut. The police, fire and teachers are always the scare tactic. Put the entire budget on-line, with clear explanations of each item and what programs are in it and watch the public discover all sorts of state offices and activities that don’t do much.
    And mothball that transit train. Sunk cost – cheaper in the long run to shut it down ASAP than to try to keep it going on the basis that “it cost so much – it’s too big to fail – we have to keep trying to make it work.”

    What a coup, though! A blogger at the same table as the Old Media … and with better hair, too. Good job!

  2. Shane, looking good, my man. Way to stick to ’em.

  3. Good job. My only comment on the “cut the police and firemen” scare tactic, if those personnel, who are among the highest paid on payroll, were to take a 10% temporary salary cut during these times, it would actually save more than cutting 500 personnel.

    Private enterprise and other state and local employees are having to accept cuts, why are these people held to a different measure. I am tired of those people with a strong union holding everyone else hostage in a right to work state.

    School personnel and public safety personnel get the best pay and benefit packages when things are going well, they need to set an example by volunteering to take some temporary cuts when things are bad.

  4. Lookin’ good, Shane! Good job.

  5. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says

    Figures, the one time we get Shane on is the day the pre-empt the show for – CARTOONS!!!
    I don’t think the Phoeonix City Council has exhuasted its options. Nothing was discussed in furloughs, pulling the plug on “extra’s” like take-home cars, pulling the plub on the propoganda channel, City Cable 11, or cutting overtime; or going to 4/10 work weeks and shutting offices one day a week.
    Don’t tell me it doesn’t work – El Paso County – Colorado Springs, CO – a Republican area – has been doing for almost two years. They did not cut Sheriff’s deputies, firefighters or police officers.

  6. Jon Altmann,
    Colorado Springs has been letting go of police and firefighters and not filling positions.

  7. Funny how we never cut back on the size of government. could AZ do with let’s say 60 state reps instead of the 90 we have now?

  8. Jon Altmann, PC, State Committeeman LD11 says

    Papa – the Legislature size is set by Constitution. At $24K a year, they don’t add up to that much.
    What would be more interesting, could government cut back more of the high five figure and six figure executives, along with take home cars?

  9. Across the country, two years ago, before all this current budget mess, the firefighter magazines were steadily noting the Pension Problem in departments big and small. The massive Union-negotiated pension packages to retiring firefighters were eating up so much of department budgets, they couldn’t AFFORD TO HIRE NEW RECRUITS as the experienced staff retired.

    “Lovely” situation: smaller departments with less opportunity for experienced staff to train/supervise the newbies before they retired, and a budget and public service function that is hobbled by payments for non-producing people.

    The police and firefighter pensions should be free market mechanisms, in the control of the individual, not ‘union-givernment.’

    The problem already has prompted some free market rescues as more and more departments are contracting to private companies for firefighting and security services.

  10. Veritas Vincit says

    Good job Shane… indeed, very good.


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