Sonoran Alliance Calls for Ethics Investigation into Rep Daniel Patterson

Dear Representative Vogt,

On behalf of our readers and citizens across the State of Arizona, I am writing you to request an ethics investigation into the activities, behavior and legal residency of Representative Daniel Patterson. As you are well aware, Representative Patterson represents the 29th District of Arizona.

Over the last year and beyond, it has been revealed that Representative Patterson has engaged in behavior clearly unbecoming of an Arizona State Representative and Arizona citizen. Police reports, court documents and news accounts have shown that Representative Patterson has demonstrated a pattern of aggression, violence and resistance against other citizens, family members and even law enforcement. We strongly believe that the Arizona Legislature can no longer remain silent on Representative Patterson’s behavior and therefore call for a House Ethics Committee investigation into the behavior and legal violations of Representative Patterson.

Representative Patterson’s legal residency is also in question as it has been revealed that he no longer resides in the legislative district he is legally required to represent. We would also ask for a House Ethics investigation into this matter as well.

Whether this request for an ethics investigation must be initiated by a peer legislator in the House or may be requested by a citizen of the State of Arizona, is unclear. We would appreciate your attention into how this process can take place quickly.

Thank you for your time and service

Sonoran Alliance


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  1. This looks like a pretty blatant attempt to deflect attention from the just-filed ethics complaint filed against your friend, Senator Scott Bundgaard.

    You’ve been real quiet about the proceedings about Bundgaard: the police charges, the prosecutors recommendations, the plea deal and now the Ethics Investigation.

    Whatever happened to “fair and balanced”? Your partisianship is showing on this one…

    • Steve Calabrese says

      It can also be viewed as the Bundgaard incident and its treatment raises concerns that Republicans are held to a different standard than Democrats. Fair and equal treatment demands that if Bundgaard is the target of an ethics probe over a domestic violence incident, Patterson should also be held accountable for his actions, which are arguably worse.

      • I agree, but the question remains, why the silence on Bundgaard? There has been plenty on him in the local media. It looks like Sonoran is protecting him…

        • Steve Calabrese says

          What’s the point? He pled no contest, an ethics probe is proceeding, what’s to say about it? Nothing that is said here will likely affect that.

          However, at the moment, there is NOT an active probe against Patterson, and that very well may be an injustice that demands correcting.

          • Still looks like “you’re going after one of our guys” so we’ll go after one of yours. Why the probe of Patterson now? When were his offenses committed? Why no investigation then?

          • Some contrition on the part of the “Scott Bundgaard is as innocent as the sainted angels” camp might be nice.

            And an apology to his ex-girlfriend might be nice too.

        • “I agree, but the question remains, why the silence on Bundgaard? There has been plenty on him in the local media. It looks like Sonoran is protecting him…”

          Cool. WOW!! That means the media muscle of the Sonoran Alliance must be as powerful as the Arizona Republic and numerous Left media COMBINED at fogging the issues to provide protective press spin to keep investigations from getting any legs!

          Or … were you just exaggerating?

          Seems there’s not much to talk about Bungaard on SA since it’s been admitted that the Liberal media is already making sure HE gets LOTS of print space, so why not spent a little time on ignored Patterson? Guess with all the Bungaard print, there is never space to bring Patterson’s history to the voters’ attention. Just alas, never. Space all used up. Every day.

  2. Today Senator Steve Gallardo made the following statement to the press:

    “If you violate state law, you violate Senate ethics rules,” Gallardo said. “We’re talking domestic violence. We’re talking abuse here. I think the public expects us to hold him accountable.” (link).

    He better well make the same statement about Daniel Patterson who has been documented BEATING HIS WIFE and ASSAULTING MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC which, the last time I checked, was against the law in Arizona!

    This will be a great exercise in compare and contrast.

    • Hitting women is NEVER OK. Why didn’t you call for an investigation when Patterson was charged? Was he charged? If so, he shouldn’t be holding public office, either.

      ANYONE accused of domestic violence should be investigated; whether there is a conviction or not. We need to do better electing lawmakers who uphold a standard of ethics. Just can’t see why this has become Dem vs Rep

      • So Beverly, are you in agreement with me and the post’s premise that justice should be equally applied regardless of party affiliation? Will you also ask your lawmakers in the House to initiate an ethics probe of Representative Patterson? As you can see from the post above, even one of the most liberal blogs in Southern Arizona agrees that Patterson has a history and pattern of violence. They even located the police records. The entire point of this post is to demonstrate that these ethics investigations are meant to be equally applied. No Justice, No Peace. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

        • ANY lawmaker, regardless of party affiliation, must be held accountable for actions like this, just as any private citizen should be. Both Bundgaard and Patterson should resign.

          And I believe that our lawmakers should be held to a high standard of ethics and that when even a minimum standard is violated, they should be removed from office immediately by their own party. Yes, I know, due process and all that, but look at the time wasted during the past several months dealing with wrong doing by lawmakers who are supposed to be working for us. No excuses, they make the laws; they should know and obey those laws.

          A more careful vetting process and some research by voters might weed out some of the public officials we now have in office.

          Can you agree that, in addition to knowing where a candidate stands on certain issues, knowing how they have voted on your pet legislative issues, that we, the public have the right to know their history as a law-abiding (or not) citizen? Should we have easy access to their campaign contributors and their financial disclosures?

          A little homework beforehand might have prevented the likes of Patterson and Bundgaard from becoming elected officials. Apparently they both have “history”.

          • Beverly, Agreed. I have always believed that full and immediate disclosure is fundamental to campaign finance reform. If the old and new media are doing their jobs, they will be able to shine light on anything unusual, unethical and unreasonable and the voters will get to decide.

  3. Steve Calabrese says

    Scott Bundgaard’s political career died when he pled “no contest”. I’d be amazed if he ran again.

  4. PolicyPundit says

    It would be nice if Sonoran Alliance gave the same amount of coverage to the Bungaard ethics investigation as it does Patterson’s issues. That would be fair, otherwise it appears partisan.

    Bungaard needs to leave office. Seriously, does anyone think this guy will get the Republican womens’ vote in 2012? He should simply resign and get his life together.

    Remember Mark DeSimone? He resigned under great pressure from then Guv Napitanoreno & the Dems. Bungaard should do the same and move on with his life.

    • Hmm. Judging by the leaning in the AZ media in the reporting coverage of the two political figures, isn’t SA just employing “equal time?”

      For example, the AZ Republic claims “neutral” and delivers LIBERAL. How comes they don’t suck it up and admit their bias? They afraid to be forthright about their favored viewpoint? SA is expressly “Conservative” so all visitors know straight up where the viewpoint comes from. Oultets like the AZ Republic never have room between their Ed page, their fashion lifetsyle pages and sports to spare for genuine “Conservative” opinion, so here it is and waaaah waaah snivel snivel come the comments.

      For a bunch of people who claim “tolerance” and love of “diversity” and pride themselves on “intellectualism” and “intelligence” the inability to consider another point of view without getting the vapors is very revealing.

      The circumstances of the two men, Bungaard and Patterson, should be held to their own personal actions, no one else’s and evaluated as independent of each other. No one knows yet how far along the spectrum from “jerk” to “criminal” either one is, but if there is something to the concerns, it is fair to investigate further.

      “resign” resign” “recall” recall” are supposed to be options of last resort. Are people so immature have infatile impatience that they can’t wait for the elections? We’re not 24-hour mayflies for crying out loud. Two years isn’t much to wait, if you ACTUALLY value our system of governing, which has served this nation well for over 200 years, you will work within it to get the best possible people elected during the proper election cycles.

    • Steve Calabrese says

      Sonoran Alliance is an openly partisan (well, conservative) blog.

      I think the only way they would call for Bundgaard’s resignation is if he was both embarrassing the conservative cause AND the issue was being swept under the carpet. It’s not, though, the process is dealing with him. There’s no reason for Sonoran Alliance to “take a position” on an issue like this that is being addressed.

      On the other hand, the Arizona Republic claims to be an impartial, journalistic source, but the perception is that it pays far more attention to misconduct by those in the conservative camp, while those further to the left often get a pass…or two…or three.


    “It does seem odd that politicians in Arizona have a hard time actually living in the districts they represent. Whether it is Ms Giffords in her congressional district or Dan Patterson in Legislative District 29. Mr Patterson is experiencing tremendous personal upheaval in his life with an estranged wife claiming infidelity on social network sites or in court alleging domestic violence and inattention to his family while he smokes marijuana every night. The real issues with respect to his representation is that he has yet to officially change his address to one that is in LD 29. Mr Patterson says his house is in the district. I’m sure it is, he just isn’t living in it with his wife. He also has no comment with regards to the charge of smoking marijuana every night. Since his wife is the one that had breast cancer and a double masectomy there would of course be a certain sympathy if she was the one doing the smoking for medicinal purposes, after all we will be voting on that very issue on November 2nd. Is Mr Patterson experiencing a health issue that requires daily use of marijuana?”

  6. Not A Victim says

    If an investigation was called everytime someone was ‘accused’ of wrong doing, the government would do nothing but ethics investigations!!

    Did anyone ask WHY the prosecutor NEVER charged Bundgaard with assault? You cannot tell me they wouldn’t have loved to throw the book at him! It seems pretty obvious they had NO evidence.

    My mother endured years of physical & emotional abuse at the hands of my father. Ballard is NO victim. I am furious that she holds these press releases acting like a hero for women everywhere…she diminishes what real victims of DV go through everyday!

    There was physical evidence that she hit him…

    What I want to know is why Ballard wasn’t charged!

  7. Back to Daniel Patterson.

    Apparently, some liberals are too lazy or blind to accept that Daniel Patterson is a REALLY BAD GUY.

    Here are images that were posted by the liberal blogsite Three Sonorans. These are images of the police reports in which Daniel Patterson was busted beating the hell out of several people including his wife.

    Police Report - Daniel Patterson

    Police Report - Daniel Patterson

    Police Report - Daniel Patterson

    Police Report - Daniel Patterson

    • Looks bad; why wasn’t he prosecuted? Or was he? Did anybody check out his history before he was put on the ballot?

    • Shane,
      I hope your request for an investigation of Patterson is considered. If the legislature wants to restore some credibility with the public, using the tools in place to deal with unethical behavior could go a long way.

      And instead of using time while in session, these matters should be dealt with off-session. Make them public hearings so that the voters can be informed of the proceedings and the outcomes.

  8. Sonoran Alliance is protecting Scott because all of his little A$# kissers (who are as blind as the night) write for Sonoran Alliance. Sonoran Alliance doesn’t care about the abuse. They wage war on another party when in reality people need to stop blaming and get a job done.

  9. Dan has always had anger issues. He is from Michigan and has been extremely rude and confrontational with many people up there. I personally know that he has gotten into physical altercations with people on snowmobiles for driving through forests. The problem is they were on seasonal roads which allow all forms of recreational vehicles. Dan also pretends to be an environmentalist but he was raised by an extremely wealthy family in the oild business and when he visits them he enjoys rides in the family boat and Sea Doo. Dan is a very angry person who you dont want to cross in a dark alley.

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