Sonoran Alliance Launches Political Arizona

Sonoran Alliance is pleased to announce the debut of Political Arizona.

Since the beginning of Sonoran Alliance, several writers have cut their teeth on SA before venturing out on their own to start up other successful blogs.

Now it’s my turn to put a one-stop political news site in place where anyone can catch up on the most current breaking news stories and blog posts from across the political spectrum.

Of course, the challenge for me will be to keep up with the pace!

Please bookmark and visit Political Arizona often.


  1. Antifederalist says

    Nice Drudge-esque format, Shane. Good luck on obtaining advertisers! 🙂 I’ll check back often.

  2. I like the idea. You may need more breaks between stories down the page though. Sometimes sentences can runtogether with the drudge format. It makes for harder reading.

    Anyways, I will put it on the “Favorites” list. Is there going to be an RSS feed in the future?

  3. Crabby Pirate says

    I love it. Politicker AZ was no good. I appreciate the “drudge” style. Nice

  4. WONDERFUL! A great mix of Real Clear Politics and Drudge in the Drudge style. A little spacing between links would be good. That site is sure to be the clearing house for information and will be THE PLACE for candidate ads.

  5. Will it have an RSS feed soon?

  6. Excellent place for all the going’s on in Arizona.

  7. Lookin’ Good! Thorough too!!

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